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  1. Yes. He was fantastic. One of my ballet friends was surprised to hear that it was his debut. The famous entrechat six series was very strong to the end.
  2. Thanks! Do you know if the brochure is on line and/or what date the tickets go on sale? Last year it was early September (I bought tickets and then the performance was cancelled because of the gilets jaunes protests.)
  3. Hi all. I don't see any mention either above or at the official Opera site about the school demonstrations, which are typically in December. A post at Balletcoforum (?) indicates dates of Dec 15 and 21-22. Has anyone else seen this info and/or have any suggestions?
  4. koshka

    Nina Kaptsova

    I don't know the ins and outs, but she's been a standout on the Bolshoi's visits to DC--she is an unusually light and musical dancer--and so I hope we'll still see her performing one way or another.
  5. I would like to think that the suspension was pending further review of the case, and that if the allegations are borne out, that there would be much more than a suspension.
  6. Unpaid Saturday parking is still available in the area, though you might have to walk an extra block or two or do a bit more scouting. ;-) What I find more frustrating is the high rate of broken/nonfunctional parking meters or pay stations, which makes the parking effectively unavailable even if one is willing to pay the $2.30/hr.
  7. Unfortunately what you are expressing is the "Can't you take a joke?" attitude. Women (and men) in professional settings should not have to put up with these "jokes" when they're not really jokes (as in, the object doesn't find them funny, or they imply some damage to the object's career prospects if they don't act as if it's funny. It's the same as with other "jokes" (ethnic, etc)--yes, one could fire back, but it's tiresome and juvenile and degrading. ...and now I am thankful that I work in a quite boring agency where people don't feel so..."free".
  8. Kondaurova did clearer entrechats quatre. Kolegova looked like she was attempting them, but got only a wiggle. Skorik did changements. ;-) It was a lovely run. Agree that Skorik looked better in the Friday show. Wish I had had time to meet everyone. On to NYCB next week!
  9. Sightlines: I am a fan of the front row even though sometimes feet disappear. Theo is right that for feet you should go for the 4th row or further back. Note that with orchestra the front row is typically row G, so fourth row would be J or higher. My second-favorite place is around rows R-T--just behind the break between the front and rear orchestra. I find the tiers to be too far away, but YMMV.
  10. Do not know anything about classes but would love to hear. The Mariinsky calendar is usually up for a full year, but it doesn't seem to show school performances. I don't know how to find out about them in advance, but I know they have sometimes occurred at theaters other than the Mariinsky--I caught one by sheer chance once at the Concert Hall. You would have to check the individual theaters' schedules. There is a small theater museum--a gem. i can look up the address. Ballet-specific shopping: the Grishko shop on Gorokhovaya; the music shop on Nevsky (carries sheet music for ballet clas
  11. White Nights is peak tourist season, so there's lots to do but it's very crowded, with prices to match. If I were planning a spring trip, I might examine the ballet calendard to see what's appealing with an eye toward possibly catching a Vaganova school performance (ideally a graduation performance). It is true that there is much more English signage and that the city in general is much, much more tourist-friendly than it was 20 years ago. So--if you are up for learning the Cyrillic alphabet (not all that hard, esp. if you know a few Greek letters already) and you are normally a do-it-your
  12. You should be able to arrange a St Petersburg-only tour, or perhaps a StP-only tour with a few extra nights added on when you're on your own. I wouldn't say it's easy to arrange independent travel to Russia, but it's less hard than it once was. You can book hotels and flights online, and most hotels will offer airport pickup (which I would recommend). The hotel will typically provide the materials needed to apply for a visa. Ballet tickets can be bought online. I personally like April and October for travel to Russia, but the long nights of May-June are hard to resist...
  13. ...and David does not have to stand in 5th position or jump. Nudity might work for a dramatic role, but for much of classical ballet, it is simply impractical.
  14. This is exactly why my reaction is usually "it sounds _awfully_ uncomfortable". Washington Ballet did Rite of Spring here, and the men danced at one point in nude dance belts only. The thing is, there was so much buildup that it just seemed ridiculous. But at least I didn't watch thinking "ouch ouch ouch".
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