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Did we all watch?

Here are my picks:

Best-Dressed Man: The pendulum has clearly swung back to the classic, fitted tux so it's hard for me to single out one person. I'll give this award to the men as a group -- nice job guys!

Best-Dressed Woman:Freida Pinto's dress wasn't the best camera dress but, for whatever reason, she is the one who has stuck with me the most today. (Honorable to mention to Madonna, who looked lovelier than we have seen her look in years. I wish she had covered up her arms, though. They were a little too toned for my liking.)

Worst-Dressed Man: Johnny Depp. Ugh -- get over yourself with the no tie look. So disrespectful to the occasion!

Worst-Dressed Woman:

(Three-way tie)

Sarah Michelle Gellar -- Her dressed looked like something Dorothy Lamour would have worn in a Crosby/Hope Road movie from the 40s.

Elle MacPherson -- The dress was too over-the-top, which she made worse with her juvenile, starlet posing on the red carpet. And she needs to cut the hair -- it's looking dated.

Lea Michele -- The dress was vulgar but she made it worse with all her ridiculous posing -- so vulgar and common.

I never understand Michelle Williams' choices and last night was no exception. I guess I can't argue with success, though -- she won an award in her category.

Amused watching Angelina Jolie surveying the unwashed masses with a haughty expression on her face. The Queen of England is less self-regarding than Angelina Jolie!

Lots and lots of Belle de Jour/Valley of the Dolls hair last night.

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Madonna's arms have been like that for years. Overtraining and age, I guess, or overtraining because of age. I didn't see Depp but it would be hard to believe he took the booby prize from Robert Downey, Jr.'s appearance last year.

Kind of hard to disrespect the Globes, though. Not the most solemn of occasions. Haughty or no, Angelina looked ravishing, and I liked Portman's scarlet number as well although it looked as if she were stashing a box under the skirt. I didn't see all of the show, however. I note Kate Winslet won for that dead bore "Mildred Pierce" and Guy Pearce was unjustly ignored for same.

Sidney Poitier looked better than anybody but then he always has.

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From this website, here are my picks for best dresses:


Jessica Chastain-(8)

Evan Rachel Wood-(10)

Maria Menounos-(12)

Laura Dern-(14)

Claire Danes-(22)

Angelina Jolie-(25, top three)

Sofia Vergara-(26)

Julianne Moore-(28)

Tilda Swinton-(43)

Charlize Theron-(47, top three)

Kate Beckinsale-(51, top three)

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Did anyone in Seattle/Vancouver (on Seattle stations) see the PNB spot for "Don Quixote" during the telecast?

I did, and it was an odd vibe -- the ad was just fine, but we don't really get much television promotion for local arts events -- seeing it in the middle of something like the GG awards made me think that the performance was happening somewhere else...

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I've always enjoyed the Golden Globes precisely beecause it seems as if no one takes them seriously. The stars are more candid and funnier than they are during the Academy Awards, which often turns into a laundry list of thank yous and/or some dull pontificating. During the Golden Globes the stars are slightly tipsy and there to have fun.

I realize Michelle Williams is the new indiie-film darling but I just can't get onboard the love train. In every role I've seen her in she projects a weird sulkiness that prevents her from being lovable. I realize a lot of this is her choice of films, but film after film shows that sullen pout.

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During the Golden Globes the stars are slightly tipsy and there to have fun.

Yes. Sometimes the fun communicates itself to the audience, other times not so much. You can live in hope that someone will embarrass himself, of course. :)

In Willams' pictures she usually has a lot to pout about, but I see what you mean...

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