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  1. Well I have the series, and loved them, but I am constantly hearing from friends around me that the film is a let down! Won't stop me from looking anyway!
  2. I am flabbergasted that people would think just that. Ballet is one of the highest arts werther for girls or boys. Just ignore people with that sort of opinions.
  3. I have no problems with that however, what is the fuss about anyway?
  4. I feel for you, really! Walboi :rolleyes:
  5. Due to a serious occurence in my life it is a little hard for me to take active part in discussing ballet at the moment. But I enjoy reading the postings and when I am up to it I will respond. Things are getting better however, so by and by I get back. Just in case when you guy's where asking yourself where is that active guy from Holland. Well still there. Walboi :nopity:
  6. With all my heart I wish everyone on this forum the happiness, love and attention you need. Strive for the best and avoid darkness of your soul. Let ballet be a light on your travels as it is for me. I am happy to be part of this community. Walboi :rolleyes:
  7. Wonderfull news, it was since long on my list, and finally it is there out of the blue. Thanks for the info Chrisk Walbo
  8. I am shocked by this review, someone I know is dancing in this company and she told me as much, but I could not believe it. Kudelka ruins a perfect ballet. Why. Walbo
  9. Well if the stage version of the Firebird is the same as the one I saw on television last year your in for a treat. A advent to look at and marvel in. But mind you lots of people found this performance overblown. For myself I loved it, allthough it deviated from the story and original choregraphy. Walboi
  10. rg Thank you so much for this info, you can't imagine how happy you made me. It must have taken you a lot of time to gather this pile of info and I am very gratefull to you. If you can dig up more that would be fantastic. I am involved with a ballet company that invited me to create a choreography based on one of those ballets mentioned. Walboi
  11. When going through my pile of cd's I stumble upon a few recordings from at least to me unknow ballet music, apart from one namely The Stone Flower. The other ones are; Le Pas d' Acier opus 41; L'Enfant Prodique opus 46; Chout, opus 21; Sur le Borysthene opus 51. Are there performances made from this music, and is that on dvd. As much info as you can muster if possible, I am very curious about this, and would be happy with all the snippets. The Stone flower by the way is fascinating music, Prokofiev wrote well for ballet as we all know. Walboi
  12. Since I will not be able to see it due to the fact that I live in Holland, I would greatly appriciate it if you keep us informed especcialy concerning the main pricipals that are involved. That way I can imagine a little how it looks like. Swan lake is my all time favourite. Walboi
  13. Thanks Hans, Marga. Words are missing, thoughts prevail, mostly of the good days. If you accept life, you must accept dead I guess. Your sympathy does me good. Walboi
  14. Thanks that is very much appriciated carbro. Walboi
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