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Peter Martins, a Living Landmark

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Today's New York Sun reports that the New York Landmarks Conservancy has designated this year's Living Landmarks. They are Barbara Cook, Clive Davis, Peter Martins, Mike Wallace, and the Forbes brothers: Steve, Robert, Christopher, and Tim.

No word about whether any of these Living Landmarks require restoration. ;)

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Hey, they left out the Forbes Cousins!?

What's with that!!?

So a Landmark can now be a...person. Oh, I think I get it it...because they tower over the landscape...pointing the way to glory and....um....and....um....Fabulous Cabaret Songs!....and....Chart-Busting Record Sales!...and...Warmed Over Ballet Repetoire!...and...Hard Hitting Sometimes Researched TV Interviews!...and...Being Wealthy And Brothers All At The Same Time!

I just can't believe they left Joe Franklin off the list.

Maybe next year....

an extremely bitter and disappointed Watermill

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Joe Franklin is not only still alive, he's got an all-night radio show on WOR on Saturday nights from midnight to 5 a.m. It's much better than ambien. He also fronts a place called Joe Franklin's Memory Lane Restaurant in the theater district. I have a warm spot in my heart for Joe because I once appeared on his TV show -- but then why should I have been the only one in my neighborhood who didn't?

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That's right! I'd forgotten...now I remember the newspaper article about his restuarant. Have you been there Farrell Fan? I'm very impressed that you were on his show! :cool: I do have to confess that I never watched it...I was more into Million Dollar Movie and Claude Kershner's show. ;)

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...AND he's not only had every one of the above " Living Landmarks" on his show (including the Forbes Chauffers), but most of the other kinds of Landmarks! Remember that night the Tri-Boro Bridge mixed it up with Grant's Tomb!? Now that's what I call ShowBiz!!

A defiant Watermill, triumphantly planting his 100th post!

PS: FarrellFan, in my mind you have now entered the Pantheon of the Obscurely Divine. Congratulations!

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Yes, BW, I ate at Joe Franklin's Memory Lane Restaurant. There was nothing particularly nostalgic about it -- no chicken croquettes, beef stroganoff, or other delicacies of my youth. As I remember, it was standard-issue Reise restaurant fare -- perfectly palatable and somewhat overpriced.

I am very moved by your plaudits and by those of Watermill, which I graciously accept. And accept my congratulations, Watermill, on your 100th perspicacious post.

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I actually don't remember seeing any other mention of this in the NY Times...was it mentioned anywhere else? My point being it seems like it is much ado about something not many people noticed happened. And in any case, like all things designated as landmarks in NYC...buildings or living beings...people differ in whether it is warranted! :)

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There was no mention in the Times, which makes me glad I posted the news on Ballet Alert after I saw it in the Sun. Maybe the Sun would like to think of itself as a conservative counterpoint to the "liberal" Times (they have a regular feature called SmarterTimes) but that would be a case of delusions of grandeur. I would like to see the paper succeed, however. The fact that something is not in the Times doesn't mean it didn't happen.

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there was a mention in the TIMES, last sunday, style section, the bill cunningham spread of 'society' photos, brooke astor was shown being escorted to the 'landmarks' dinner by al hirschfeld, and martins was named among the 'landmarks' in question that evening.

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Oh, it happened all right! See:


And click on Events.

Being involved professionally in Historic Preservation at my "day job" however, I find the concept of "living landmarks" faintly ridiculous coming from a histo-presto group! I have a lot more respect for a program like Japan's national policy of recognizing "Living National Treasures" most of whom are actual artists of one sort or another, whose contribution to the preservation of traditional culture is very real and spread over long lifetimes. Peter just isn't old enough to be "gold-watched" like that.

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Oh I realize that if it isn't in the NY Times doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I also read the NY Newsday, The West Side Spirit (tiny paper for the Upper West Side of Manhattan) and scan the internet news sites...and well...I only heard about Peter's new designation here. But that explains it if it made the society page...of all the places I NEVER read because it's fluff it's there.

And I love the picture of having to go to get a court order to protect him for demolition. :)

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Wonderful slip of the preposition, dancermom2!

How typical of you vicious ballet fans! Protecting him now so you can tear him down later... (You know I'm kidding, right?)

But then again, why should he escape the fate of anybody who's ever been the artistic director of anything.

Darned if you do...and dished if ya don't!


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