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  1. Hi Paquita, I all ready looked at the forum and it gives a lot off information, thank you. You know I saw a lot of Kudelka's work, and I am impressed all the time. Off cause there will be good and not so good aspects in every ballet you see, but still this Firebird made me sit upright at once. Not only the special effects made me marvel, but the performance off the ballet company was beyond reproch. I was quite taken by the prima from the NBC how she moved. The quality and level of execution was in my eyes amazing, and that goes for the rest off the dancers also. Well there are many things I could say about the performance and go into the fine details of it all, and I will if you are interrested! I also will introduce a topic about the merits amd demerits of modern dance shortly, on the forum of ballet talk. Maybe you want to join in also on this one? Thank you for the welcome you gave me Harry Forgive me my english it is a bit rusty.
  2. I am a avid balletgoer from the netherlands, and was pleasantly surprised when I watched The firebird on arte channel, performed by The canadian ballet company. It was a registration on dvd 2003, with the kirov orchestra led by Giergev. I am very impressed by the choreografy by Kudelka. When I tryed to buy it however I failed. I learned that is was only available from a firm by the name of bullfrog for the amazing price of 250 us dollars! Can someome enlighten me on this subject, and everything connected with the Canadian ballet. This is the first message I send into this forum, and I will be happy to discuss about anything connected with ballet. In my youth I was a dancer but had to stop with my education prior to a body problem. But ballet is still my main interrest, and I am very into this world of movement. Lets hear from you Harry
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