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Bolshoi at the Met, NYC (July 18/30 '05)

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The following is from a 'mass e-mailing' sent by the Metropolitan Opera House's Marketing office to folks who've been inquiring about the upcoming Bolshoi-Met season. It will be followed by a formal press release shortly but, due to the official nature of this communication -- directly from the Met to their regular subscribers & other inquirers -- we are allowed to post it here.

I have deleted the upper part of the e-mail & have kept only the closing words from the Marketing staffer, plus the full schedule. As has been pointed out elsewhere on BalletTalk, tickets go on sale May 1.

This way, everyone who is interested in seeing the Bolshoi at the Met can begin to make 'travel plans' & such!


...Thank you for your support of The Metropolitan Opera.


Jennifer McGoldrick

E-Marketing Associate

* Monday July 18 8 PM Don Quixote

* Tuesday July 19 8 PM Don Quixote

* Wednesday July 20 8 PM Don Quixote

* Thursday July 21 8 PM Don Quixote

* Friday July 22 8 PM Spartacus

* Saturday July 23 2 PM Spartacus

* Saturday July 23 8 PM Spartacus

* Monday July 25 8 PM The Bright Stream

* Tuesday July 26 8 PM The Bright Stream

* Wednesday July 27 8 PM The Bright Stream

* Thursday July 28 8 PM The Pharaoh's Daughter

* Friday July 29 8 PM The Pharaoh'sDaughter

* Saturday July 30 2 PM The Pharaoh's Daughter

* Saturday July 30 8 PM The Pharaoh's Daughter

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I'm guessing that it took the Russians (Bolshoi management) a longer-than-normal time to give the final schedule of ballets to the Met. Hence, the brochure & all else will not be ready when it should be ready.

Also -- again just guessing -- there may be some sort of agreement between the Met & ABT, that ABT be given an 'exclusive ballet booking period' of some sort. I'm no marketing expert but, perhaps, there's a science to spacing-out the information..."ABT Sales Blitz Period" shouldn't be undercut by a "Bolshoi Sales Blitz Period."

Who knows?

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The Grand Tier is now the same price as the orchestra: $95. But the upper tiers are priced higher than would be proportionate.

The ad will run in the Sunday NYTimes, the same day the box office opens for the Bolshoi ticket sales.

The lateness of all the arrangements was due to the lateness of firming the contracts between the Bolshoi/MG (Jane Hermann) & the Met.

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I picked up a flyer at the Met Box office yesterday - a printed flyer, mind you! Pricing is pretty steep:

Orch prime - $95

Orch balance - $80

Center Parterre Boxes -$150

Side Parterre-Boxes- $80

Center Grand Tier - $95

Grand Tier Boxes - $80

Dress Circle - $80

Dress Circle Boxes- $60

Balcony - $60

Balcony Boxes- $45

Family Circle - $45

Family Circle Boxes - $30

Standing Room (Day of performance)

Orch, Grand Tier & Dress Circle -$20

Family Circle - $15

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Like the Royal Ballet, the Bolshoi might end up with a ton of empty seats. I think the presenters are really banking on the Russian community here. Maybe they'll come through, but those prices have pretty much cashed me out. Lucky SAB students will probably reap the benefits by grabbing up those comp seats that will come there way if the tickets don't sell.

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The casting has been posted on the Met's website, just click " tickets & info" for the ballet you're intersted in


It looks like they're bringing a really strong group and I'm torn about which casts to see. I was planning to concentrate on Zakharova and catch one performance by Alexandrova but Lunkina has 2 matinees (7/23 Spartacus and 7/30 Pharoah's Daughter) and Tsiskaridze has 2 performances (7/26 Bright Stream and 7/29 PD with Alexandrova). Stepanenko gets a DQ and a Bright Stream & Antinocheva has the first Spartacus.

Damn those high ticket prices!

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But the balcony prices are almost double than for ABT.


If I remember last Summer, the Balcony and Familicy Circle for ABT were very cheap, much less than the opera, then the Royal Ballet came in for the Ashton programs and the prices were much higher, and there were many more empty seats, at least at the mixed programs.

Well I want to see Pharaoh's Daughter, it's hard to imagine seeing a production that lavish every day of the week. So I'll pay the freight. I'm really wondering if it will really look so spectacular as it does on video

However I will also probably be "dragged" to a Spartacus, which isn't really my thing.


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I'll second Dale's recommendation on 'Bright Stream.' I've seen the original cast -- Alexandrova & Filin -- live & in at a later Russian-TV telecast. I've also seen the other casts live. No doubt - go with Alexandrova/Filin.

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I'll second Dale's recommendation on 'Bright Stream.' I've seen the original cast -- Alexandrova & Filin -- live & in at a later Russian-TV telecast. I've also seen the other casts live. No doubt - go with Alexandrova/Filin.

I was also debating about which cast to see for Bright Stream. I had a really hard time making my mind up but I decided to go for the Shipulina/Tsiskaridze cast since I've heard such great things about Tsiskaridze and I expect to see Alexandrova & Filin in DonQ. And I really liked Shipulina when I saw them in Boston. Of course, she was dancing soloist roles in Boston, we'll see if I made the right choice for Bright Stream.

The way it stands now the one dancer I'm not going to see at all is Lunkina. Such tough choices, I wish I could afford to see them all!

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