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  1. Maybe, Symphonie Concertante and Ballet Imperial( w/ Gillian murphy) as Balanchine centennary tribute. Joe
  2. ABT also did La Bayadere live a few days after it's premiere.Marianna Tcherkssasky replaced N Makarova in the 2nd act due to Natalya's injury but they knew ahead that Natalya would not be able to do the 2nd act.Anyway, Marianna was just just beautiful in this role. Joe
  3. i just read in the Balletco. site that in Ashton's bequest, the rights to S Variations and Cinderella were given to M Somes and as his widow, Wendy Somes has the rights to stage these ballets. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the honchos at ABT get the Ashton's Cinderella.Dowell and Barysnikov would be perfect as the ugly sisters(if they could convinced Misha to return ) Joe
  4. Anybody knows if there is a "trust"( similar to BalanchineTrust) supervising the staging Ashton ballets?S Variations will be staged by Wendy Somes.Did Michael Somes "owned" the rights to the ballet?
  5. C Harvey, A Tuttle and Sandra Brown,i think, were in the original cast.Ashley and Sandra are still around so they just have to find the 3rd(or main) ballerina. Carbro, you( as always) hit the bullseye, w/ M Wiles casting. Joe
  6. Very interesting program indeed. I know it is very early yet but what would be B-Alerters wishes for casting in some of the ballets( Pillar, Symphonic, Raymonda) Ms Meunier would be great as Raymonda. M Van Hamel was a great Raymonda. Wishful thinking as it may be, i hope Kevin ask MVH to coach this role. Joe
  7. Herman Cornejo absolutely deserves his promotion.I can't wait to see him dance principal roles( Ali in Le Corsair or Basilio in Don Q.
  8. Just came back from a terrific performance of Don Q at the Met. Needless to say that Gillian and Ethan stopped the show after the PDD in the 3rd act.Others can probably described what they did better than me but it was just exciting!! I have not seen Don Q for a while but this seem to be a new staging, from what sounded to me, the new orchestration during the prologue to the staging of the dream sequence.I thought the Amour of A Milewski was as good or better than my previous memory of this solo.C Corella ,unfortunately , slipped during her solo but made up during the Jete sequence. Gillian was just breathtaking in her balances.(Carbro described this better in her review) Stella and Michele ( in a new solo?) shoned well in thier solos.D Halberg(as the toreador) is someone to watch in the future. An enjoyable evening at the ballet. Joe
  9. Carbro How did C Corella do as the Dryad queen in the Irina-Max Don Q? Who danced Amour? Thanks for the info
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