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Dancing with the Stars

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A must-miss season for me:

01 Belinda Carlisle (pop singer)

02 David Alan Grier (comedian)

03 Jewel (pop singer/girlfriend of contestant # 7)

04 Shawn Johnson (gymnast)

05 Lil' Kim (rapper)

06 Gilles Marini (actor)

07 Ty Murray (rodeo champion/boyfriend of contestant # 3)

08 Nancy O'Dell (Access Hollywood host)

09 Denise Richards (actress/reality TV star/homewrecker)

10 Steve-O (reality TV star)

11 Lawrence Taylor (NFL great)

12 Chuck Wicks (country singer/Julianne Hough's boyfriend)

13 Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder)

Prediction: Contestants 6, 8 and 13 will likely be the first to go.

This looks like it will be a rerun of Kristi Yamaguchi's season. Given her fan base, if Shawn Johnson can put one foot in front of the other, she should have this in the bag.

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Against my better judgement, I watched. Here are the judges' scores for Week 1 (Note: Holly Madison and Melissa from The Bachelor replaced Jewel and Nancy O'Dell, who both dropped out due to injury):

24pts Gilles Marini/Cheryl Burke

23pts Shawn Johnson/Mark Ballas

23pts Melissa ? (from The Bachelor)/Tony Dovalani

21pts Lil' Kim/Derek Hough

20pts David Alan Grier/Kym Johnson

20pts Chuck Wicks/Julianne Hough

18pts Holly Madison/Dmitry ? (didn't catch his last name)

18pts Denise Richards/Maksim Chermkovsky

17pts Belinda Carlisle/Jonathan Roberts

17pts Steve-O/Lacey Schwimmer

16pts Lawrence Taylor/Edyta Sliwinska

14pts Ty Murray/Chelsie Hightower

13pts Steve Wozniak/Karina Smirnoff


1) I said that Shawn Johnson would have this in the bag provided she could put one foot in front of the other . . . and then she tripped coming down the stairs during the opening segment! :wink: Her fan base should carry her through for a good, long while but the arrival of Melissa (jilted contestant on The Bachelor) as a replacement may pose some serious competition. (She can dance and she is the "wronged woman" from The Bachelor.)

2) Cheryl Burke looks energized again after several seasons of what looked like winner's hangover.

3) Lil' Kim making a shout-out to the "Federal Detention Center" certainly was novel for this show.

4) Denise Richards is every bit as tiresome as I thought she would be.

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I have to say Gilles took the night for me. Most of the others not really worthy of a second look from this viewer.


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Actually, Melissa was pretty good. You can see she has had ballet training. Plus she is a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

Melissa from the waist up was pretty good. From the waist down, she was shaky and the connection in hold was really non-existent which caused a number of problems. Like Holly Madison, the choreography tailed off at the end which I'm sure was due to lack of time to really develop the choreography and practice.

For two days, it was a great effort, but I always get concerned for Tony's students since they rarely ever seem to progress very much.

Cheryl does look much improved. It looks like she's taken some time to heal some injuries, and return to working on her technique.

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Judges scores from Week 2:

01 27pts Gilles/Cheryl

02 26pts Melissa/Tony

03 24pts Shawn/Mark

04 23pts Lil' Kim/Derek

05 21pts Denise/Maks

06 20pts Ty/Chelsie

06 20pts Lawrence/Edyta

06 20pts Chuck/Julianne

09 18pts Belinda/Jonathan

09 18pts Holly/Dmitry

11 17pts David/Kym

11 17pts Steve/Karina

13 14pts Steve-O/Lacey

Combined point totals -- Weeks 1 & 2:

01 51pts Gilles/Cheryl

02 49pts Melissa/Tony

03 47pts Shawn/Mark

04 44pts Lil' Kim/Derek

05 40pts Chuck/Julianne

06 39pts Denise/Maks

07 37pts David/Kym

08 36pts Holly/Dmitry

08 36pts Lawrence/Edyta

10 35pts Belinda/Jonathan

11 34pts Ty/Chelsie

12 31pts Steve-O/Lacey

13 30pts Steve/Karina


1) If they are Christians, Cheryl and Tony must be crossing themselves to have God deliver Gilles and Melissa in their laps. Tony looks the happiest we have seen him since he partnered Stacey in Season 2 and Cheryl has that "go in for the kill" look she gets on her face when she knows she has a potential champion on her hands (like she did with Drew in Season 2 and Emmitt in Season 3.)

