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  1. Well, Jack, if I couldn't be there (dd has stress fracture: Miss Farrell did not want her to risk it healing unproperly) you certainly helped make up for it. Great reports! I was taken aback by the dismissiveness of some of the UK reviews. Having seen two performances at the Kennedy Center last year, I was suprised. Maybe this is just one of those ballets you "get" or don't. It's spiritual and has to be understood on that level. Seemed like a (critics) group agenda to me. Anyway, you certainly gave us a refreshingly posivitive (but still critical) view of the whole run. I remember spe
  2. I have unexpectedly had to cancel my trip to Edinburgh. I am selling two single tickets for Don Q. They are both very good as I purchased them months ago. Mon Aug 28 front row Balcony a little to the side. Tues Aug 29 Orch center row N. PM me if interested.
  3. I'll be there..DD in corps...will see last two performances...Hope to catch two different Dulcineas. Will report in Sept upon return. Cheers, Watermill
  4. One of the area's most influential ballet instructors, Elena Carter Richardson has passed away after a prolonged struggle with cancer. Throughout the tumultuous roller coaster ride years for ballet students at OBT and the Portland Public Schools, she was a serene prescence, providing a focus on excellence that was unmatched. When one thinks of the words "Beloved Teacher", Elena surely comes to mind. I hope others who knew her, as dancer or teacher will post their appreciations. Peace, Elena...you dance in our hearts forever. Obituary from Oregonian
  5. Thanks for keeping us informed, msfifiroxsox. Watermill
  6. Thanks for the quote from Gottlieb, bart. I hope to read it soon. I was so stunned by the beauty and variety of this neglected and much maligned work, that it forced me to remember how some of Mozart's operas, such as the glorious Cosi Fan Tutte lay unperformed through much of the 19th century. If you can imagine hearing that music as it was being rediscovered, that's how I felt "discovering" Balanchine's Don Quixote. I thought it a triumph for Ms. Farrell. ...and I'm sure someone heard a warm chuckle from Mr. B, wherever he is. Watermill
  7. And her sharp opinions of DC ballet are a pleasure to read as well. All the best, Ari. Watermill
  8. No Maria. Just as well...I probably would have burst into tears. And the day I meet Suzanne Farrell I don't even want to think about. Some memories are so perfect they grow crystalline with passing time.
  9. Missed Chris Stowell's opening remarks (and a video clip of his upcoming work) but can report on the rest of the evening: Bart Cook, equally elegant and articulate, spoke of a wide range of subjects, illustrated with some wonderful still photos and two utterly amazing film clips. He began by talking about The Dybbuk, that much of the principal male choreography was shaped on him; how the fighting between Robbins and Bernstein "killed the life" of the piece... Mentioned a revival is in the works. How he felt that Robbins used him so much because of his very "theatrical" training with the Ch
  10. Giving this a "bump" in case any area ballet fans missed it. If my rehearsal gets out on time, I'll try to report on the discussion. Martha Ullman West's Oregonian article certainly whets the appetite for In the Night Watermill
  11. Just a reminder to ballet fans: this should be a fascinating evening: Bart Cook is one of the leading repetituers of George Balanchine's and Jerome Robbins' work. He was a principal during the golden 1980's at NYCB. He dances Drosselmeier in the NYCB Video of the Nutcracker. Truly rabid ballet fans will show up on the chance that wife Maria Calegari has accompanied him to our fair city. And it's FREE! Dance Talks with Christopher Stowell, James Buckhouse and répétiteur Bart Cook, 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 28, Winningstad Theatre, 1111 S.W. Broadway., (reservations recommended), 503-227-0977, e
  12. You're right, perky, especially since there has not been a dance honor since Baryshnikov's in 2000. (I'm categorizing Chita Rivera as a Broadway performer) I would have thought Ms. Farrell's extroardinarily generous teaching schedule and company directorship in addition to her dancing would have sealed this by now. Perhaps if her Don Q makes the splash it should we'll see her up in the balcony along with ...let's see.... the way things have been going... Adam Sandler, David Letterman, Dolly Parton...and Burt Reynolds! As the KC Honors continue to poop out (or should I say "pop" out?) I f
  13. John Rockwell may consider his first article “throat clearing”, but in this radio interview he chokes. Equally offensive and defensive, Rockwell reminded me of a fighter climbing into an opponent–less ring: he looked a little silly swinging at the air. Shadow boxing has its uses, but one doesn’t throw the arms up in triumph at a non-existent knock-out. Look at the wall: the shadow seems to have also won. I was shocked at his opening salvo, "Hitler was wrong." A call for a broad yet disciplined adherence to the classical aesthetic is in what way similar to Hitler's brutally forced pol
  14. Wagner's lush classical layered chords have little analogous kinship with "crossover ballet" as I understand the use of the phrase in this discussion. Comparison to the weak watered down pop-classical work of Lloyd-Webber would be more to the point...which elicits new cascades of shudders. Congratulations to Alexandra & Leigh (and all who sent letters) for "belling the cat"!
  15. Austin Laurent is the other dancer you must be thinking of. He became a NYCB company member in 2003. Also from that same generation is Jessica Wyatt who was a Joffrey company member. More recent Ms. Gutierrez trained dancers moving into the professional ranks are Amanda Weingarten apprentice MCB, Marika Anderson, apprentice NYCB and Leann Underwood, OBT company. Haydee just moved into the new studios built for her at the new Patel Conservatory at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. URL=http://www.patelconservatory.org/dance/cbtp.htm]http://www.patelconservatory.org/dance/cbtp.htm[/url]
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