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Internet broadcast of Raymonda on Oct 15th


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Today I came across an announcement that Bolshoi's Raymonda will be broadcasted via internet on October 15th, 19.00 (GMT +3). :yahoo:

The provisional cast is

Mariya Allash - Raymonda

Sergey Filin - Jean de Brienne

Rinat Arifulin - Abderakhman

Mariya Alexandrova - Clemence

Ekaterina Shipulina - Henriette

Nelli Kobakhidze - First variation (and in the "big classical dance")


full cast - only in russian characters - on http://www.bolshoi.ru/ru/season/ballet/rep...dynid26=574#dyn

I have no idea what the quality will be like - but it might be worth trying it!

Have a look at http://www.cultu.ru/english/pautina/2005/raymonda/

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I have it full screen, but both picture and sound break up periodically especially when there is rapid movement. Raymonda and Jean are dressed in what appears to be white, shot against a very dark background, so that the slightly smudgey images of the dancers stand out. During the Act One pas de deux, with corps and two soloists, the impression is of white (or very pale color possibly) dancers almost in silhouette against blackness, which enhances the impression of plastique and real presence (eg, lights and shadow on the white-tighted legs). The stage empties when there is solo work going on to reduce distraction. Is this in the current Bolshoi production or a revision for the internet broadcast?

Act One ends. Lights come up in the house and there are shots of the auditorium and audience members leaving. Then video clips of Swan Lake. No commentary. I have to leave, but this has been fascinating. Not quite up to the level of the first telecast to the moon, but quite similar in emotional effect to the fuzzy black and white imagery of Hopalong Cassidy galloping on a white horse against a arroyo seco background, the very first image that showed up when we got our first television (huge box, miniscule screen) many many years ago.

Thanks, dachnitsa, for the link.

Once the technology is better, won't this be a wonderful way to connect the world of ballet audiences, not to mention other cultural events.

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(I get better quality with half screen, but even there are some break-ups. Nonetheless it's a great thing!)

Unfortunately we have (non-ballet-goer) evening guests who will arrive in a few minutes ... :dunno: hope you are going to enjoy the rest of the performance!

Greetings from Moscow to all of you!


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This is torture! I get one or two exquisite movements, then it all breaks up! I think the problem is that the "pautina.smil" file has a speed of only 50kbps, which is far too slow for my computer! Are these programs always broadcast via this type of file?

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Who played the part of the sultan? My connection was never good enough for me to be able to recognise his face, but what I could see of his dancing looked superb! And that Odette in the short clip they showed during the interval - I would love to know who she was.

Was anyone able to see the whole broadcast without interruption? I would be interested to know.

Are there any movie clips of the Bolshoi available online?

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Yes, with a refresh rate of 1 image per second, very painterly--like Manet or Gerhardt Richter.

The last act variations came over very nicely, and so very familiar since I know them as Pas de Dix of Balanchine from the Eglevsky-Maria Tallchief video. Does anyone know if any parts of Balanchine's version have made their way back into the Bolshoi version, or is it that

Balanchine is fairly faithful to the original?

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According to the www.cultu.ru website, there will be repeats over 24 hours. they also do webcasts of other kinds of production.

Their notice is copied below. I've also re-copied dachnitsa's original link to the website, since I know this kind of thread might be more confusing than our ordinary threads.


Wired Broadband Connection.

Starting at 10 a. m. Moscow Time (GMT +3), on we will be broadcasting each production continuously for 24 hours.

Showtime schedule will be posted on our website. Regardless of the time zone you live in you'll be able to choose the most suitable time for viewing the broadcast. Throughout the day we will also be posting updated list of mirror links for viewing the broadcasting. Most of the productions will be broadcasted with English subtitles.

In order to watch internet broadcasting you will need PC with fast internet connection (i. e. cable modem, DSL, ADSL, LAN.) In most cases dial-up connection with speed of 56K and less will be insufficient for proper reception. Even if you will be able to see the stream, the quality of the broadcast will be low, and is likely to disappoint rather than to please the viewer.

Please be considerate of your expenses. Viewing video stream is traffic-savvy. The actual traffic volume, i. e. the information your PC exchanges with your internet provider, is derivative of the speed of your internet connection and the duration of your viewing session. We recommend signing up for a flat monthly fee plan with no traffic and/or time restrictions. Many internet providers worldwide are offering such plans by now.

We will broadcast in Real Video and Windows Media formats. English subtitles will be available only in Real Video format.

This option is currently available to our audience in Russia (except Kamchatka and Chukotka), in Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. These territories are covered by YAMAL-200 and EXPRESS AM22 satellites. In order to receive our broadcast via one of those satellites you will need a dish and DVB receiver. You'll also need to contact customer service of the satellite operator to help you direct and tune up your dish. The procedure itself is not very complicated, but the advantage you get with satellite connection is enormous, as you will be viewing our stream in nearly TV quality. Besides in many cities in Russia there are Internet Viewing Centers properly setup to receive our programming. Please remember that we broadcast our programs in internet format, not as a TV signal. Besides, our satellite broadcast, unlike wired internet, will be repeated only 2—3 times during the day for the most populated time zones in Russia.

Two satellite networks are offering their broadcasting services for our programming: ICFED with its ever expanding network of Distant Learning Centers in more than 40 regions of Russia is broadcasting in Real Video format; ComSat Kultura with Viewing Centers in regional libraries, museums and other cultural centers is broadcasting in Windows Media format.

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dachnitsa, thank you so much for sharing this link and source with us!


I was only able to see a small part of Act II, because the broadcast started 8am on the West Coast, but I did get to see Florence's, Henrietta's, and Raymonda's solos, before I had to drag myself away to go to a seminar. It was a real thrill to see them, and I hope to catch the entire ballet during one of the repeats.

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Was the production broadcasted as bad as the Raymonda they released on DVD?

As I write this Act 2 is about to begin (I think there are about three more reruns to go before it is gone). It is really very well produced (I mean the video direction), no fast cutting, you really get to see the flow of the choreography. It is hard to think of a commercial video that is so balletomane oriented! The corps looks impressive, the male dancing is certainly a notch above what we saw this summer at the Met. The ballerinas are fine: how surprising that co-Prima Masha Alexandrova is in a soloist role! Not a "six o'clock" in sight. I think it is very favorable publicity for the Bolshoi.

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