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Carrie Imler and Batkhurel Bold Are Retiring at the End of the 2016-17 Season

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2 minutes ago, choriamb said:

I get this:


Sorry, this content isn't available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.
Somewhere, they said they'll post a recording later on their Facebook page. Judging from the many comments, I'm not the only one who can't get to the live stream. Too bad!
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I couldn't get any sound, so I watched Theme and Variations while continuing to listen to the Vijay Ijer Sextet in a livestream from the Ojai festival for contemporary classical music in California. The dancers were lovely but they were waaay off the music. :lol:

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Just finished watching. What a privilege to see them both but particularly, for me, Imler. I never had the opportunity to see her live but I believe she has to be one of the greatest dancers produced in America. What a wonderful way to go out. Loved it. 

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Home now and viewed it on the PNB website.  From here:  https://www.pnb.org/season/16-17/encore/ click "Learn More" under "Watch Season Encore for Free".  At the end it says the video will be available on Facebook until July 11.


The audience tonight was the loudest we've ever had at a Season Encore, and I'm pretty sure I've been to all of them.  It was a super fun evening, and I loved the video Sandy Barrack produced.  A great ending to another terrific season!

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They're not making it easy to find! I tried their YouTube channel-nothing. I tried their Facebook page-nothing. I tried the links above. "Learn more" takes me to:


Nothing anywhere on that page about "Watch season encore...."


My suggestion: redundancy helps on the Internet. Get the link that goes directly to the video of this performance and then post it everywhere -- web page, YouTube, Facebook. Somehow we'll get to it that way. Apparently it will be available until July 11, so we have more time to search.


Does anybody here have the direct link to the the video? Please paste it in. Thanks!

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On 6/8/2017 at 3:11 AM, sandik said:

The Stranger has a tribute to Carrie Imler this week -- they don't often cover PNB, but this is something special.

sandik, thanks so much for posting this link. What a perfect title. Badass Ballerina, indeed. 'they will come no more like her.'

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It was an epic lovefest.


Details later, and I hope by many.  The film was great!


As I walked across the lobby during intermission, I saw the sweetest little boy, only to realize he was Carrie Imler's son being carried by Imler's mother and flanked by his dad.  She took her final open curtain bows with him in her arms as they poured snow from above.    


The first part ended with Bold and Lesley Rausch in the final pas de deux from Kent Stowell's "Cinderella," and amidst the explosive ovation were a lot of tears in the audience.  And we weren't even any of the families section.


Can't cry at work, so I'll stop now.

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13 hours ago, seattle_dancer said:

The audience tonight was the loudest we've ever had at a Season Encore, and I'm pretty sure I've been to all of them. 


No kidding -- I was in a row with someone's family, and they were really vocal!

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Here in Chicago, I found the livestream went off more or less as announced - several minutes' late starting (not unheard of in ballet performance) - and with some lapses between about 7:25 and 7:51 Pacific Time.  Some of this might have been owing to problems at my end, but a "card" went up on Facebook acknowledging they had a problem, as well. 


Some of Rausch's dancing, lovely when I could see it, was lost to me this way, but Imler and her partner, Bold, (and Tchaikovsky!) made the anxiety and uncertainty abut what was going on and what to try do about it worthwhile.


And a lot of the camera work was very good!  They made the hard choices - "ants" vs. "giants" - and usually got it right.  (Poor Rausch got cut off at the shins sometimes, in what some of us call "mud shots," because it looks as though the dancer is shin-deep in it.)


(I think I saw somewhere that the video would be available for a month, actually; that would be until July 11th.)

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