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  1. Fille Mal Gardee was mostly very well produced video-wise and very well worth the ticket... but the Giselle last summer with Osipova and Sarafanov had terrible framing choices... I wonder if there are different directors used for different cities and how we can find out who will be responsible. Grigorovich's Raymonda is over 3 hours? That's really long. I have my doubts that all 3 hours are worth the viewing and suspect that what is good in it will be lost in the drudgery of what is not. How do people here feel about his Raymonda? Is it too long to encourage non balletomane friends to come to?
  2. I'd like to see Villella's "Tarantella" performance from Dance In America (I think)... and how about that "Midsummer Nights Dream" with Farrell as Titania? Also, d'Amboise in "Stars & Stripes" for the 1964 Lincoln Center opening performance... was shown at Wall-to-wall Balanchine festival, I believe... (Not sure if they are in the NYPL catalogue but worth checking for...)
  3. I know... now we need a transcript! (if one ever exists, I hope a link goes up here)
  4. No Concerto Barocco? No Four Temperaments? No Square Dance?
  5. On the other hand, sometimes the archival waiver limits what can be done. I don't know if it's still true, but for a while there they weren't allowed to have anyone aiming the camera during the performance.
  6. Don't worry Batsuchen, presumably they used a more sophisticated sound recording method then merely the mic mounted on the camera... Though they might wisely have mixed your contributions in! ;^D
  7. Thank you so much for persevering!! I love seeing the counterpoint between danseur and ballerina in the original... If the danseur variation was typically petit allegro instead of grand allegro, where did Petipa use grand allegro? I'm so used to seeing it in the danseur variation I can hardly imagine it elsewhere... or was it saved for the coda?
  8. And one last thing... i could have sworn in the Paris Opera Ballet version, Alain's father gets together with the Widow Simone at the end of the ballet... Are there multiple Ashton versions?
  9. Would enjoy seeing Ludovic as Colas and MacRae as Alaine. At times the female corps seemed strangely tall.
  10. Damn... Just lost my post... Will try to summarize: "Fille" finally played locally... So very glad this was better shot than the Osipova/Sarafanov "Giselle". It's safe now to invite friends back to the movie theater... Some of the close-ups overstated the theatrical focus, making it less efective, but for a live production the framing choice flaws wete precious few. I would like to see this side by side with the Acosta/Nuñez "Fille" to compare directors' choices. I was surprised there weren't shots of the large group dances from what I think of as the Royal box (I have never been in the ROH but assume there must be a royal box?)...it seems some of the patterns would have been pleasant to see from that angle. I wish directors would understand that when a dancer "looks" at something rather than at the audience, the audience should be shown what the dancer is "seeing"... That "looking" is to direct our focus at something after all... It's not by chance. If the dancer is focusing on a prop, the framing should compose with that prop directing the composition... Watch that ribbon as much as the dancer, please... My favorite true audience moment was when the teenager next to me (daughter's friend) was so startled by Colas' sudden appearence in the third act that she let out a small scream! The intermission clips were wonderful too. And I hope that woman in the balcony shot putting on her coat and getting ready to leave early was suitably mortified by her fifteen seconds of [in]fame[y] not to repeat the rudeness. The live tweets supered on the screen experiment seemed like it should not be repeated. Glad it was only during the bows. Missed the chicken's bow... Very worth the ticket price!
  11. Thanks for the clarification, Natalia... I was thinking of the company's performances in NYC and couldn't figure out what you meant... I get it now. If Kickstart were international, there might be backers enough from outside Spain. I have no experience of it except that small dance company projects from it sometimes get sent my way. Ballet Next is the most recent to come past, with a modest goal... They've raised some but not as much as one would like... Maybe there is someone waiting until the last minute to swoop in with the balance. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1229228855/sponsor-new-choreography-from-leading-dance-artist. But Corella's company has a much high profile wih more at stake?... Maybe they would do much better? I've misnamed it... It's apparently called "kickstarter.com" and has raused millions for some lucky projects. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kickstarter
  12. Is there anything 'disgruntled' about the company currently? Doesn't seem anywhere within Corella's personality... Why do you say that?
  13. Could something like Kickstart help or is that only for small ventures?
  14. This is what waivers were invented for.... I hope one was signed and filed....
  15. Gosh, those sleeves don't look very "peasant girl"...
  16. These are wonderful clips from the Royal Ballet!! Steven McRae and Roberta Marquez & Ludovic Ondiviela:
  17. Must a gala always be a circus? Is there another way to do it?
  18. Same here... It's an app that promotes ABT... Why on earth isn't it free? I couldn't figure out why I would want to pay for it...? Surely I missed something?
  19. I don't know... Seems like putting Elgar down as composer on the postcard would have been misleading, implying he wrote a piece for this Peter Pan.., I suppose they could have put music "taken from Elgar," but it sounds a bit off... And it was proved several times in the twentieth century that dance can stand on it's own without costumes, lighting or music... Maybe not for children, but presumably ballet isn't just for children... And he is faulting a musician for not respecting music... For heavens' sake, the program usually lists the composer's name before the choreographer's... Doesn't that show considerable respect? Sounds like someone with an axe to grind... There have often been issues between dance and music, but this one seems a little forced.
  20. Momoko Hirata is something very special. I hope I get to see her dance something in the US again...
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