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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows what the latest news is regarding "Ondine" being released onto DVD. Natalia mentioned in another thread something to the affect that one of the reasons the production went through was so it could be filmed and released (pardon me if Im mistaken) I hope the Mariinsky doesnt take to long - I want to see this ballet so badly - I was lucky enough to see clips online of the "Grand Pas des Naiads" - AWESOME! ---Solor
  2. Doug once mentioned an English translation of Petipa's instructions to Glazunov on "Raymonda".....I was wondering if this has been published anywhere? Thanks
  3. I just got done watching the absolutly incredible Grand Pas de Naiads from Lacotte's revival of "Ondine". The choreography was astounding....I mean really, it fits the Mariinksy LIKE A GLOVE. I was amazed at how much the corps de ballet danced during this pas, it was really something. The whole mood of the piece, the music, the opulence of it all, really moved me. I really havnt seen anything like this in a long time. Lacotte is truely at the pinnacle of his art. I really hope that the Mariinsky doesnt take 100 years to release this onto DVD, I really really really want to see the whole ball
  4. Im not sure of this is the right place to put this post (pehaps in ballet history?) I read Mel's bio on Brinza here - http://www.balletalert.com/ballets/Petipa/...uty/Brianza.htm I was wondering about the referance to her death being "reputedly a suicide", not to mention the fact that her date of death is not known? Are there any biographies on her?
  5. I was wondering what this is exactly, as I found alisting for it on Amazon.com. Heres the link - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006DBPI...glance&n=283155 I just purchased (finally) Beaumont's complete book of ballets!
  6. Thank you so much RG for posting that. Its amazing how little of any of that survives in the production occasionally danced by the Vaganova School. How old is the manuscript you have, RG? I believe that in the 1890s Drigo added music to the ballet for Petipa's revivals? (the waltz/coda from the pas de neriads sounds alot like Drigo's waltz/coda from "Awakening fo Flora"). Heres a pic of Marfa Muravieva in the Saint-Leon/Minkus "Nemea" (AKA "Fiametta", AKA "The Flame of Love or the Salmander"), circa 1865?, which I scanned from Guest's "Letters from a Balletmaster". Not long after the premiere
  7. what of "Ondine" Natalia? I am desperate, desperate, desperate to see this work, as I have read it has a whole extravaganza of Pas and variations, not to mention Ill do anything to hear a lost Pugni score, set to Lacotte's choreography.
  8. I was wondering if there is someone in the world today who is, technically, the heir to the Russian throne. I know that there is this one guy (I think he lives in Monte Carlo?) who is, technically, the heir to the throne of France (I think he's the Empress Eugenie's/Emperor Napoleon III's great great great grandson). Anyway, as anyone familiar with how the line of succession works, I am sure that there is without a doubt someone walking the planet today who is the heir.......I would imagine that something like this has been debated? Maybe not so much if he/she is the real successor but wheth
  9. Having not been invloved in active "ballet circuit" for some time - what I mean is the endless auditions, classes at this or that studio, summer courses, tights, dance belts , pointe shoes, rehearsals, and everything in between that was my everyday life from 8 years old untill I was 22, the only real ballet contact Ive had (after a 2 or so year pause from the world of dance) is the little studio I teach at (which is just a modest but wonderful place) , and this board (which I love VERY MUCH!!!!! LONG LIVE BALLETTALK.COM!). Ive been so immersed in reading my much loved books, etc. about the
  10. After RG mentioned that Wiley's book "The Life and Ballets of Lev Ivanov" contained the scneario of the Drigo/Petipa "The Awakening of Flora" i looked into the book. I found that it contained all soprts of valuable stuff (why hadnt I heard about this book before?). Anyway I quickly snatched up a copy off of Amazon.com, which I got for only $60.00! (other copies went for anywhere from $90.00-$250.00!). The copy was brand new, minus the jacket. I was very pleased! In the book Wiley mentions Ivanov's 1893revival of Petipa's ballet "The Sacrifices of Cupid". Theres also a photo of dancers costume
  11. For those that have the Chandos recording of 'Pavillon', what music is used for the famous Pas de Trois and the Nijinsky variation? The liner notes and the track listings give no indication of this.
  12. While driving today, and listening to my CD of Adolphe Adam's "La Jolie Fille du Gand", I was stunned to fnd that the Entree to the ballet's Pas de Trois (for those who have it, CD 1, track 11), was the same music used in the Mariinsky/Gusev "Le Corsaire" as a lietmotive for Medora. For those who are familiar with the Mariinsky's version, Medora first makes her entrance in the prologue on a beach with her fellow greek girls. The music used for her entrance contains a theme that does not turn up in the Sergeyev-derived staging. (ABT, Boston Ballet, etc) This theme turns up in various guises (i
  13. I think she means the "Blue Sea Flower" and the 2 "Red Corals" (AKA THE Floer anmd the Pearl)....which is one number (the first number leads into the second). This is from the Underweater scene, as far as I can recall, the whole "Grand Pas d'Ensemble" consists of a scene, Entree, an allegretto, a variation for the Blue Sea Flower which leads into a little allegro for the 2 red corals (2 ballerinas in red), a variation for a male dancer called ocean (which by the way is an obvious 20th century interpolation both musically and choreographically), a variation for the white pearl, and a Grand cod
  14. Unfortunately, as wtih most gems of the old Imperial Russian Repertory there is no recording in exsistance of this music, yet....... If I was a millionaire I would fund the recording of all of the old ballets from the Imperial Days.......
  15. "The Gal from the PX" - How about "The Gal from the Commissary"? As an American Army Brat myself I can appreciate those titles. Thanks very much Mel for the clarification!
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