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  1. The merry widow is on my list for the next year, and the Fonteyn's dvd's are top. Thank you for the elaborate and informative posting Walboi
  2. I did not know that the swan lake by Yelena Yevteyeva was on dvd. Can you give me the details, and is it on Pal? Walboi
  3. I agree with you about Swan lake that was also a version which I like very much
  4. Ooops, sorry my mistake, slip of my mind, I knew offcause but something must have happened during the writing, enthousiasme I guess. Thank you Brioche I stand corrected and I corrected the text
  5. I saw many ballet dvd's this year more so than going to a live performance. The reason is that I live in a outpost in the Netherlands where people tend to think that ballet should be a free trip all the way round, and secondly that is should not last longer than 15 minutes tops! So not to many company's visit our friendly town, and if, well then it is a mass performance to please the eyes but not your soul. In that light I selected two dvd's which constitute the best I saw in 2005. The first I talked allready about in this forum, t'was Sylvia. The second choice has to be Swan Lake. I admired greatly the exploits Patrice Bart gave us, as always he does not dissapoint me with his work on this ballet, because he is very close in his thinking to Petipa and Lew Iwanov. The result is in my eyes breathtaking. I talk about the version from the Corps de Ballet: Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin, and the Staatskapelle Berlin under the direction of Daniel Barenboim. Steffi Scherzer as Odette/Odile is nothing short than a lust for your eyes, her elegant moves and the fitting fragilty added makes her the dream of every choreographer. Oliver Matz as Prince Siegfried is a wonderfull partner to her, and it is a joy to watch this couple move in mysterious ways.The stage and costums designs are in the very capable hands of Luisa Spinatelli, all under the direction of Alexandre Tarta. This ballet was also a Highlight for me in which I found myself transported to the world of fantasy which my most favorite composer Tjaikovsky brings me without fail. Over to you, tell me which was your most treasured dvd this year and why. Walboi
  6. Hi Paul, Thank you for your understanding reaction on my story about the ever so beautifull Sylvia. I assure you it does not happen that often that I am over the top with my praise, but I am sure it will knock you also out of your senses the moment they put it on dvd. I allready pre ordered it at a music store. The music of Leo Delibes is something to be treasured. It is sometimes heavly scored and played by the way, and if the tempo of the orchestra is not exactly right the ballet will go to ruins. Is does happen more often as some people see and hear. But anyway with Sylvia all is well I am happy to report. I will certainly buy this book from Julie Kavanagh, I knew it was there but had not the time to go out and purchase it, but I will now, allthough the snow is falling in a unending stream. The book from Vaughan's is to my shame unknow to me, but I will try to get it also. Thank you for this usefull info Walboi
  7. Hi, Ballet like classical music is always a way out of reality. I listen to a lot of classical music, that's part of my job, so the moment I sit down and relax the world outside is non existing anymore. The same for ballet! It is pre eminent to sever the connection with your daily life in order to feel and understand what is going on. It is a world where your fantasy is master, and will dictate where the road will go. That is the only way to fall deep into the crevice and will grant you the insights you need. I am able yo sever all ties during a performance and dig deep into whatever I look at. Communication at that moment is impossible with me, I go into a sort of trance.Mentally it drains me, but the total experience is breathtaking I asure you. And apart from that ballet as music had never anything to do with reality, god forbid, we would be the poorer for it! Walboi
  8. I saw a short piece in black and white from the first performance in 1952 but without sound. Afterwards Aschton rejected the project and laid it aside for a long time. He started to look at it again somewhere in the eighties, but I am not sure about this. Thank you for the information Walboi
  9. It sure is, I have been waiting for a DVD of Ashston's Sylvia for a long time, are you sure that it will be released on DVD? There is to my knowledge only Neumeier's version of Sylvia available. I hope you recorded the broadcast! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I am sure it will be released, that would be a federal crime if they would'nt. I have the Neumeiers version by the way. And yes I recorded Sylvia on hard disc, I could not live without it anymore. Thank you for reacting so promptly Walboi
