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Benjamin Millepied and other apt names

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There was a pleasant surprise in the Week in Review section of today's NY Times. An article on aptly-named people was illustrated with photos of the first baseman Cecil Fielder, the pitcher Rollie Fingers, the poet William Wordsworth, the writer Francine Prose, the press secretary Larry Speakes, the gambler Chris Moneymaker, and...the dancer Benjamin Millepied. As the article says, once you start collecting these "aptronyms," you can't stop. But after Yvonne Borree, I'm stumped. Are there other aptly-named dancers?

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Some Canadian company has a balletmaster named Jean Grandmaitre. Never having seen his work, I can't say whether the name is apt.

(BTW, I can't see how having a thousand feet would be an asset to a dancer . . .)

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Whenever I see Natalia Bessmertnova, I keep thinking about how apt her name is... if I translate it right. To me it sounds like "Immortal" (bes - "without", smert - "death"). I never actually had the occassion to ask a native speaker of Russian if my "analysis" is right, but even if it isn't she'll always be "Immortal" to me :)



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