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  1. Giselle05

    Ferri & Bocca

    Been very busy with school, but thought I would take a minute to refresh one of my favorite subjects I was reading the Chicago Tribune and was happily surprised with this beautiful tribute to their partnership from Sid Smith, as part of a compilation of "great performances" in the arts lives of each contributing critic to the Tribune. The ballet portion, i.e. love letter to Bocca and Ferri, begins on page 4 and ends on page 5. http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/mag...=rss&page=4 Here's a sampling: ...plus a lovely picture: http://biografiajuliobocca.blogspot.com/
  2. I remember her mentioning at a Spotlight Seminar in 2005 that right after her last Romeo and Juliet with Julio, she danced a Romeo with Robert Bolle in Covent Garden, which was "really hard". Then she said something about Bolle being a beautiful dancer whom New York really should see at some point... maybe this is his op? He is much younger than her, could be a sort of "passing the torch" thing, I don't know...
  3. I have never felt as emotionally drained as I did after Monday night's performance. This was a historic performance. The passion, intensity, and love between these two dancers was probably and maybe always will be, unmatched. This was not Manon and Des Grieux, but Bocca and Ferri, living a love story, and saying their goodbye. As I was leaving the theater after the third act, I heard someone remark that they could not imagine ever seeing ballet again. And that is exactly how I felt. Judging from the uproar that shook the MET on Monday I can't even imagine what tomorrow night will be like. Wr
  4. Giselle05

    Ferri & Bocca

    As mentioned on the Julio Bocca thread, it is perhaps worth repeating here that Thursday will not be Julio and Alessandra's last performance together- according to Bocca's website, they are dancing Manon with the Ballet Nacional de Chile in October. However, it will be no less emotional: an excerpt from today's NY Sun article, "The Last Bocca Farewell": Full Article
  5. FauxPas, you're correct- Julio is in fact dancing Manon with Alessandra in October- if you scroll down on his home page, you will see that it says: Julio Bocca, Alessandra Ferri, e Ballet Nacional de Chile. If you click on "Mas Informacion", it gives you a synopsis of Manon. So Thursday night, while still incredibly emotional, will not be AS heartbreaking as it could have been, for it is not their last performance together. This appeared on his website just a few weeks ago. As for completely stopping in December of 2007, that is really the case. He has said in numerous recent interviews tha
  6. Giselle05

    Julio Bocca

    With Julio's retirement impending in just a few days, I thought we might dedicate a thread to him, and write about his most memorable performances, what you will miss, and anything else you might want to say about this incredible dancer. When Bocca burst upon the dance scene in 1985 after his Gold medal win in Moscow, he was immediately hailed as the "Argentine heir of Nureyev and Baryshnikov" and was an overnight sensation. He will undoubtedly forever be considered one of the greatest male dancers of this era, up there with Baryshnikov, Vasiliev, Bruhn, Bujones. Aside from his explosive virt
  7. Just back from the most moving Giselle I have ever seen. I'll try to write a full review tomorrow or later, but here is what needs to be said for everyone who did not see it tonight (perhaps people up in the balconies missed this too): As Giselle (Xiomara Reyes) descended back into her grave, Julio Bocca began to fumble with the white lillies strewn over the cross. Then he dropped to his knee and began fumbling with something on the floor. As I inched upwards in my seat to see what was going on, I saw that he was taking off his slippers. People around me, all in tears, began whispering in sh
  8. I have to second Afternoon of a Faun and Symphony in C, and add Theme and Variations, Serenade, Who Cares?, and a nice good romp of either Don Quixote PDD or Le Corsaire PDD. Not really ballets, but.
  9. Katia Gordeeva is now married to Ilia Kulik, who although was a skating champion, could perhaps be considered a ballet dancer...Center Stage? No? Ok, nevermind.
  10. I think Diana Vishneva and Alessandra Ferri resemble eachother immensely, especially a bit younger Alessandra. When Diana came out on stage at the end of the ABT Gala with all the other principals (led on by Bocca, of all people), I could have sworn it was Alessandra, albeit a bit taller...alas she didn't dance Manon that night. Both are absolutely beautiful and unique. I think Bocca looks a lot like Sean Penn. And Wendy Whelan and Sarah Jessica Parker could be sisters.
  11. Giselle05

    Ferri & Bocca

    An excerpt from Alessandra's piece from Julio's autobiography..from around 1995. "When I saw Julio for the first time we were both young, he was barely nineteen years old and I was twenty-two… It was in Giselle that exploited between the two of us this love. It was just then that I realized, and I believe that he also, that there was so much affection and so much in common. What one feels in those moments is love, when you are naked in front of the other and you see them for what they are, strengths and weaknesses, lights and shadows. On the stage the two of us abandon completely to this
  12. Giselle05

    Ferri & Bocca

    Ferri and Bocca's partnership has provided the most magical moments in ballet for me. Their performances are my most cherished. I'm going to take my time and try to write an eloquent tribute to them later although I doubt my words could do much justice to them. On dancing opposite Julio's Romeo, here is what Alessandra says in Rosalie O'Connor's book "Getting Closer": "This ballet brought Julio and me so close that suddenly we were not ashamed to stop acting and instead just to be. I know he looks at me and I look at him and not at an imaginary Romeo and Juliet. He became my love." In Juli
  13. What a night!!!!! This was a repeat of last year's mindblowing performances except Paloma replaced Julie, making it a 100% Latin cast. And it was on fire! If last year's or this year's performances of this cast were not taped, it is a HUGE, HUGE loss. Yesterday marked three events- Noche Latina, the celebration of ABT's Latin Contingent which is by far not limited only to Principal dancers, Corella's Tenth Anniversary with ABT, and Bocca's last Le Corsaire. Animal intensity comes close to describing Julio, I suppose . If anyone came last night looking for latin fire they certainly found it
  14. nysusan, you took the words straight out of my mouth! That was EXACTLY what I was thinking. That last moment was adorable, spontaneous, and what Other Dances, in my opinion, should be like throughout. It should be like a conversation, free-flowing, completely spontaneous, with each person's movements a reaction to the other's, depending upon what happened in that moment. Which was what made that last moment lovely. The performance seemed very static and did not have the lively energy I was hoping for. Kent and Corella did not play off eachother, but like you said, were taking their own apporac
  15. I agree that Sylve and Gomes looked great together at the YAGP gala. I have yet to see the Part-Gomes Swan Lake but am really looking forward to it! Of partnerships I'd like to see, I would LOVE to see Julie Kent and David Hallberg paired together. I can't really explain why but I've always had this image of them together, even before casting for Kaleidescope was announced Both long and beautiful, with exquisite lines and very gentle and lyrical movements...I think it would be perfect. Yes, there is quite an age gap but I would love to see David paired with a mature ballerina like Julie. Jus
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