2) Chuck can go tonight thanks to his "dancing is so feminine" remarks but I suspect it will be someone like Belinda or David -- middle-of-the-packers with no discernible fan bases.

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Bottom Two: Belinda/Jonathan and Steve/Karina with Belinda and Jonathan leaving.


Belinda was a reasonable elimination given the following:

1) Slow, clunky dancing,

2) Looked like she wanted to be elsewhere, and

3) Suspect fan base (don't know how many hardcore Go-Go's fans there are out there.)

I don't know that I understand the dance-off as utilized. Theoretically, it should be a means for the judges to save deserving celebrities who may not have large, preexisting fan bases (i.e. Albert, Paulina and even Sabrina.) But if the new judges scores only count for 1/2 (w/ the prior viewer votes counting for the other 1/2), then it still really does come down to the viewer vote.

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Judges Scores from Week 3:

01 27pts Gilles/Cheryl (samba)

01 27pts Melissa/Tony (foxtrot)

01 27pts Shawn/Mark (foxtrot)

04 25pts Lil' Kim/Derek (samba)

05 24pts David/Kym (foxtrot)

06 23pts Chuck/Julianne (foxtrot)

06 23pts Ty/Chelsie (foxtrot)

08 20pts Lawrence/Edyta (samba)

09 17pts Holly/Dmitry (samba)

10 16pts Denise/Maks (samba)

11 15pts Steve-O/Lacey (foxtrot)

12 10pts Steve/Karina (samba)

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>....from Week 3:

Gilles/Cheryl (samba) -- That was one *hot* samba -- best dance of the night

Melissa/Tony (foxtrot) -- beautiful, but the choreography was too simple, basic ,

giving them no chance against the very flashy and unusual samba number.

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Bottom Two: Denise/Maks and Holly/Dmitry with Denise and Maks leaving.


Steve deserved to go (he really was that bad on Monday night) but Denise was the next best option. She looked like she was on the verge of nervous collapse every time she danced and her dancing was of a poor quality. Also, unlike Steve, she has a large "anti" fan base (due to her tabloid-worthy divorce from Charlie Sheen, her ill-advised reality TV program on E! and her "homewrecking" antics with Heather Locklear's husband) that would have finished her off soon enough anyway.

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Judges Scores from Week 4:

01 30pts Gilles/Cheryl (Argentine Tango)

02 29pts Melissa/Tony (Lindy Hop)

03 27pts Lil' Kim/Derek (Argentine Tango)

04 25pts Shawn/Mark (Lindy Hop)

04 25pts Ty/Chelsie (Lindy Hop)

06 22pts David/Kym (Lindy Hop)

06 22pts Chuck/Julianne (Lindy Hop)

08 19pts Lawrence/Edyta (Argentine Tango)

09 16pts Holly/Dmitry (Argentine Tango)

10 15pts Steve-O/Lacey (Lindy Hop)

11 12pts Steve/Karina (Argentine Tango)


Gilles and Cheryl's Argentine Tango killed (and it was danced to the tango from Mr. and Mrs. Smith!)

Agreed w/ the judges about Shawn and Mark's Lindy Hop. Too many tricks and at times it looked more like a cheerleading routine than a Lindy Hop. I know what Carrie Ann was trying to say when she said Shawn's dancing was "heavy" but I wish she had used a word other than "heavy".

Double elimination tomorrow night!

