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  1. jimmattimore

    In Memory of carbro

    Carley was a brilliant critic of all matters ballet, and I had the privilege of meeting her many times at NYCB, I pray to her. JIM
  2. jimmattimore

    Who Will Be Named Principal?

    That Gina P., danced beautifully for ten years before being named a soloist drove me crazy, and I wrote to Peter many times to lobby for her promotion which FINALLY came. They often put her in junk such as the Martins/McCartney debacle two years ago, What a waste of talent and money . JIm
  3. jimmattimore

    Wendy Whelan of NYCB

    Thank you. We love her so much that I am ordering tickets. I've met her many times and she is so giving and loving and funny. JIM
  4. jimmattimore

    Wendy Whelan of NYCB

    Did anyone see Wendy dance at either of these venues, summer 2013. My wife and I love Wendy, but dislike any dance not en pointe, so I want to know if we should book tickets for her performance at the Joyce in 2014. Thanks, JIM
  5. jimmattimore


    Helene: Thanks to you I found a dance I did not know about, and I will go. Merci. jim
  6. Balletomanes: I loved that interview with Francis. What a joie. Ballanchine lives as the best forever. JIM
  7. jimmattimore

    ABT 2013 Swan Lake at the Met

    On June 20, Gillian Murphy was incandescent. jim
  8. jimmattimore

    Alessandra Ferri

    Oh Lord, I went to her ABT retirement. Yes, come back. Love, JIM
  9. jimmattimore


    Lauren is ABT corps and is really an up and comer. JIM
  10. jimmattimore

    tiler peck

    Tiler of NYCB has a web site: Tiler Talks.com
  11. jimmattimore

    Which Sleeping Beauty?

    I love Lane and Simkin. JIM
  12. jimmattimore

    Sleeping Beauty

    Barbara: You missed a thrilling performance by Cojocaru/Kobberg. I saw her dance in London in 2007 as Odette/Odille, and she is even better. She dances with a beautiful gauziness. JIM
  13. jimmattimore

    Georgina Pazcoquin

    This relates to the topic of favorite dancers. I love too many (past and present) to list, but I've seen Gina dance now for six-seven years, and she's a dynmao on stage. She can also act and sing as she did in "West Side Story" at NYCB. I saw her dance brilliantly this past Sunday night at a dance performance Emery LeCrone produced at Manhattan Center for Art and Movement. Question to Peter to whom I wrote today on this topic: Why isn't Gina a soloist? Jim Mattimore I would love your knowledgable feedback
  14. jimmattimore

    Kistler's Farewell

    That is precisely what I was often seeing in Serenade in 2004, but not ballet-literate enough to articulate it. There was a somewhat matronly feel to it, but I still enjoyed her lilt, she always has that. I have always loved Darci, even in the 90s and 2000s, but obviously at 46 she no longer had the chops to do all those roles. Yes, I think she was tense until SL, when she shone beatifully. I love/hate these farewells, but yes Allesandra and Kyra were much more relaxed. I 've met her many times at SAB and she is a wonderful and kind teacher. Jim Mattimore
  15. jimmattimore

    Promotions at NYCB!!!