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The Last Issue of DanceView is out!

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I just posted this on Facebook, but wanted to share it here:

In October of 1979, I began to publish what was then a bimonthly tabloid called Washington DanceView to cover dance in Washington, D.C. Not only did we have a 20-week ballet season back then, but we had 75 local dance companies! (mostly modern dance, but also ballet and "ethnic") Nancy Wozny was our first cover girl!

The magazine became a quarterly, and then, in 1992, after a brief hiatus, it came back as DanceView, with a big issue devoted to the 1992 Bournonville Festival in Copenhagen, and we've continued with a more international view since. In addition to the writers and photographers, whom I can never thank enough, we had a staff of one (i.e., me). I am very very VERY glad that I've stuffed the last envelope and dragged the last bag of DanceViews to the postman. As I wrote in the next-to-the-last issue, for a variety of reasons, it was time.

The website www.danceviewtimes.com was orignially started because we had more writers than we had space! It will continue, posting reviews of dance mainly in New York, San Francisco and Washington, but also in London, Copenhagen and wherever our writers go to see dance.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has read us. We've had some very faithful subscribers, a few of whom have been with us since 1979 (!!) and many since 1992. And especially to all the writers and photographers who have made the magazine possible. The last issue has pieces by the late Alan M. Kriegsman, George Jackson, Mary Cargill, Rita Felciano, Jane Smpson, Gay Morris, Michael Popkin, and Marina Harss (listed roughly in the order they were first published in DV.)

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And an even bigger (huger?) thank you to you, Alexandra, for spearheading this project for so many year, so many issues, so many copy edits and trips to the printer and the post office. As someone who did pretty much the same job for a much more modest project that last a much shorter time, I am in awe of your track record. I'm sorry to see this end and relieved to know that the online publication is ongoing, but mostly I'm very grateful for your stellar contribution to dance.

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Let me add my gratitude to Alexandra for her tireless efforts to support and promote excellent dance writing for so many decades. She gave many writers -- young and old, experienced and not-so-much -- the opportunity to explore dance with lengthy essays on sometimes very specialized topics. We all treasured the opportunities to read about companies worldwide in detail and with expertise difficult to find elsewhere. You'll be sorely missed, DanceView!

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We all treasured the opportunities to read about companies worldwide in detail and with expertise difficult to find elsewhere. You'll be sorely missed, DanceView!

Especially since publications like Dance Magazine and Pointe have discontinued their reviews.

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What I'll miss most are those minds in print. I know we're transitioning to pixels, but I always looked forward to the envelope with Dance View, even though I don't miss physical books in the same way.

Brava, Alexandra: you put you blood, sweat, and soul into Dance View. flowers.gif

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And I will add my voice in gratitude and admiration, Alexandra. Being a great lover of print and books, I, too, will miss the big white envelope which, when It arrived, made me feel elated and special to be part of this community. I couldn't wait to see it and would open the envelope immediately! Many thanks to you for your dedication and commitment in bringing us this excellent quarterly, right down to the last issue, which made me tear up when it came. Although I am sad that DanceView is no longer in print, I will stay tuned in with DanceviewTimes and Ballet Alert! Thank you so much.

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The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Internet.

Coming late to the party on this one, but I echo California’s mention of Alexandra’s seemingly endless patience with and encouragement of her writers, from the big names to the fledglings. She has spoken in the past of Nureyev’s eye for talent, but it would be unlike her to toot a horn about her own, so let me say on her behalf that it is a remarkably acute one. I also second AlbanyGirl's (and Helene's) remark on the anticipation with which you'd open the envelope with the latest issue.

DanceView provided long essays and interviews with fine pictures in a readable and comfortable format that the Internet hasn’t quite yet been able to duplicate or replace (or I wouldn’t be constantly seeing these rather desperate-sounding online exhortations to “Read the whole thing!”) I enjoyed being curled up with DanceView, reading the whole thing, with additional good feeling in the knowledge that my subscription, however inadequate to cover costs, meant that I was giving something back for my reading pleasure.

Anyway, thanks to Alexandra and her stable of writers for the memories and fine writing.

I still miss the old paper “Ballet Alert!” with its funny items about this and that…..

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Thanks to all of you -- that sounds so inadequate, but it's deeply felt.

I wanted to add that we've removed the DanceView website (www.danceview.org) I hope this summer I will have time to put some of the pieces, especially the interviews, up either in its own subsidiary blog at www.danceviewtimes.com, or as part of that site.

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