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Dancing with the Stars

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Judges Scores from Week Seven:

01 29pts Melissa/Tony (Argentine tango)

02 28pts Shawn/Mark (cha cha cha)

03 27pts Chuck/Julianne (samba)

03 27pts Gilles/Cheryl (waltz)

05 26pts Lil'Kim/Derek (rumba)

06 24pts Ty/Chelsie (waltz)

07 21pts Lawrence/Edyta (waltz)

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Not a big fan of the show, but I saw a fragment out of curiosity to the "rumba" dance...and I left wondering not other than one question..."Where is the Rumba...?!" :dunno:

Last night's show was one of the worst in a long time. You're right, cubanmiamiboy, the Rumba was missing, so was the Jive. Judge Len commented on that several times.... What we got instead was some sort of let's just be amusing choreography.

sz, my curiosity being on how did that got ever to be named Rumba, not having that much resemblance with the real thing...

If anything, this would be a more refined/stylized choreographed version of it...(right after reggaeton and before the salsa)

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>sz, my curiosity being on how did that got ever to be named

>Rumba, not having that much resemblance with the real thing...

On the TV show, the music was a Rhumba, and the flavor of the dance was a Rhumba, but very little of the steps, choreography, of the Rhumba style was ever present. Sexy, slow in feel, but there was none of motion/choreography usually associated with this dance. It's a favorite of mine! Takes months to learn -- just how to walk in a Rhumba!!!

The TV show just doesn't have the time to teach a dance style that well, so you're just getting a little taste of the more difficult ones.

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Last Two: [same old twaddle about the Bottom Two not necessarily being the Bottom Two.]

Lawrence/Edyta and Ty/Chelsie with Lawrence and Edyta leaving.

No big surprises here -- Lawrence was the worst dancer remaining.

Barring a miracle, Ty probably goes next week which sets up a very interesting dynamic for the Final Five. That's when we'll find out just how strong the individual fanbases are.

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Judges Scores from Week Eight:

Individual Dances:

(Melissa was injured so the judges scored Melissa and Tony on their last filmed rehearsal.)

01 28pts Lil' Kim/Derek (paso doble)

02 27pts Gilles/Cheryl (lindy hop)

02 27pts Shawn/Mark (samba)

04 26pts Chuck/Julianne (cha cha cha)

05 24pts Ty/Chelsie (salsa)

06 46pts Melissa/Tony (jive)

Group Dances:

(Team Mambo -- Chuck/Julianne, Lacey (for Melissa)/Tony, Shawn/Mark. Group score based on Chuck/Julianne and Shawn/Mark.)

(Team Tango -- Gilles/Cheryl, Lil' Kim/Derek, Ty/Chelsie)

Team Tango -- 28pts

Team Mambo -- 25pts

Combined Totals:

01 56pts Lil' Kim/Derek

02 55pts Gilles/Cheryl

03 52pts Shawn/Mark

03 52pts Ty/Chelsie

05 51pts Chuck/Julianne

06 46pts Melissa/Tony

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Last Two:

Chuck/Julianne and Melissa/Tony with Chuck and Julianne leaving.

I've disliked this team all season (her in particular) so no tears from me regarding this elimination.

Since the # of contestants expanded in Season Two, I don't they I've ever liked a Final Five (Shawn, Lil' Kim, Gilles, Ty and Melissa) the way I like this Final Five. The elimination order will be difficult to watch from here on in. My guess is Ty will go next, followed by Lil' Kim; leaving Shawn, Gilles and Melissa in the Final Three. The enigma to me is Shawn. She came in with a strong fan base but I don't get the sense she's been adding to it the way, say, Gilles or Ty has. I guess I'll find out soon enough!

