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  1. I really enjoy Gelsey Kirkland's dancing. Does she still dance ballet? (SOUSA KID)
  2. I just bought The Balanchine Celebration featuring ''Stars & Stripes'' and I love it!! The Sousa music adapted by Hershey Kay is fantastic and the dancing is really tops! (I think I'd love to dance the lead dancer who dances with the Liberty Bell) Happy Fourth everyone .................Billy
  3. Not to sound weird guys, but as a ''straight'' guy, I find it rewarding to appear as a bit ''sissyish'' at my ballet class. I'm the only guy in my class and the other evening as I was doing my plies at the bare, a mother gazed at me through the studio window. She smiled at me as though she was saying ''Go get em Champ!'' And I felt a bit ''sissyish'' but then I felt kinda proud of myself. I felt special. I've got the confidence to dare dance Classical Ballet in the suburbs as a guy. So whats so wrong with being a bit of a ''sissy''? Billy
  4. Thanks Pam, .....What about my theory of Pretty men (Or boys) are taboo in America?? Real Men don't dance Classical Ballet
  5. Thank's much to eveyone! I own ''Six Ballerinas'' and I also knew Mary Ann Moylan personally(I sang a Beatle ballad at her son's wedding years ago) Merrill Ashley just has that all American punch that knocks me out! And I love Big, Tall ballerinas. And that gorgeous smile with a hint of the devil in her eyes.......Oh yes indeed..........Shes my favorite ballerina forever. Billy
  6. I was watching an old ''Dance in America'' of Merrill Ashley and I really want to write a very long, heartfelt fan letter to her. She's my favorite ballerina...............What should I do? Billy
  7. I still think it's cause America is John Wayne country and guys who like gettin Pretty are outcasts! I'll keep dancin classical ballet anyway! Billy
  8. Thanks Helene.............What's Stars & Stripes like?
  9. I'm really honered Alexandra to be be encouraged to dance classical ballet by someone of your great background! I've got a subscription to "Point" magazine, yet I've yet to read your "Dance View" I'd love to keep in touch with you and be inspired by ballet. Billy
  10. Since the fourth of July is next week, are there any all American ballets one might see? Billy
  11. Thanks all for your input and I'm really happy my question sparked such a big responce from senior members of Ballet Talk. As I see it, Classical Ballet more than any other art form in America creates a big problem for sensitive, musical males who adore beauty, grace and female like-delicate movement. And to me, the real problem in America is that guys are not allowed to get pretty..........Ever! And ballet demands that men get deeply in touch with that graceful, sensitive.......Pretty.......side of their being. And pretty boys are The major no..no in this country. I'll keep dancing anyway!
  12. I'm in my second year of ballet and one of the few guys who have the courage or confidence to study ballet. Why are guys considered ''sissy's'' if they love dance? Billy
  13. Hi, I'm Billy and I'm 20 and in my second year of Ballet. I'd love to talk with other guys who dig Ballet as much as I do.........thanks
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