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  1. Eugene Fodor -I saw him when he performed at West Chester University's Music School (where I was briefly a student)around 1977? He was a gifted musician, and I was transported. I hadn't realized he struggled so with life - hopefully, he's at peace now. So sad...
  2. Thanks so much for the rehearsal photos - I hadn't seen them! As I had to miss this production, it was great to see some of the trainees & students featured in the shots - So wish I could have gone! Looked like a marvelous production -
  3. Pennsylvania Ballet has unveiled it's new web site: PA Ballet
  4. Casting is posted for their performances at the Academy of Music: PA Ballet Casted Roster for Nutcracker
  5. Wish I could - please report back! Will go to one (or more) of the Philadelphia shows for the first time this year..
  6. Not a writer here, but just as devastated! I relied on Mr. Segal's insight and views to keep me posted on the "whereabouts" of Los Angeles Ballet - indeed, I would eagerly scan the internet (as I live across the country) for any news after each of their performances and other activities. What a shame! As I have no other "use" for LA Times, I guess I won't be reading any more of it! I am also hoping this is not a sign of things to come for this young company...
  7. Bart - Are you able to provide a link to the article? I searched for "Dance Now" and was unable to find this magazine -
  8. Amen to that! What a job! Thanks again -
  9. Helene - What is the criteria for inclusion in the calendar? Are there larger sized companies only that are listed? Thanks, dcportrait
  10. Actually, there is a Photo Gallery, where they require you to register & log in to view photos. It doesn't cost anything to register, but it is a little cumbersome, and none of the photos are labeled as to which dancers are whom! (was that correct?? ) Home page of WBC Orlando Also, under "Press" there is an article that includes a nice photo of Larissa Ponomarenko & James Whiteside performing Viktor Plotnikov's "Tension and Beauty" : Tension and Beauty
  11. The Festival of Two Worlds is being held in Spoleto, Italy June 29 to July 15. This is the 50th year of the festival, and for the first time, Youth America Grand Prix has been asked to bring children to perform as well as the professionals slated to attend. Is anyone planning to attend this festival who can report?
  12. Hi Agnes - Hoping it's allowed (I didn't see anything against it in Rules & Policies), I will include a couple of links to critics' reviews of the past Balanchine performances. There are several references to technique & virtuosity. This, combined with the Los Angeles Ballet "section" pointed out by Dale, might give you a broader view. LA Ballet review From the LA Times (5/26): LA Times review
  13. Andrew - Did you go last night, and had it been cleaned up? :blink:I wish I could attend, but its not in the cards right now - dcportrait
  14. I was unable to find Alexander Dutko on their company roster this morning - did I miss something?
  15. Did any one in the LA area attend last night's performance of "An Evening of Balanchine"? Any thoughts?
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