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NYCB 2015 Promotions

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Congrats to all. Wow that was super fast for Isaacs. Looking forward to seeing them all next season.

Ah, but not as fast as for Lovette: both Lovette and Issacs became apprentices in 2009 and joined the corps in 2010.

ETA: And I see that Taylor Stanley also became an apprentice in 2009 and joined the corps in 2010. A good vintage, that one ...

Congrats to Huxley, Lovette, and Isaacs!

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I guess when Marina Harss writes: "Ashly Isaacs, a member of the corps (but not for long, I’d wager) conquered the role of the high-flying Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, with her usual attack and authority. Already, she presents herself like the principal dancer she may one day become." - you can believe she knows something. ;)

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