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  1. Good to hear, good to hear! Sad though, because I think she would have been nice to see in Paquita, not that I can be there!
  2. Julie Kent I've seen her twice and she has given me chills everytime....I've seen alot of others on video and few in person and Michelle Wiles was gorgeous, but obviously has some time to mature, but she is on her way!
  3. ABT put up a new photo album in the Image Gallery. Rosalie O'Connor takes such great pictures. There is a very nice picture of Hallberg and Wiles in 'Black Swan' and a picture of Hallberg in a very nice arabesque. The rest of the pictures are also great!
  4. oh wow, I' m really blind, the ballet was not about Alice in Wonderland, but Snow white! OOPS! ahah I just had my wisdom teeth out, so let us blame it on the drugs! *mods delete both post if you would like!*
  5. Ballet Met will be doing 'Alice in Wonderland' this winter- ALICE IN WONDERLAND--World Premiere February 9 - 19, 2006 Capitol Theatre Choreography: Gerard Charles Music: TBD Balletmet.org Since it's standing on it's own I would think it would be more than one act, but who knows!
  6. Giselle05, thanks so much!! I would love to consider you for next years season, please send a resume along with video of your works!
  7. My above post has been updated with the all 6 programs. It's only the first cast, because I don't get paid to be AD so I don't have time to do multiple cast! I actually would have used some other dancers, but no one would really know who they are, so I went with dancers that I do like alot and rarely get to see. Some of the dancers I have not seen or seen much, but felt the need to use them! aha That was fun!
  8. Program 1- Balanchine's Valse Fantasie: Leads Michelle Wiles and Ethan Stiefel Corps de ballet- Faye Arthurs, Scheller, Hamrick and Melissa Thomas. 2- Balanchine's Tschaikovsky pas de duex: Tidwell and Sylve. -Intermisson- 3-Ashton's La Fille Mal Gardee: Lise: Julie Kent, Colas: David Hallberg the rest of the cast I'm not really sure. I don't know the ballet that well. The rooster would be played by Bragado-Young. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program 2- Giselle- Reyes, Albrecht- Boal, Peasent Pas- Lane and Scott, Myrtha- Stella Abrea, Monya-Zungre and Zulma- Scheller ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program 3- 3 New works, I will be one of the coreographers, Dancers in my piece are as follows: Michelle Wiles, David Hallberg, Julie Kent, Arron Scott, Faye Arthurs and Stephen Hanna.(Music TBA) 2nd peice is a pas de duex by Forsythe with dancers Copeland and Askegard. Music: Intro & Rondo Capriccio, Op.28 by Camille Saint-Saëns 3rd peice is by Val Caniparoli dancers Ethan Stiefel, Daniel Ulbricht, Herman Cornejo, Marcelo Gomes and David Hallberg. Each having solo and Ensemble work. Music: TBA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program 4- 3rd Act Sleeping Beauty(best part)- Aurora: Darcey Bussell, Prince:David Hallberg, Lilac Fairy: Yuan Yuan Tan, First Fairy: Faye Arthurs, Second Fairy: Sarah Lamb, Third Fairy: Stephanie Zungree, 4th Fairy: Megan Fairchild and 5th Fairy: Carmen Corella, Blue Bird Pas: Herman Cornejo and Sarah Lane and Caraboose: Georgina Parkinson. (I'm unsure of the Fairys names so those may not be the right order, but in my head each dancers is with the variation i want! ahaha) - Intermisson- Conceto Barocco- First Violin: Sofiane Sylve, Second Violin: Zenaida Yanowsky Male Dancer: Nikolaj Hübbe Black Swan Pas de Duex- Sylvie Guillem and Ethan Stiefel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program 5- Serenade- Waltz Girl: Xiomara Reyes, Waltz Boy: Stephen Hanna, Dark Elegie: Stella Abrea, Elegie Boy: Philip Neal, Russian Girl: Michelle Wiles, 4 Russian Girls: Sarah Lane, Scheller, Erica Cornejo and Maria Bystrova. -Intermission- Paquita- Lead Female: Julie Kent, Lead Male: Ethan Stiefel, First Variation: Sarah Lamb, Second Variation: Melissa Thomas, Third Variation: Monique Meunier, 4th Variation: Alina Cojocaru and Pas de Trois: Sascha Radetsky, Carmen Corella and Maria Ricetto ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progarm 6- Tudor's Continuo- Darcey Bussell with Stephen Hanna. Alina Cojocaru with Herman Cornejo and Tamara Rojo with Angel Corella -Pause- Don Q Wedding Pas- Michelle Wiles and Johan Kobborg -Intermisson- Lamberana by Val Caniparoli. Lead female: Sofiane Sylve, Lead male: Ethan Stiefel, Second Lead female: Sarah Lane, Third Lead male: Daniel Ulbricht, Male Soloist: Jesus Pastors
  9. Well, it was just shown here where I live! I have seen this production 3 times live(Kent,Wiles and Nina A.). I enjoy this production and was very glad to hear it was being brodcasted! My only reservations were with who was cast! One of them surprised me and the other dissapointed(though I didn't have high expectations to begin with). Now, the surprise, Angel. I love him as a dancer, but had never pictured him as The Prince. He was very good! More reserved and noble than I expected, though a little more mellow dramatic than I would have liked. He was very relaxed in his dancing and not too over the top as in some other roles. I do wish he would have changed his emotions a little bit more and pointed his feet in a few places where I felt he was just being careless, but other than that I was