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  1. I wanted mainly to give a impression of this recording, and I am sorry for the sentence which gave rise to your long story, which I enjoyed by the way. Walboi
  2. A few days ago I found in my bag full of cd goodies a recording of the music for Don Quixote composed by Alois (Leon) Ludwig Minkus. Now it is not very common to find the complete music for this ballet so I was pleasantly surprised. Furthermore this is a more than excelent recording and the performance is top notch. Its a bit strange though to listen to the music without the dancing, but no matter, eyes closed visualize the dancers, the stage, and off you go. The images are tumbling over each other without much ado, and before you know it your dancing happily along as on a merry go round. This Minkus was a colorfull apperition and materialized on the right moments, to put his brilliant stamp on many things that danced. His first excursion into the world of ballet was in a collaboration in 1846 for Paris with Edouard Delvedez, Paquita, staged at the opera with Carlotta Grisi and Lucien Petipa. The long collaboration with Marius Petipa made him the ballet composer he became. What I want to convey to you is the impact this recording has, music visible in your mind as dance, that's a funny kettle of fish is it not? But it happens! What surprised me even more was the Orchestra, never heard of them cross my heart, but my collision with them was not without merit The players of the Sofia National Opera Orchestra conducted by Nayden Todorov is a small miracle, and so say all of us. as tiny Tim would say. This guy has a real feeling for ballet music, that is to say, his tempo's are right and the watchfull eye for detail is well attended to. He understands what is going on in the story and will repay the modest outlay for this cd in almost 137 minutes of pleasure, which makes your feet itch. That's a bargain as ever there was! Well the recording is a little dry but that fits with this kind of music, the detail and excelent feeling for the right tempo is to say the least, VERY GOOD. Its the original 1869 version in three acts. Indulge yourself in the mesmerizing world of Don Quixote. Walboi
  3. Thanks Helene, Don Quixote will be for me, I am looking forward to this. Walboi
  4. I just bought the Philips set of 180 cd's, that will keep me happy for a while. Try'd allready a few things and what I heard so far I like. Its cheaper as concerts tickets Walboi
  5. I saw the film so many times that is has become part of my dreams for the last 6 months or so. The waltzing, the rousing manner in which the orchestra plays. Everything about it is strange, dreamy, so out of focus.....I saw it just minutes ago and I am sure I will see it in my dreams again! Walboi
  6. Wauw, that's a nice little bit of information. Did me some good. Walboi
  7. Thanks for the link I have ordered it rightaway. Walboi
  8. Almost no chopped feet? ! Well that's a miracle. Is it on dvd? Walboi
  9. I am a singer myself for nearly 30 years allthough not professionaly, but if you want to start at 18 and learn how to sing opera, well I think it is a little bit to late for that. As with instruments you have to start at a early age to form the voice, at 18 that's extremely difficult to get that on level. Sometimes it happens that the voice is there and that it needs only polishing, but that's rare. Important is that a teacher assesses the voice, and if he or she is happy with it then by all means. It is not a easy path to trod on mind you. Good luck for your friend Walboi
  10. Ballet should be fun to look at. Areobics is a totally different branch of movement. Don't want to see people break there bones. Walboi
  11. Thank you, that is very helpfull, what of the dancers in the background, do you know who they where? That Herbert Ross did this choreography surprised me and delighted my sparse knowledge of him. Walboi
  12. Great thread Helene, I see that you are well informed, and since figure skating is also something for which I stay up late at night, and watch everything what is broadcasted in Europe, and that is almost all what is going on, concerning skating, I will write now and again something of lesser know'n competitions if I may Walboi
  13. Several series I found to be to my liking, First of all the british serie "Allo Allo, then Man behaving badly, Red Dwarf, Vicar of Dibley. Yes all British I know, but nevertheless good fun to watch Walboi
  14. This thread was most helpfull, lots of info about Astaire. everyone that contributed. Walboi
  15. I found this obituary of Diamond on this forum by accident, and I would like to add a littlebit to this posting. Since I am listening on a regular basis I discovered the music of Diamond through the Naxos label. They have recorded or licensed many recordings of him. Almost all of them I have in my collection, and played them reguarly. He is a composer in the American tradition, though there are many european traces to be found, especially in his symphonies. I will miss him sadly, because he was and is a refreshing tonic to my ears. Being with him through his music broadend my musical horizon very much so. Play his music perform it but do not forget this piece of American musical culture. Walboi
  16. To all the members from ballet talk I wish everyone a happy prosperous healthy, and a life full of love. and that your wishes may be granted in 2006. On the first day of the year I saw Funny girl with Barbra Streisand, and to my dismay, and to the furtherance in procuring thunderous laughs, I saw, swimming, by some funny looking swans with full sails heading somewhere, with the star a little plump, dancing the swan in charge. My jaw is still hurting very much so from 10 minutes full laughter. Whatever did I see? I was so preoccupied with a handkerchief procuring ever tear falling to the floor, that the substance of what was going on , is totally lost to me. Can anyone enlighten me concerning this funny little dance, who staged it ,who where the rest of the dancers, etc. That was really a good beginning for me this first day in 2006. Walboi
  17. Thank you Hans, as always you are very helpfull, thank you for the trouble finding for the link. Health and Happiness Walboi
  18. Some years ago I had a girlfriend from Russia who told me that she did the pre-bolshoi education. I never really understood what that really meant. The words are no problem, like pre and school, but how does it fit into the context of the Bolshoi ballet? Anyone there that can enlighten me? Health and happiness Walboi
  19. : Could you explain why Joseph? Health and Happiness Walboi
  20. Thanks Herman for the link and advice, and by the way Raymonda lies next to me waiting to be put in the dvd machine. Health and happiness Walboi
  21. I have before me a booklet from the BBC opus arte, there are several ballets on dvd I want to buy. Need some guidance in this! First Mendelsohn " A midsummer night dream" choreographed by George Balanchine, performed by the Pacific northwest ballet. Secondly The Firebird choreographed by Nijinska performed by the Royal ballet. Thirdly, Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty, choreographed by Peter Wright performed by the Dutch National Ballet. Of all the ballets I have different versions but I always love to expand my horizon. Tell me what you think of the above selection, and add to it by all means! Health and Happiness Walboi :rolleyes:
  22. Hi Paul, I could not agree more, this film is dynamite Walbo
  23. Last night I played a dvd from Fred Astaire, en Ginger Rogers, namely "The Barkleys of Broadway". Boy did I enjoy myself. Dancing numbers like Fred's shoes with wings on, takes your breath away. I always enjoy dance-musical films especcially the ones with Astaire and his many partners. Gene Kelly off cause and so many others. Out of this came my curiosity to find out about classical ballet. They released only a few well mastered dvd's to this date, mostly the latest ones, like the beautiful "The Bandwagon" . And I saw a few older films released on obscure labels that I threw away in the bin, the quality was that there was no quality. Anyway some little bird told me that they are going to realease all the older films with Ginger Rogers in black and white remaster them and sell them in a box. Could that be true? Anyone, let me know please! And off cause I am also interrested what your favourite dancing movie is, I for one am very much taken by The Girl in the red shoes, which I saw a few days ago, and made me sit upright, the one from Pressburger. Have to find the details of this film. I knew it was on the market but I did not see it yet in the shop. Health and Happiness As ever Walboi
  24. Hi Sophia, Thank you for this info, since I live in the Netherlands I will look on the sites you gave me. Walboi
  25. Thank you very much silvy I am in your debt Walboi
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