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Judges Scores from Week Nine:

Ballroom Round

01 29pts Gilles/Cheryl (foxtrot)

02 27pts Melissa/Tony (waltz)

02 27pts Shawn/Mark (quickstep)

04 25pts Lil' Kim/Derek (waltz)

04 25pts Ty/Chelsie (Argentine tango)

Latin Round

01 30pts Melissa/Tony (samba)

02 29pts Shawn/Mark (paso doble)

03 27pts Gilles/Cheryl (rumba)

03 27pts Lil' Kim/Derek (salsa)

05 21pts Ty/Chelsie (rumba)


01 57pts Melissa/Tony

02 56pts Gilles/Cheryl

02 56pts Shawn/Mark

04 52pts Lil' Kim/Derek

05 46pts Ty/Chelsie

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Bottom Two:

Lil' Kim/Derek and Ty/Chelsie with Lil' Kim and Derek leaving.

Ty should have gone over Lil' Kim based on the merits. BUT, I never thought Lil' Kim was registering all that well with the audience and this week proved it. The judges have been able to sustain her for a while but we're now at that point in the season where the pendulum swings toward the audience and, sure enough, the audience sent Lil' Kim packing.

Even though Lil' Kim didn't make it to the Final Four, she should be happy with how things went for her on the show. She came in w/ a very negative reputation due to her legal problems and she's going out having burnished her reputation considerably.

Ty is my favorite kind of contestant on this show -- no natural talent but embraces the concept and strives to improve -- but he needs to go next unless he really pulls off some stellar dancing next week. It would be a travesty if hangs on (in the manner of Marie Osmond in Season 5) at the expense of one of the other three semi-finalists -- Gilles, Melissa and Shawn.

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Judges Scores from Week Ten:

Round 1

01 30pts Gilles/ Cheryl (waltz)

01 30pts Shawn/Mark (Argentine tango)

03 28pts Melissa/Tony (quickstep)

04 25pts Ty/Chelsie (Viennese waltz)

Round 2

01 30pts Gilles/Cheryl (salsa)

02 27pts Melissa/Tony (cha cha cha)

03 26pts Shawn/Mark (lindy hop)

04 23pts Ty/Chelsie (samba)


01 60pts Gilles/Cheryl

02 56pts Shawn/Mark

03 55pts Melissa/Tony

04 48pts Ty/Chelsie

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Thanks for these updates, miliosr. I haven't been able to keep up with the show this season, so it's nice to be able to come to BT to find out what's going on.

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You're welcome dirac! It's nice to know someone is reading these updates.

As it turns out, I've gone from almost skipping this season to really enjoying it. After the disappointment of Mel. B losing to Helio in Season 5 and then back-to-back disappointing seasons (the Kristi Yamaguchi and Brooke Burke seasons), I was almost done with the show. But this season has been a real return to form for me.

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The last couple of seasons were kind of blah for me, too, which is why the series fell away from my to-watch list. I'll have to have another look.

sidwich, have you been watching?

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The Not Necessarily Bottom Two Bottom Two:

Ty/Chelsie and Melissa/Tony w/ Ty and Chelsie leaving.

It was Ty's time to go but his departure was bittersweet. I would rank him as one of the all-time great contestants on Dancing with the Stars because, despite limited natural ability, he worked hard to improve, accepted criticism w/ grace and humor and enjoyed the experience. Like Lil' Kim, he won't go home with a shiny disco ball trophy. But, like her, he does go home w/ a huge bank of good will from the many fans he made over the course of the season.

The remaining Final Three -- Gilles, Melissa and Shawn -- are the correct Final Three and arguably the best Final Three this show has ever seen. The question mark for me remains Shawn. How is she polling w/ the audience? Has she been running away with this since Week One?? Dial Idol says "no" but I have to wonder.

Special congratulations to Tony Dovalani who has made his first Final Three since Season Two!

See you next week for the Finals . . .

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It's been an exciting season for me as well. Perfectly cast and played out. Stars you never heard of (Gilles, Melissa) who wow you with their dancing. A genius (the Woz) and an endearing cowboy (Ty), and people with iffy public personas (Lil Kim, Steve O.) who win you over with their sweetness and enthusiasm.