impressed! Gillian, now I've never really been a fan of hers(except in contemporary works), but I had been hearing such good things about her in this ballet, that I was willing to give her a chance. I can't really say one thing I liked about her in this ballet. Her 'White Swan', did nothing for me. I felt she had the same strained dramatic look on her face the whole time. I do not like her legs(though that's a not something she can change) nor her feet(which she could change if she didn't wear those darn GMs) her arms were very spastic to me. You know when the 'White Swan' turns her back to the audience and bourees off? First her bourees are not up to snuff, in my opinion,and her arms, I HATE THEM, I litteraly screamed. They were so stiff and barbie like and that part is my favorite I get chills everytime, except this time. 'Black Swan', I felt this was a better role for though I still didn't care for her. She made some weird faces and still didn't bring much depth to the character. I know she is known as a turner, but I thought her fouettes were ugly. Yes she threw in triples and quads, but she was throwing her arms and leg and her foot flapped a little. I would prefer nice clean singles to those. I know that tons of people LOVE Gillian, but I am not one of them. I'm not saying she is a bad dancer, though I see alot that could be coached. There were a few more things I didn't like, but they were more technical and nit picky. Over all, I really enjoy this version of 'Swan Lake'. Ah, 'The Corps' also looked very good! I felt everyone was well rehearsed and really into the performance! Oh! The Pas de Trois, I loved loved LOVED all 3 of them! I have seen Herman do this live and he was just glorious again! I would love to see him as the Prince. I thought the 2 girls were very nice, though I felt Erica was a bit better. I am just happy that Ballet was being shown again on PBS!
  10. Amanda Mckerrow won the Moscow IBC Gold in 1981, she was 17. So that would make her around 41. I have only seen her in an excerpt of Sleeping Beauty. I found her to be quite enjoyable.. It's not really a part that shows alot of depth, atleast in this setting, but I found her to come across with the charcter. I thought she danced beautifuly, still having nice technique. The fish dives bombs, as I like to call them, weren't very exciting, but the stage was small. I was planning on going to see her in her last Giselle, since I've not seen her in anything elese, but my plans changed and I am not coming to NYC, so I will just have to listen to everyones reviews! Here is to what was a long and lustrious career and may her time at Ballet Pacifica be fullfilling!
  11. I know people who call it a contemporary pas de chat and others who call it a russian pas de chat! I call it a contemporary pas de chat, cause that's what my teachers called it!
  12. Yes, I most agree! She is a fabulous dancer! Here is to her growing as an artist! :-D
  13. Yay for Michelle! Here is to her growth as an artist! :-D
  14. From my experience, being in a company and from my friends experinces where they are,the average mid-sized company has a starting pay of $450-$550 and then it doesn't really go up too much after that. If you are a star dancer and have been there a few years you could make between $700-$900. I know some dancers who've been with a company 5-6 years and still make under $600 dollars! Now what the company offers as extras(which shouldn't be considered extras) varies greatly. I would say the majority of your known mid-sized companies provide, Health Insurance and Physical Therapist and the such, but some don't have ANY of that! Just workmans Compensation. Also dancers have to deal with when they are layed off being on Unemployment which also varies from state to state. Some its not even half your salary, others it's almost what you make a week. Then there is dealing with unemployment while trying to do other jobs, as in teaching or performing, but not losing your unemployment.... What we do for the love of our art! It's ok money isn't everything and I think dancers tend to be happy knowing they are doing what they love and being surronded by such great people, mostly!
  15. I'd have to say Julie Kent has some of the best bourees i've seen. Gorgeous in Swan Lake.
  16. Thank you Carbo! It's so nice to hear! I wish I was able to see some of these performances, but hearing about them is great too! It seems to me that ABT over all this season has done really well!
  17. Did anyone see Michelle Wiles in her debut as Sylvia?
  18. Carbro, thanks so much for that review!! I'm so happy to hear that Michelle did such a wonderful job in Raymonda! It's nice to hear that she is still flourshing and growing into her technique!
  19. The seesaw was just part of the piece. It was like Kids on a playground. The other piece, "Haven", isn't the greatest piece, but I think visually could be appealing and there are certianly some good shots from that ballet.
  20. Photographs from the Kansas City Ballet's Spring Performance have been posted on their website:KCB Website
  21. Well, I know it had to be available here in the US at one point as my friend has the DVD(or video I'm not sure). I guess I should contact her and see where she got it. It seems like she has every video ever made! aahaha
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