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Herman Cornejo

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My personal favorites among the men are Correno and Acosta. But that does not mean I don't like the others. Even with the inherent competition, no one can dance every nite, or even every other nite.

With Julio retiring, Viadimir not dancing as much, and in general everyone getting older, new blood needs to circulate with the old and replace it. That is being done with giving Halberg more important roles (just make sure they build up his upper body to do the more strenuous roles).

BUT....we need Herman Cornejo to be able to take on more roles that will challenge him more!!!!! Artistically, it would be great to see him do Ali or Basilio, as I have said on another post before. Other then his height, he has all the talent to dance the variations from just about any ballet known to man! So here is an urgent call to start expanding Herman's rep. as much as possible. :)

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Thank you, fandeballet, for saying what I have been thinking for the last three years. Cornejo would be fantastic in many lead roles. He has an intangible something when he's in midair that's reminiscent of Baryshnikov's clarity and grace. And I do believe he's at least as tall, if not taller than Misha is. Let's hope this is something we can look forward to!

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Rule of thumb is about four inches shorter for real ease in partnering because of the woman's height on pointe. I think a potential "perfect partner" for Cornejo would be barely five foot tall. I'd be awfully surprised if Cornejo is taller than Baryshnikov. I think he's measurably shorter.

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In Rachel Howard's "Footnotes", Cornejo is height-identified, in 2004, by Joan Acocella:

Rachel Howard's Footnotes

The too-seldom seen Joan Acocella writes in the New Yorker about American Ballet Theatre's Herman Cornejo:

"Now, presumably inspired by Baryshnikov and Bocca, there is another short man at A.B.T. who dances tall: Herman Cornejo. He is five feet six and not unusually handsome. (He looks like a regular person, but with an overbite.) To my knowledge, he is the most technically accomplished male ballet dancer in the United States

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Perhaps Acocella describes Cornejo as 5'6" because, as a general rule, it's the shortest than most men in America will admit to? I have a friend who is shorter than I (5'5") by at least two inches, and he was about to claim 5'6" until the three other women in the conversation and I made fun of this phenomenon. He then admitted to 5'3". If passing someone in the street is anything to go by, I would say that Cornejo is not taller than I am.

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Just a guess here, but I think Misha was (presumably still is) about 5'6" & Herman maybe 2" less?
Using Helene's highly scientific Passing on the Street method, I (at 5'6") am willing to grant Baryshnikov 5'7", plus or minus a half inch. Herman is shorter (I would be surprised if he actually hits 5'5"), but has proportionately a longer leg.
. . . maybe they can just find shorter girls?
Aren't we lucky to have the talented and radiant Sarah Lane coming along and (let's hope) moving up right at this time?
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