It seems like much more pro dancing this season (Yeah!) and I love the pro dancer competition. Go Anna D. and please bring back Anna T. next season!

I'm expecting Gilles or Melissa FTW next week.

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sidwich, have you been watching?

Yes, I've been watching, but it's been such a nice, relatively controversy-free season that I haven't really felt any need to comment. I don't think any of the celebs have been really outright awful, even the ones that exited early.

Other than that, the celebs have generally been where you'd expect considering the circumstances. Melissa's feet and frame are very week (very characteristic of Tony), Gilles' Ballroom side is underdeveloped (typical for Cheryl), and Ty really had problems moving his body (I understand he'd had both hips and a shoulder replaced because of injuries-yipes!).

Shawn's technique is very good probably due to a combination of her gymnastics training and Mark's teaching (which tends to be pretty well-rounded). I just wish he could bring out the dance diva within.

Considering the short shift that Ballroom gets on the show, I was pleasantly surprised that the finalists for the guaranteed pro spot for next year are both Ballroom specialists. I almost cried when I saw Anna demonstrating the true closed hold position. Kym and Chelsie are fine Ballroom dancers, but it's no comparison, and Cheryl, Karina and Lacey (although think they're excellent in their specialties) make me cry for other reasons.

Other than that the judges, as usual, mark very little sense from any real adjudication perspective. Oh, and I've really enjoyed them bringing back Louis for some of the choreography and performances. To me, that's what is most worth the price of admission.

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Judges Scores from Week Eleven:

Paso Doble Face-Off:

01 30pts Gilles/Cheryl

02 29pts Melissa/Tony

03 28pts Shawn/Mark


01 30pts Shawn/Mark

02 28pts Gilles/Cheryl

03 27pts Melissa/Tony


01 58pts Gilles/Cheryl

01 58pts Shawn/Mark

03 56pts Melissa/Tony

If Shawn wins tomorrow night, then she will have done so on the back of her freestyle tonight. Gilles' freestyle was underwhelming and Melissa's freestyle was only marginally better than the one Tony choreographed back for Stacy in Season 2 (which is not a compliment.)

Lots of former contestants in the audience tonight -- I spotted Tia, Emmitt, Monique, Marissa and Jane! (And, apparently, I missed Leeza and Vivica.)

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I think Melissa and Gilles were done a disservice by their pro partners/choreographers. They tried to throw in too many tricks and not enough dancing. In contrast Mark gave Shawn a dance that was a perfect showcase for her talent and personality. That said, I would be happy with any of them as trophy winners.

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Best Paso Doble-Gilles and Cheryl

Best Free-style- Shawn and Mark

I'm not a fan of the Free-style. It becomes all about lifts and tricks with little actual dancing in between.

Can we put a moratorium on hip hop in Free-style? Although I don't think Tony and Melissa's was as terrible as everyone seems to think, he should have played up her ballet background with something more lyrical and elegant.

I didn't get the bedazzled masks at the beginning of Shawn and Mark's routine. Kinda creeped me out.

I'm an eighties girl so I loved the song choice from Flashdance for Cheryl and Gilles, however the choreography seriously underwhelmed.

Gilles should win based on his body of work in ballroom dances throughout the season. If Shawn wins it will be only because of an entertaining, well executed Free-style which would undermine all the ballroom dancing that this show is supposed to be showcasing.

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I'm so confused with the rythms...Melissa and her partner just danced what was supposed to be a "samba", but the music was a RUMBA FLAMENCA!!


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Judges Scores from Week Eleven - Night Two:

01 30pts Gilles/Cheryl (Argentine tango)

01 30pts Melissa/Tony (samba)

01 30pts Shawn/Mark (cha cha cha)

Typical last night scoring from the judges . . . :yahoo:

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