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Bocca ABT AD???

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From the Bocca/Rojo article in today's Links:

"The official farewell will take place next year and he will then devote himself to the life of which dance has deprived him, he said. Bocca will continue to direct his company and will probably assume art direction of the American Ballet Theater."

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I noticed this a few months ago, around the beginning of October, when I happened upon an article from the Argentine press with an interview with Julio Bocca, where he says something along thesame lines:


(Bad google translation from Spanish):

"The artist trusts: 'Nothing is going to replace the applause and the affection of people. That is impossible. What happens is that also it moves my school to me in Buenos Aires, the foundation with which I give scholarships to people of the interior of my country so that they come to study. In addition, I am going to follow as of the American Ballet masterful and have the possibility of directing it '."

However, I don't really see how this is possible since he is clearly passionate about his Ballet Argentino and ABT AD is not a part-time job! I'm sure he's one of the contenders...but far into the future.

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Frankly, if ABT were to decide to continue its M. O. of signing an ABT dancer or former dancer as AD, Mr. Bocca, with his experience with the company he founded, would seem better qualified than just about anyone else. Also, his artistry and popularity would hardly be negatives.

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Giselle05, unfortunately the link to Bocca's interview doesn't work for me. If you still can access the original article, perhaps you could post a short excerpt mentioning the ABT direction ? So perhaps a Spanish-speaking poster could clarify the meaning of that sentence...

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I couldn't get the link either, so I googled Bocca. His website is pretty "busy" and I probably missed a few things...(I went to the spanish version, just to see if I could find a reference to the discussion on this thread). What I did see was that he intends to retire in Dec. 2007, in 716 days to be exact. Will they count this down day by day, I wonder?

here is the link I found:



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It is indeed a "busy" website, with a little bit of almost every technique I've ever seen.

But he's also a very busyman. Good news is the Boccatango tour (Feb. into mid-March) which will cover both US coasts and much in between, including my own town. It's Bocca and Ballet Argentino with Cecilia Figaredo and musicians.:D

I couldn't find a single schedule of all the appearances, but Google has a great many.

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I'm sorry about the link, it must have expired. Unfortunately I didn't save the article in its original Spanish format but I do have it translated. :-)

bart, if you click on the calendar that is located on the top right of his home page, it gives you his schedule by month (in Spanish but very much understandable) His ABT appearances in Chicago and New York are already noted.

Bocca is an idol in Argentina, second maybe only to Maradona, and his retirement will be a huge event. He regularly dances for audiences of 20,000+ people (in stadiums, etc.) So, yes, they are counting down day by day! As am I, being one of his greatest fans :rolleyes: . That countdown makes me so sad!

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Translation tip: My PhaseOut browser (available for free from PhaseOut.com) has a right-click translation feature. Some of the resultant English is, shall we say, entertaining, but it helps with unfamiliar words. It works for a whole slew of languages, but I've only tried it on Spanish sites so far.

I was unable to find anything on Julio's site about his plans after Dec. 22, 2007.

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