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nycb spring brochure

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just received my spring 2005 brochure from nycb

some dreadful pictures

beginning with the front cover: reichlen and labean looking very unballetic in what look to be low-cost nylon nightgowns

a terrible way to treat dancers who have spent so many years of work and study to achieve the ballet look

page 3: a very unflattering apollo picture of (my very all-time favorite) peter boal: what a dreadful way to go!

page 4, lower left: bouder should sue over this picture

page 5, top: a very vulgar picture of the very unvulgar korbes

Page 9, top: bouder, again, in goldberg: what can one say, except eek!, and hurry up with the lawsuit

back cover: the magnificent albert evans, so poorly presented

was anyone else offended by this stuff?

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I don't think things are that bad. I agree the Peter Boal-as-Apollo photograph isn't so good, but the subscription brochure (as opposed to the single-ticket one described here) has a stunning full-page photo of him in the part. I don't understand the objections to the Bouder photos -- that's how she looks. The Albert Evans Midsummer photo makes him look a little weird, I agree, but I find the cover photo of Labean and Reichlen extremely appealing. Maybe I have a thing for nylon nightgowns.

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Hmmmmm, I got my brochure in the mail yesterday.

I'm pretty realistic or, shall I say, aware of the aims of advertising?

I don't think a brochure for any kind of arts event is geared to the hard core fans, they already ARE going to buy tickets.

So these are designed to attract the attention of the casual or potential new audience member.

Unlike the Spring at the Met ABT brochure, which I think can grab the attention of someone who knows nothing or very little about ballet and possibly entice them into ordering tickets, I can't think that the cover of the NYCB Spring Rep could do that at all, maybe if it was opened perhaps, but chances are it won't make it to page 1.

If you didn't catch the pointe shoe , who wouldn't just think this is some kind of clothing catalog? I almost tossed it immediately into the junk mail bin, and then I thought "oh, this is the nightgown cover for NYCB"

NYCB sure wasted their advertising budget with this one.


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That's the one, but it looks a bit different on the brochure cover: the girl in the foreground, the one with her back to the camera, is in much softer focus, so the focal point of the photo is Reichlin. The picture is also cropped on the left side.

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The picture of Tess and Genevieve is very beautiful and they in the picture -- As indicated above, it can be found on the City Ballet website. Ditto the costumes. I likewise find Peter Boal's photograph beautiful, the classic pose of Apollo holding the lyre above his head. We all should look so good. I can't imagine what there is to complain about in any of this. Of taste there is (however, as the proverb goes) no debate.

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I understand everyone's frustration, but these photos are copyrighted and we cannot scan and post them without the copyright holder's permission.

If it helps, the Apollo photo of Boal that had lampwick and her roommate in stitches shows him posed in fourth position tendu front, holding the lyre by its neck in his left hand and the other end of the, er, instrument resting just above his groin. The shape of the lyre and its angle could be seen as suggesting something else. :)

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but these photos are copyrighted and we cannot scan and post them without the copyright holder's permission.

Point well taken.

If it helps, the Apollo photo of Boal that had lampwick and her roommate in stitches

Your description is so discreet and yet so complete that, well, now I longer need to see the picture. Ay caramba!

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We are once again at cross purposes about the brochure we are discussing, Ari, as per Amanda's post on page 1 of the thread above.

The picture of Boal which you mention (with the scatalogical implications) is not in the Brochure currently available at the State Theater, which is the current Single Ticket sale brochure. This brochure (that is, the current one) has the photograph of Tess Reichlen on the cover.

This current brochure is the one which Charlieloki was talking about when she started this thread, as she started it by discussing the photo of Reichlen.

The brochure with this other photograph of Peter Boal, which you describe immediately above, is not the current one with Reichlen on the cover but instead the one from the late Winter mailing to the subscribers. It has a photo of Carrie Riggins and Stephanie Zungre on its cover.

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I stopped in at the State Theater Saturday afternoon when I was in New York for the weekend (I live in Canada). I picked up several of the brochures in question.

If anyone wants one, I can send it for the cost of postage and the envelope. It's a large brochure (8½ x 11), so I will put it in a large envelope so as not to fold it. I also have an extra brochure from the subscription series, with the tutu-wearing Carrie Riggins and Stephanie Zungre on the cover and the titter-producing Peter Boal's Apollo pic inside.

I, too, don't think that even the Peter Boal picture is anything so terrible, but I know how, if you haven't seen the pics, you kind of do want to see them for yourself!

PM me with your address and I'll PM you mine if you'd like one.

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