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From the press release:

GISELLE - the movie
The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s superb, universally acclaimed production of Giselle has now been made into a superb film. Director Toa Fraser, producer Matthew Metcalfe, cinematographer Leon Narbey and editor Dan Kircher have worked intensively with the company to ensure that this film version works wonders in its own right.

Any habitué of the ostensibly ‘live’-feed stage productions that crowd cinema screens will quickly recognise that the transposition here is exceptionally powerful. The filmmakers could hardly have had a more cleanly enunciated production to work with. Ethan Stiefel and Johan Kobborg’s staging and choreography pare back the traditional elaborations to restore psychological directness to the relationships. These are perfectly expressed by a peerless set of dancers, principally Gillian Murphy as Giselle and Qi Huan as Albrecht.

Dates and times are being progressively released by NZ Film Festival.

After two sold out screenings in Auckland, the following are now confirmed.

--Christchurch at Northlands: Wednesday 7 August, 1.30 pm | Northlands, Saturday 10 August, 5.45 pm

--Wellington at the Embassy Theatre: Friday 9 August, 11.00am | Embassy Theatre, Saturday 10 August, 7.30pm

-- Dunedin at The Regent: Friday 16 August, 11.00 am | Regent, Sunday 18 August, 12.45 pm

--Gore, at St James Gore, Friday 23 August, 1.00 pm | St James Gore, Sunday 25 August, 1.15 pm

--Palmerston North at Downtown Cinemas, Sunday 25 August, 3.15 pm and Wednesday 28 August, 11.30 am

Advance bookings are heavy and you are advised to book if you want to be sure to see this limited release of the movie.

Bookings are avalable via http://www.NZFF.co.nz - select city then movie by name in pull down lists to the right.
Block bookings (20 or more) attract a healthy discount and are available via EMAIL to Catherine Swallow at NZFilm Festival - catherine@nzff.co.nz or call 04 802 3140.

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The official trailer has been posted to the distributor's channel on youtube.


(I'm always a bit insecure about posting links on here, whether it's appropriate in the thread or not, so please remove if not allowed.)

There are some snippets from the work on stage which look really exciting in my opinion. I have no idea however how it would all come together on screen, with those "other scenes".

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Murphy had never danced Giselle at ABT (only Myrta). I believe the NZ performances were her first attempts at the role. I'm questioning why they would film the performances of someone who was relatively new to the role. I would go see the film if it showed in my area, but just the small amount that is shown in the trailer caused me to think that her characterization needs further development.

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I'm questioning why they would film the performances of someone who was relatively new to the role.

I think it depends, in part, about who you think the "they" is. If you're thinking of the NZ producers, the film is not just about the dancer in the title role, but also about their own production of the work -- Murphy is a principal dancer with an internationally respected company and it's not unreasonable to think that she would be capable of the part. If you're thinking about a more internationally-based contingent, it's a chance to see a significant dancer debut in an important role. I know I'd be interested in that.

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That's a very interesting trailer. Not sure I like the scenes from the subway and "everyday life" incorporated into it (and not sure I get why they're there).

Murphy is probably the best Myrtha I've seen. I'd like to see her Giselle, but she's so strong and powerful I'm wondering if she could be soft and vulnerable enough to be a convincing Giselle.

Qi Huan looks like a very capable Albrecht with lovely technique.

If anyone sees this film, please post your reviews!

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There is a fine article on this production from a NZ newspaper -- The Dominion Post....my skills do not allow me to forward it----(some day I will learn to) the address appears to be www.stuff.co.nz

There are some interesting tidbits on the filming---the outdoor scenes were filmed in the Catskill Mts.---how about that?

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