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Fantasy Dinner Party

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Who would you invite? You can have 6 people, choreographers, dancers, composers (although they must have written specifically for ballet, even patrons and critics. Dinner is for 8 total so include your partner, best friend, etc.


Louis XIV

Matilda Kschessinskaya

Alexandra Danilova

George Balanchine

Frederick Ashton

Tanaquil LeClercq/ with Mourka

After dinner for entertainment Balanchine could make a short dance for Tanny, Ashton could do some of his famous impressions, Matilda could show me her jewerly collection, Danilova could charm us all, and Louis XIV?........well he doesn't have to do anything, he's da King.

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Nikolai Tarasov, Agrippina Vaganova, Vera Kostrovitskaya, Nadezhda Bazarova, Varvara Mey, George Balanchine, Jurgen Schneider.

It was a hard list to make. Six (one was my partner/husband) well known scholars of what is known today as the Vaganova Methodology. Mr. Balanchine is included to stir the soup so to speak. Maybe he could explain himself regarding the development of his program of teaching.

I had originally included Enrico Cecchetti also, but then realized I could not be there to witness what I am sure would e a very lively discussion. :cool:

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Here's the 'A List':

Marius Petipa

Alexander Gorky

Feodor Lophukov

Pyotr Gusev

Robert Joffrey

Sergei Vikharev

...to discuss various versions of Petipa's ballets & the changes in traditional classical ballet, in general.

My husband will cook blini.

I'm the only woman! :wub:

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