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Favorite Manons


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I've only seen Nina Ananiashvili perform live in the entire ballet. Don't think she's entirely suited to the role. Sara Webb is wonderful in the bedroom pdd. On video I've only seen Penney. How I long to see Seymour in Manon or R&J; perhaps I would have a different view of those ballets if I come across archive videos of her in those roles.

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Being relatively new to England and for the first time in my life living close to a ballet company, let alone one that performs Manon, I thus admit that I've only been seeing Manon for the past 3 years or so. Of the ones I've seen live (off the top of my head: Guillem, Rojo, Cojocaru, Tapper), Tamara Rojo always blows me away.

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I'm hesitant to say this, but my favorite Manon is my only Manon. Darcey Bussell.

Question: why is Bussell the one name almost always left OUT of Ballet Talk posts. Is my middlebrow mentality showing?

P.S.: I also liked Beverly Sills's Manon, decades ago at NYC Opera. Another big, irrepressible, and quite postitive personallity in the arts.

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I'm hesitant to say this, but my favorite Manon is my only Manon.  Darcey Bussell.

Question:  why is Bussell the one name almost always left OUT of Ballet Talk posts.  Is my middlebrow mentality showing? 

No, not at all Bart! And of course she has her fans. I personally haven't seen a lot of her this season, and I tend not to prefer her in roles that require more acting/character. That said, I thought she was excellent in Act III of Raymonda, I think two seasons ago.

Giannina, I haven't seen Leanne Benjamin as Manon but I can imagine her being excellent. She'll be dancing it next season, with Jonathan Cope as her partner. Cope also tends to split the fan base, but I consider him an excellent partner. His opening solo in Manon, in the opening night of the run earlier this year, was simply sublime - a gorgeous arabesque, glances at just the right moment, everything. It will be interesting to see these two together in this (although I feel gutted that Japan gets Rojo and Cope together in Manon this summer!).

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I was mad that Leanne and Johan Kobborg's Manons this year were Paul Hamlyn performances only (reduced priced matinees to introduce people to ballet and opera for the first time - obviously I don't qualify!) I imagine they would've been fantastic together. I'm with you Ami in the unfairness that Cope's dancing with Rojo only on the tour, (not just Manon but Swan Lake too which he supposedly retired from!)

Anyway, Sylvie Guillem and Tamara Rojo's "Marilyn Monroe-inspired" Manons have to be my favourite. :yahoo:

Cojocaru and Kobborg for their pdds too, so wild and reckless that they've actually resulted in accidents :tiphat:

I would love to see Ferri in this someday. ABT doesn't bring Manon out often does it?

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