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Dancing with the Stars

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Finale Results:

01 Shawn/Mark

02 Gilles/Cheryl

03 Melissa/Tony


I predicted that Shawn would win at the beginning of the season and, sure enough, she did. However, Gilles and Melissa put up a tremendous fight and it was by no means certain that Shawn would win going into the finale. I do think that the deciding factor was Shawn's freestyle. It gave her just that little bit of extra fuel she needed to take her past Gilles, who -- according to Tom Bergeron -- was only separated from Shawn by less than 1% (closest finish in show history.) Congratulations to Shawn and also to Mark Ballas, who joins Cheryl Burke and Julianne Hough as a two-time winner of the show.

Gilles doesn't take home the disco ball trophy but he is a winner nonetheless. He's gone from being a complete unknown who looked like an early elimination due to lack of name recognition to being a household name. Participating in this show was the best career decision he ever made. Congrats to Cheryl for taking another contestant into the Top Three (as she did with Drew, Emmitt and Christian.)

Melissa was a gallant third place finisher and she too should consider herself a winner after all is said and done. She's gone from being forever remembered as the jilted contestant on The Bachelor to being (along with Shawn) America's Sweetheart. Living well is the best revenge, isn't it Melissa? Congrats also to Tony for making his first finale since Season Two (although he really does need to figure out how to choreograph a winning freestyle.)

I don't know that I agree with head judge Len Goodman that Season Eight was the best season ever (I would still give that honor to Season Two.) But Shawn, Gilles and Melissa were definitely the best Final Three ever.

And Tom Bergeron is still gold as host!

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Congratulations to Shawn! She's a sweet girl who worked hard and overcame some roadblocks (the stalker drama, decreased studio time due to her age) to win.

I would have preferred Gilles to win. I still think he is a better dancer, but so often the better all-around dancer doesn't win this show. That's the way it is. I got real upset when Helio won over Mel B. a couple a seasons ago but then I realized that's it's just a T.V. show and the winner gets a cheesy, ugly disco ball trophy. There's more important things to get upset about.

I agree with miliosr that Gilles is also a winner as well, with his improved name recognition.

Loved seeing Lil Kim again. I hope her career reignites because of her participation in this show.

And yes, Tom Bergeron is the Johnny Carson of reality show hosts. Give him an Emmy this year!

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Well, it looks like Melissa has parlayed her reality TV experiences (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team, The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars) into a new gig -- she will be working as a special correspondent for Good Morning America!

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