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A must-miss season for me ...
Gilles and Cheryl's Argentine Tango killed (and it was danced to the tango from Mr. and Mrs. Smith!)
Amazing how an unknown quantity (or two, the other being Melissa and Tony) can elevate a season well above "must-miss".

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3) Lil' Kim making a shout-out to the "Federal Detention Center" certainly was novel for this show.

He,he...I love ex-convict Kim... You go girl!! :wink:

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I freely admit, carbro, that Season Eight is turning into a pleasant surprise. After several subpar seasons (Six and Seven), I was at a low ebb with the show and the casting for this season didn't fill me with hope. But I am glad I tuned in out of habit the first few weeks because I'm really enjoying many of the celebrities -- Gilles, Melissa, Shawn, Lil' Kim, Ty and others. This is definitely shaping up to be the best season since Mel B's season.

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Bottom Three: Holly/Dmitry, Steve-O/Lacey and Steve/Karina w/ Holly/Dmitry and Steve/Karina leaving.

Steve absolutely deserved to go. Regarding Holly vs. Steve-O, either one would have been a justified boot so I can't say Holly's elimination was a travesty. It was her time.

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I think a majority of the people on this season became celebrities by doing inappropriate things. I agree, this isn't a season worth watching.

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Judges Scores from Week Five:

01 29pts Gilles/Cheryl (Paso Doble)

02 26pts Lil' Kim/Derek (Viennese Waltz)

02 26pts Shawn/Mark (Viennese Waltz)

04 25pts Melissa/Tony (Paso Doble)

05 23pts Chuck/Julianne (Viennese Waltz)

06 22pts David/Kym (Viennese Waltz)

07 21pts Ty/Chelsie (Paso Doble)

08 20pts Lawrence/Edyta (Paso Doble)

09 18pts Steve-O/Lacey (Viennese Waltz)


1) Gilles and Cheryl were ON FIRE w/ their paso doble (and Gilles starting out w/ no shirt on certainly didn't cost them any votes.)

2) I never would have thought of Heart's "Barracuda" as paso doble music until I heard it tonight on this show. Oddly enough, it worked!

3) Tomorrow should be an interesting test of fan base strength. From here on in, pretty much everyone has some kind of fan following so I'm curious to see who winds up in the Bottom Two.

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The paso doble was very good for Gilles and Cheryl, but I'd vote to see their Agentine Tango a dozen more times! That was their best dance, and the best dance of this season. Wonderful choreography and great chemistry. I wonder what they'll do next.

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Bottom Two: David/Kym and Lawrence/Edyta with David and Kym leaving.

It wasn't David's time to go but, truthfully, he and Kym weren't connecting with each other or the audience so it was only a matter of time before he left.

As for Lawrence, all those Giants fans out there saved him so he could dance another day!

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Judges Scores from Week Six:

01 28pts Lil' Kim/Derek (jive)

02 27pts Melissa/Tony (rumba)

03 26pts Gilles/Cheryl (jive)

03 26pts Shawn/Mark (rumba)

05 23pts Chuck/Julianne (rumba)

06 22pts Lawrence/Edyta (jive)

07 18pts Ty/Chelsie (jive)

08 16pts Steve-O/Lacey (rumba)

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Not a big fan of the show, but I saw a fragment out of curiosity to the "rumba" dance...and I left wondering not other than one question..."Where is the Rumba...?!" :thumbsup:

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Not a big fan of the show, but I saw a fragment out of curiosity to the "rumba" dance...and I left wondering not other than one question..."Where is the Rumba...?!" :)

Last night's show was one of the worst in a long time. You're right, cubanmiamiboy, the Rumba was missing, so was the Jive. Judge Len commented on that several times.... What we got instead was some sort of let's just be amusing choreography.

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Last Two: [Tom Bergeron very specifically said that the Bottom Two wasn't necessarily a true Bottom Two.]

Steve-O/Lacey and Ty/Chelsie with Steve-O and Lacey leaving.

It was definitely Steve-O's time to go but I must say that he was a great contestant in terms of embracing the concept of the show and he did his public image a world of good in so doing.

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