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  1. Carley was a brilliant critic of all matters ballet, and I had the privilege of meeting her many times at NYCB, I pray to her. JIM
  2. That Gina P., danced beautifully for ten years before being named a soloist drove me crazy, and I wrote to Peter many times to lobby for her promotion which FINALLY came. They often put her in junk such as the Martins/McCartney debacle two years ago, What a waste of talent and money . JIm
  3. Thank you. We love her so much that I am ordering tickets. I've met her many times and she is so giving and loving and funny. JIM
  4. Did anyone see Wendy dance at either of these venues, summer 2013. My wife and I love Wendy, but dislike any dance not en pointe, so I want to know if we should book tickets for her performance at the Joyce in 2014. Thanks, JIM
  5. Helene: Thanks to you I found a dance I did not know about, and I will go. Merci. jim
  6. Balletomanes: I loved that interview with Francis. What a joie. Ballanchine lives as the best forever. JIM
  7. On June 20, Gillian Murphy was incandescent. jim
  8. Oh Lord, I went to her ABT retirement. Yes, come back. Love, JIM
  9. jimmattimore


    Lauren is ABT corps and is really an up and comer. JIM
  10. Tiler of NYCB has a web site: Tiler Talks.com
  11. Barbara: You missed a thrilling performance by Cojocaru/Kobberg. I saw her dance in London in 2007 as Odette/Odille, and she is even better. She dances with a beautiful gauziness. JIM
  12. This relates to the topic of favorite dancers. I love too many (past and present) to list, but I've seen Gina dance now for six-seven years, and she's a dynmao on stage. She can also act and sing as she did in "West Side Story" at NYCB. I saw her dance brilliantly this past Sunday night at a dance performance Emery LeCrone produced at Manhattan Center for Art and Movement. Question to Peter to whom I wrote today on this topic: Why isn't Gina a soloist? Jim Mattimore I would love your knowledgable feedback
  13. That is precisely what I was often seeing in Serenade in 2004, but not ballet-literate enough to articulate it. There was a somewhat matronly feel to it, but I still enjoyed her lilt, she always has that. I have always loved Darci, even in the 90s and 2000s, but obviously at 46 she no longer had the chops to do all those roles. Yes, I think she was tense until SL, when she shone beatifully. I love/hate these farewells, but yes Allesandra and Kyra were much more relaxed. I 've met her many times at SAB and she is a wonderful and kind teacher. Jim Mattimore
  15. I am still dizzy with joy from "Dancer's Choice." Why do we not see promotions for Katie Morgan, Gina P., Stephanie Z, too many others to mention and the end of Nilas? WHY? My wife and I and our friends were in a total joy mood and Jenifer R is a classy producer-and a great dancer. How could anyone not love "Union Jack" as a closer? I confess: I love Katie Morgan and she and Tyler are a wonderful pairing. I have seen one MND and will see a second on Saturday, then I will cry until November with a brief bit of October joy from ABT. JIM
  16. Colleen: You saw Janie Taylor. one of the best, not Janie Parker who does not exist at NYCB. I love your excitement. jim
  17. That seems a cruel remark about Darci who has graced NYCB for thirty years, and yes no one at 44 is 16. Accept the joy she has given us. Darci was the first ballerina with whom I fell in love as she danced Ballanchine's "Swan Lake," and I love her still. We just met her on February 13 at SAB, and gifted her with a lovely card and Godiva; she loves teaching and her girls love her as much as she loves them. I too love Kathryn Morgan , and I have had the pleasure of kissing her perfect 20 year old cheek; by now she should be a soloist. She IS Juliet, and she shone in "Stabat Mater," as you noted. I never saw Tanny or Diana or Merrill or Suzanne dance live since during the 70s and 80s my wife and I were raising three children in Port jefferson on Long Island, so we spent our cultural time in the museums of Manhattan and Brooklyn and Long Island. But I have seen Darci and Wendy and Kyra and Heather and Yvonne who have spent many years at NYCB, some now as we know sadly gone, and I am grateful to and for all of them. These days I can love seeing Katie Morgan, Janie Taylor, Charles, Andy, Megan, Abi, Gina P., Tess, Sar, Amar, the Brothers Angle, Jonathan, Danny,Ashley,Albert,Sterling, Maria, Sebastien, Benjamin, Phillip, Jennifer Ringer and Jennie Somogyi,Abi,Wendy still,Robbie, Savannah,Tyler, Rachel, Ana Sophia,Faye, Adrian DW,Kaitlyn G.,Megan Johnson, Lydia Wellington,Brianna, and every other dancer in the company. I love NYCB becasue no matter how depressed I might be, the dancers make me feel elated to be alive. We are so blessed to have NYCB and ABT and City Center and the Joyce in our Manhattan. I'll close with love and praise and thanks to Darci for a great run. This is my belated Valentine to NYCB. Avec amor, Jim
  18. I was there 12/30 to see Katie Morgan as the SPF and she radiated warmth and regality. Tyler Angle became a great dancer last season, and he's even gotten better; he was Katie's Cavalier. Those costumes are simply beautiful in the pas. The house was sold out--on December 30. I'm happy, but why? Okay bring on the rep; I'm nutted out. January 8 will my first of the year. Happy 2009, JIM
  19. On the 20th I saw Katie Morgan doing a magnificent and enchanting Dewdrop. She's doing SPF on the 27th and 30th. Happy Holidays balletomanes. jim
  20. \\To all: He was a wonderful man, and a great lover of dance. May he be in ballet heaven. jim
  21. I met Ashley Bouder (with boyfriend whose name I forgot) at an ABT at City Center a few weeks back. I can only guess that she has NYCB blood flowing through her veins, and will remain at NYCB, especially since she and her boyfreind will now be working together. JIM
  22. Tess should be a principal, Katie Morgan should be a soloist. Megan Johnson and Lydia Wellington just finished at SAB in June. I want to see Callie Bachman. JIM
  23. Bart: Yes. Patricia and I drive to the Ronkonkoma Long Island Railroad Station in about twenty minutes, board our train with our sandwiches and drinks and chat and read newspapers and magazines and books. We take the 1/9 to Lincoln Center and arrive for NYCB fed and relaxed. For several years a friend and I went to the Metropolitan on a Friday subscription via car. (My friend LOVES to drive.) Parking back ten years ago was $25.00+ tip. Then he had to drive us home at 11:00 p.m. or later. Not for the two of us thank you. Many of you are savvy travellers, but lest someone not know this: Amtrak goes to Saratoga Springs. I don't know where the station is, but the town is so small that a cab ride to your hotel should be about $12.00 or so I would guess. Next year I /we would like to go on Thursday, see the evening ballet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the matinee on Saturday. As I write, I am ballet-deprived (I'll pass on Pilobus at $44.00 at the Joyce.), watching Suzanne dance on YouTube JIM
  24. Dear Farrell Fan: I am updating you in a public forum since my brain is taxed with Patricia's continuing lightheadedness; she went to the doctor yesterday who gave her antivert which zonked her, but she is still of balance as I write. We await blood results for lupus, anemia, thyroid. She is a tough and good woamn. I am sorry about your Alice, and I do wish you could have creaked on board the bus. I'm: mattimj@optonline.net. What's next: The Gala and the Nut. JIM and Pat With gratitude
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