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  1. I would like to think that the suspension was pending further review of the case, and that if the allegations are borne out, that there would be much more than a suspension.
  2. koshka

    2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    Unpaid Saturday parking is still available in the area, though you might have to walk an extra block or two or do a bit more scouting. ;-) What I find more frustrating is the high rate of broken/nonfunctional parking meters or pay stations, which makes the parking effectively unavailable even if one is willing to pay the $2.30/hr.
  3. Unfortunately what you are expressing is the "Can't you take a joke?" attitude. Women (and men) in professional settings should not have to put up with these "jokes" when they're not really jokes (as in, the object doesn't find them funny, or they imply some damage to the object's career prospects if they don't act as if it's funny. It's the same as with other "jokes" (ethnic, etc)--yes, one could fire back, but it's tiresome and juvenile and degrading. ...and now I am thankful that I work in a quite boring agency where people don't feel so..."free".
  4. Delightful news-thanks for pointing this listing out!
  5. Alertniks: I have a spare ticket to the Thurs night performance. I have a pair of tickets G108/G109 (right behind the conductor). I will be using one. Typically I'd exchange one for a different performance, but since the run is sold out, I am out of luck. Please PM me if you would like it and we'll figure it out. k
  6. Thanks! Just snagged a ticket!
  7. So here are a few answers to my own question. Yes, it is possible to attend. Tickets are sold through a Bulgarian ticket service (not unlike Ticketmaster) and it seems that it would be difficult to get tickets using a US credit card. (I got lucky and had some friends help me out with getting the tickets in Bulgaria.) It might be that there's really no reason to go through the hassle of getting tickets in advance--I'll update after I see the scene from Varna. Suggestions and any other information would still be most welcome!
  8. koshka

    Mikhailovsky US tour 2016

    <Sigh> As of today, no indication of a NY tour stop--only the California stop is mentioned on their site: http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/afisha/tours/the_mikhailovsky_theatre_on_tour_in_usa_2016/
  9. Hi all. I am considering going to Varna for the competition this year. Has anyone gone, and is it possible to attend the performances?
  10. Kondaurova did clearer entrechats quatre. Kolegova looked like she was attempting them, but got only a wiggle. Skorik did changements. ;-) It was a lovely run. Agree that Skorik looked better in the Friday show. Wish I had had time to meet everyone. On to NYCB next week!
  11. Sightlines: I am a fan of the front row even though sometimes feet disappear. Theo is right that for feet you should go for the 4th row or further back. Note that with orchestra the front row is typically row G, so fourth row would be J or higher. My second-favorite place is around rows R-T--just behind the break between the front and rear orchestra. I find the tiers to be too far away, but YMMV.
  12. I was there for the last 3 nights--great program. International Night I was VERY eclectic. Carla Korbes was an absolutely magnificent stand-in in Elegie. Other high points for me were Cornejo in everything, Bill Irwin in everything, and Who Cares (closing piece of the Balanchine evening). I recommend it highly to ballet lovers, but pack a down throw--it got mighty chilly after the sun went down!
  13. <Sigh> What I really want to see Eifman do here is Don Q. The staging is completely different (set in an insane asylum) and brilliant.
  14. koshka

    Swan Lake, April 8-12, 2015

    I went to the Wednesday "preview night" performance. Overall I liked it very much--love the new/old staging, especially the swan corps, which I thought was magnificently rehearsed. Loved having live music, and thought the orchestra did a very nice job. As for individual dancers: Miguel Anaya was a fantastic prince--beautiful line, catlike jumps, great emotion. Maki Onuki was technically lovely, as always--with an especially remarkable balance in Act II (I think). But her acting left me a bit cold. Sona Kharatian was a wonderfully regal and insistent mother, and Giselle Macdonald was delightful in the small solo toward the end of Act with the master of ceremonies (Luis Torres). The musical interlude was very nice, although it seemed a bit out of place in an already long-ish (ok, by Washington standards!) evening.
  15. koshka

    NYCB at the Kennedy Center

    Many thanks for the rundown, Natalia--looks like I'll be seeing the same cast tomorrow night (yes, it is a ballet overdose week!).