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We're going to have a software upgrade in the next week or two. The process is that I request an upgrade, and then I'm told when it's over. It could be a few hours or a twenty minutes from my request, depending on the work load of the production support teams.

As always, any posts that are made from the time the upgrade starts until it is over could be lost. I'll post to this thread as soon as I make the request, so that you'll have fair warning.

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I'm about to request the upgrade; our request will be added to the queue. It's possible that anything posted between the start and finish will be lost.

The board may look different in places and function differently for a while until we identify all of the changes and make modifications.

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Many thanks to innopac for noticing that the Poster Name column in the "View New Content" results is displaying as the string "Array" instead of the poster name. I just filed a support ticket (and I hope it's not something one of the old mods I did broke).

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This one is very important -- the quote function is not working properly.

There's a new feature in which when you are in "BBCode Mode" -- i.e., you can see and use all of the controls, like the "Bold" button -- if you quote, in the new post, the quote box appears formatted. This allows you to edit without accidentally deleting the "

]" and "
' formatting, which is great.

The problem is, when you save, the only thing that's saved is this:


and the text in the quote box appears below outside the quote box, as if it's part of the new post.

The only thing we can do until this is resolved is to put a divider between what is being quoted and the response:

This is the post quote, this is the post quote, this is the post quote

This is the post quote, this is the post quote, this is the post quote

------------- (or ********************* or //////////////////////////)

This is the response, this is the response, this is the response

This is the response, this is the response, this is the response

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The only way to resolve the quote and View New Content Poster Name issues was to revert back to the original UI. As you can see, the site looks a lot different than usual.

It will take me a while to change back, since I have to reinstate each change and then test to be sure it doesn't break anything else.

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Hear! Hear!

i'd have to take to my bed at just the thought of having to face such daunting tasks as website upgrades! or at least like MacMillan's Juliet, back off and dance around the phial of 'upgrade' for a good while before finally taking the potion...

thanks for all the doubtlessly trying efforts in this largely thankless tasks!

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I've looked at the thread. All of the links in the thread except in two posts are YouTube videos. People have wondered why some of the videos showed up imbedded in the posts and others appear as links. The pattern seems to be that if the video URL begins with "https://", which is used for security, or if the URL is mis-formulated, it will appear as a link. If it begins with "http" or "www.youtube etc.", our software will recognize it as a media file and it will be embedded. When I fixed a link that began http://http://etc., it showed up as an embedded video after I completed the edit.

The issue with imbedded links is that it can take a while for them to appear onscreen. My connection is pretty sluggish today, and it was taking forever for half of them to load. Until they were close to completion, I could cursor over the blank space, and nothing appear. Just before the video resolve, my curse changed to show that it recognized there was something on which to click.

I'm not sure whether ad-blockers or other security software have an impact on these embedded video files.

The link in post 40 navigates to the ina.fr website. The links in post 11 navigate to the Kennedy center site.

If you can give me a post number or two from the right-hand side of the post across from the post author name, I can confirm what the video source is.

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I can see the link on my iPad and Mac screens. Do you see an option called "More" with a little down arrow? If so, the link to "BT4Dancers" should be there. Sometimes it seems to be a browser issue and others it's how wide your window is.

I'm considering changing the text to "BT4D" to fit on more screens.

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