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Artem Ovcharenko to play Nureyev in film

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The Benois de la Danse facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/BenoisDeLaDanse?fref=nfI hope this counts as an official source) has just announced:

Artem Ovcharenko, premier of the Bolshoi Ballet and the participant of the Benois de la Danse Youth Project, has been approved for the role of Rudolf Noureev in the film by director Carlson Smith. The shooting will be done by a team from London especially for the BBC.


(The video is in Russian so I can't verify, but I'm sure someone on this forum can).

Certainly Ovcharenko has a striking facial resemblance to Nureyev.

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I have not been paying much attention to the film. In Black Swan they used Sarah Lane as the dancing double for Natalie Portman. I Ovchenko a dancing double, or is doing all aspects of the role (acting and dancing)?

I think he's doing everything.

Last I heard, though, this film was supposed to be directed by Ralph Fiennes. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-33238956

Unless that's a different one.

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I'm also not clear on whether it's the same film or a different one because the BBC is involved in both cases. The YouTube clip with Ovcharenko describes the project as a documdrama, so perhaps it's a different film, though I can't see why the BBC would fund two separate films on the same subject. If it's something along the lines of Riot at the Rite, I wouldn't expect much, and since the director speaks to Ovcharenko through a translator, I don't think he'll be delivering much English dialogue either. But the Fiennes film was supposed to begin shooting in late 2016, and at least some of the footage for this one has been shot already.

Ovcharenko does look a little like Nureyev, though he hasn't got those famous nostrils, and the quality of their movement is different. The director is Richard Curson Smith. (Benois got that wrong.) The clip mentions his work on the crime drama Wire in the Blood.

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This Richard Smith's documdrama "The Leap to Freedom" has nothing to do with the announced Fiennes' film. Artem Ovcharenko has been chosen based on both facial resemblance and Pierre Lacotte's recommendations. Pierre consulted the project and recently renovated Marco Spada with Artem in The Bolshoi. The shooting has been done last August in Saint-Petersburg. The premiere is set for November-December in Europe (the longest 2 x 50' version is ordered by Germany).

The latest TV-update in Russian is available on: http://lifenews78.ru/news/166685

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No. I posted the video because I found it, but I am not the one who put it on youtube. if it disappears, it disappears.

I know that you didn't put it on YT. But by posting such things here, with the result that BA-ers will click on them, aren't we encouraging the people who put such things up illegally? And violating the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers?

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Ovcharenko was good but I found the dialogues in the reconstructed scenes a bit lame. "I love trains" is my favourite line. :rofl:

I wish they had included more footage of the real Nureyev though. I liked the interviews with Lacotte. Overall, a nice watch but I wouldn't say I know a lot more about Nureyev after watching it.

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