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  1. Am I missing the reviews of this wonderful piece? I saw Frances Chung at Saturday matinee. She was very good, as was Davit K. The performance was splendid--costumes, scenery, lighting, staging, choreography, and libretto (from Grimm). I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably try and see it again.
  2. I only saw Osipova and Hallberg on June 14. In Act III I liked her best in the limp scene--I thought she overacted a bit (but did not have Vishneva with whom to compare). I called that performance "Romeo and Osipova"-- Acts I and II were fine, though she appealed to me more as Kitri than Juliet.
  3. Right, the topic is ballet. So, what ELSE is there to see re:ballet in St. Petersburg? How far ahead might I discover the ballet/Vaganova schedule? Any way to watch a class?
  4. I have been thinking about a trip to St. Petersburg for a few years, and it is seeming more imminent for a number of reasons. Some friends have told me that it is very difficult to navigate hotels, restaurants, and transportation without a guided tour. However the guided tours include non-ballet parts of the country, and I would rather have more ballet nights and fewer nights elsewhere. Is what I am hearing correct? Or are there travel services that make St. Petersburg American-user friendly? Is May-June the best time to go?
  5. Thank you. I checked too early in the morning, I guess.
  6. Thank you. Is the schedule for early October out?
  7. Is the calendar for next season available?
  8. Thanks! Any tips on ordering by internet (for Paquita)?
  9. When do these go on sale? When/how are the best ways to order?
  10. Mozart operas (late 1700s) often included someone "on the side", especially if there were a Lord of the Manor. Then again, the Romantic Age was a bit later. One of the beautiful facts about stories true to human nature is that there are often a number of possible interpretations, so we can learn more about ourselves by discussing and re-viewing them.
  11. Is it pose turn followed by assemble?
  12. I agree with the above reviews. Nina and Angel took my breath away with the supported hops, and with the angel lift. I will forgive any of her lapses in technique because I think she more than made up with those with her arms, face, timing (a little behind the music sometimes, for the sake of poignancy). Angel's cabrioles (only 4 to cover the whole diagonal of the stage) were stunning. I loved the two of them together. Gillian Murphy as Myrthe was the best I have seen. My favorite gesture of hers is when she slumps a little as Giselle is protecting Albrecht at the cross. It was subtle a
  13. I booked tickets for Romeo and Juliet on Tuesday October 16 specifically to see Alina Cojocaru and Johann Kobborg. To my disappointment (and I am sure his) Mr. Kobborg had injured his ankle and was unable to perform. Instead, Stephen McRae had been casted. He was simply splendid! I am sure he didn't have long to learn the part (I heard 10 days). Technically he was beautiful, which is always good. But he acted very well and gave us that extra special gift from his heart. I will look forward to seeing him dance in the future.
  14. The Worldwide Company Debut of Morphoses The Wheeldon Company was last Friday. It was simply splendid! All eight pieces were choreographed by Wheeldon. It opened with Polyphonia, not my favorite but still beautifully done. Maybe it is the music that does not soothe my soul (Gyorgy Ligeti is the composer, and the music is dissonant to my ear). Thiswas followed by Vicissitude with Maria Kowroski and Tyler angle (music by Schubert), a New Wheeldon "work in progress" with Aesha Ash, Wendy Whelan, Gonzalo Garcia, and Craig Hall; and then Prokofiev Pas de Deux with Helene Bouchet and Thiago Bor
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