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  1. Well that was quick - Choe's scheduled for her debut as Nikiya in mid November!
  2. Yes, it's like management have suddenly sat up and taken notice! As a first soloist I imagine she'll be pushed to the front and I hope that principal roles are soon beckoning.
  3. Well we can take Yuhui Choe off the list - she's just skipped a rank with a promotion to First Soloist at the Royal Ballet! I'm so pleased!!
  4. I couldn't resist replying...Yuhui Choe in the Royal Ballet. She has wonderful willowy arms, the way she holds and uses her head, and such a way about her dancing that's completely captivating, I've managed to pick her out from the back of the amphi where you can't see much of anything. I've had friends who are totally clueless about dancing pick her out from the corps too, and she's a firm favourite with the regulars. I don't think she's done many soloist roles apart from Princess Florine and other fairies in SB, but she's getting her big chance as SPF this Christmas. Watch this space - the s
  5. One of my highlights finished just 2 hours ago! Wind of the Willows, choreographed by William Tuckett and enchantingly danced in the Linbury Studio at the Royal Opera House was just a dream! It was so witty and charming! It boasts talents like Anthony Dowell as the Narrator, Adam Cooper, Matthew Hart and Will Kemp and you cannot believe the expressions their faces manage to contort into! Mayerling by the Royal Ballet. MacMillan's choreography, the pdd were unforgettable. The three casts were fantastic but I think Jonathan Cope was brilliant in it as I never thought he could be and the role of
  6. On the British front there is Adam and Simon Cooper. I've only seen Adam but the brothers are very different dancers from what I've read. Comparisons are often invited in articles but I don't think fans compare them too much on stage.
  7. sylvia


    It's a bit of a mystery to me what has happened to Piccone. He did one Swan Lake at RB in July 2001 and then his name disappeared from the dancers list. It turned out that he accepted a position as first soloist, but then asked for a principal contract, hence his departure. I don't know where he is now.
  8. sylvia

    Angel Corella

    Ditto to that Anoushka - the first time I ever saw him was at the RB class as well. Have to admit I didn't recognise him at first - where was that smile? But he was wonderful in Don Q - he and Alina Cojocaru really brought what many regarded as a rather dire ballet to life. I can't wait until he returns in Feb for Bayadere.
  9. I'm so pleased that Alina Cojocaru's name is up here. I was absolutely enchanted with her performances as Kitri and Armour in Don Q this last week. I'd also like to add a couple more names from the RB - Miyako Yoshida demonstrates a great respect for the stage. Her dancing is beautiful without being showy. The word arrogance just isn't in her vocabulary. I wonder if men could come under these descriptions as well. I can think of no more than a couple from this side of the Atlantic. [ November 18, 2001: Message edited by: sylvia ]
  10. Stiefel will be with RB for several periods next season between November 2001 and April 2002, actual dates to be confirmed. I got this direct from ROH. It doesn't sound like a solid block of 6 months as was orginally rumoured. Anyway, here are the productions from Nov to April that he could be appearing in. Nov/Dec/Jan Onegin Dec/Jan Nutcracker Jan/Feb Triple bill: Memories Beyond Bach The Leaves are Fading Marguerite and Armand Feb/March La Bayadere March Triple bill: Enduring Images Remanso
  11. I know that RB only just did La Fille and The Dream, but I'll say it anyway - I'm more than jealous that ABT may be bringing it to US audiences - there's hardly any Ashton in the new RB season at all. I don't know when you last saw RB do The Dream cargill, and unfortunately I have little to compare with, but when I saw them last month ago in the last matinee with a much less experienced cast, they looked marvellous. I thought they handled the humour beautifully, and were in fantastic shape.
  12. It's my first live experience with the Kirov - I really wasn't expecting all the casting changes here and there! Anyway, thanks for the links and info - I guess I'm going to Manon with a lighter heart. [ 06-15-2001: Message edited by: sylvia ]
  13. Hmmm...not pleased. I spent a small fortune (for a student budget) on a seat to see Makhalina in Manon. I don't know either Ayupova or Kuznetsov - info on Russian dancers seems to be a bit lacking on the net. Can someone tell me a bit about them?
  14. Hasn't Darcey done Kitri yet? I know she had to miss out several times, but i thought it was all sewn up by now. I heard Ross Stretton has Don Q up for RB next year, so if it appears late enough we may well see her in it.
  15. I found them too. She does look good. When I said there's a lack of info on her, I meant to say English! Anyone who can read spanish (I haven't in about 7 years) can read to their heart's content.
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