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  1. A few weeks ago I asked a question about portraits of Marie Taglioni by the young princess Alexandrina Victoria, later known as Queen Victoria. I got a few kind answers (thanks again, Mel Johnson and Alymer), including an intriguing mention of Victoria's 3 dolls modelled on Taglioni and dressed in three different ballet costumes. Here is a link to the page where you can see those dolls (the second watercolour from the bottom): http://www.poupendol.com/queenvictorgb.html Or the picture only: http://img360.imageshack.us/my.php?image=z...riodante5gz.jpg The article says (a little further up,
  2. Thanks a lot! For those who might be interested, I managed to find those dolls here (picture 2 from the bottom): http://www.poupendol.com/queenvictorgb.html
  3. Thank you very much, Alymer! This was most helpful!
  4. Has anybody come across a watercolor made by Queen Victoria after seeing a performance of La Sylphide with Taglioni? I would be grateful for any reference! Thanks in advance!
  5. That's great news! The only thing I managed to find out is that it will be released on Bel Air Classiques label (the same that gave us "La Fille du Pharaon") but on their website there is absolutely nothing about it. They used to have some sort of catalogue, very busy, just as their website itself, but I can't find it now. Maybe you should try to write to them. As far as I know all theior DVDs are Region 0 so you shouldn't have any trouble watching them in the US. But I may be wrong about the region thing. Good luck! Iza
  6. Thanks a lot! This is great - just what I was looking for. I am moderating a Polish ballet forum (www.balet.pl/forum_balet/index.php) and wanted to have a special topic on chronology since most of our users are young people who certainly could use some history lessons ;-). Thanks again - this is really great! Best, Iza
  7. Speaking of chronology, is there any ballet "calendarium" on the web (like those that you can often find in some classical music sites) that would tell you what important event in the history of ballet took place on such and such a day? Dates of birth and death of composers, dancers, dates of premieres etc. Thanks a lot, Iza
  8. Here is a list but in Polish! It might be fun to try to decipher it (I can help if necessary) but if you find it useless, please, remove :-). Have fun! (BTW, since I haven't compiled this list and never really checked it, I can't guarantee its accuracy). 1581 Ballet comique de la Reyne Lambert de Beaulieu Baltazarino di Belgioioso 1681 Le triomphe de l'amour Jean-Baptiste Lully 1761 Don Juan Christoph Willibald Gluck Gaspare Angiolini 1763 Medea i Jazon Johann Josef Rodolphe Jean-Georges Noverre 1789 Córka źle strzeżona muzyka nieznanych kompozytorów Jean Dauberval 1801 Prometeusz Ludwi
  9. I have one more question about Minkus's "Paquita". I've just got a CD with the music (conducted by Spassov) and one of the variations (no. II, track 22) is ascribed in the track list to POUNI (the previous one is by Delibes). My question: is POUNI a funny (erronoeus) spelling of (Cesare) Pougni or is it a different composer? Tried to find out on my own but all hits on the web refer to this very recording and the search seems fruitless. Thanks a lot! Iza
  10. POB's "La Sylphide" will be available commercially in the US in ten loooong days! (June 21) I can't wait! All those descriptions are mouth watering! Best, iza
  11. Really exciting! Can't wait to hear it - Gardiner is planning to record it soon. Best, I.
  12. And let me tell you - her Polish was perfect! To me, they could go on in Polish forever . I don't want to distract anybody from the main topic but I wanted to ask what you mean by "dancer's body type". It is probably only visible to dancers that Bancroft wasn't one so what is it that gave her away? And what was in Shirley MacLaine's looks that was not convincing? Is there really something special that an ex-ballerina and now a mother of three teenage kids should convey in her looks? I totaly bought MacLaine's portrayal, never doubting that she might be a "real" person but I am not a dancer
  13. Those of you who have computers with DVD players can play Region 2 DVDs very easily - you can change the settings in the computer (but only 5 times) to any region you want. That's what I do - I keep my computer DVD player set on Region 2, and my regular DVD player plays Region 1. Of course many DVDs are Region 0 and they will play on any DVD player, but DVDs in Region 0 may still be in NTSC or PAL system. Since computers don't use the TV system, there is no problem playing PAL DVDs on comp. DVD players. Best, I.
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