  10. I know it is the second christmas day and I am not suppossed to sit behind my computerscreen, but hey something hit me real hard, so I pleaded with the family, and they let me go just for a little while. First christmas day BBC television, once a year a ballet, this time Sylvia, it knocked me right out of my seat. Royal ballet, with the most elegant prima Darcey Bussell, 36 years, two little daughters allready ( how does she do that) I was utterly stunned by everything in this amazing production with stage design from Peter Faber, which made my eyes overflow with joy beyond comparison, what a artist this man is! And than on top the choreography from Sir Frederick Aschton, what would one want more. Now I've seen many a performance of great quality but as far as this Sylvia goes. this is the best I've ever seen. A big statement I know but believe me it will knock you out also, when it will appear on dvd, and maybe it is allready, but the shops are closed on Christmas days. As I understand it it was first created in this version for Margot Fonteyn, and I wonder if anyone knows if there is a video or dvd, from her performance? Concerning all the dancers in this new Royal ballet version I was not able to grasp all the names that appear on screen but one of them I do remember is Roberto Bolle. What a amazing dancer he is! He blended so well with Darcey Bussell, that I could not take my eyes from the screen because of the many sparkles that hit me during the festivity for soul and body. It was as if I was there. I am still sort of comatized and out of breath. Is that enough praise, that you feel obliged to buy this dvd on spot. O,....I hope so. What also helped in the proces that I watched it on a great plasma screen with a top of the bill hifi equipment, so much so, that I actually thought I was there, in body and mind, for god sake I even clapped enthousastically with the crowd. Well my time is up, but please join me, in my a bit over the top praise. Let me know if you have seen it, what you feel about all this. Wauw! Is there anyone in the forum that is able to supply me with information how many dvd recordings are available at this moment, and your comments please about what you think about them! I would be very gratefull. Walboi
  11. Thank you I will just do that Walboi <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well I did go to the archives, and read it all! So is not a new topic then, but well worth to revitalize and discuss it even further. Lots of interresting things to read there, I urge everyone to take a look. Walboi
  12. Hi Bart, You take the words right out of my mouth! So often the movements are made fitting to the often terrible music. You see that and also feel it. It is a attempt to emphazise a literal illustration of sound, and it does not work, at least not for me! Well this becomes a fruitfull discussion after all, I am very glad about this. Lets hear more Walboi
  13. Hi Helene, Thank you for the answer you gave me, and off cause you are right in that there are plenty of discussion sites, but none alas with the same quality as ballettalk Regards Walboi
  14. Hi FarrellFan They do not use the term anymore, but that assortment of noises still exist. I listen to at least 50 new classical cd's in a month's time and plenty of them qualify to the parameter of noise! Harry
  15. That's oke, but I am still interrested anyway! Harry
  16. Hi Bart I am very interrested which quote you mean? Harry
  17. Hi Hans Yes I forgot to mention the feeling, which is almost totally absent in all the things that I saw. Steps and tricks is really what is predominant these days, and that is good as you say in circus but holds no ground in ballet where simple movements almost always has the most effect in the storeroom of our emotions. O well, I am going to London coming christmas and will see hopefully wonderfull ballet. I will let you know if I make it this year. Harry [Edited by moderator to remove entire quote of preceding post. Please use the Add Reply or Fast Reply buttons when responding to a post instead of the "Reply one. ]
  18. In the last 10 years or so, I have seen probably some 250 ballet performances of which some 150 are what the critics call modern ballet/dance. And there begins my problem, with the definition! What is the distinction between modern dance and ballet? If I may related to classical music which is a field very much know to me, the same thing was and still is a topic ,very much discussed, and the end is nowhere in sight, allthough audiences have allready decided in this question. Modern classical music ( atonal) is comparable with modern dance/ballet. For me and many others atonal music is a assembly of sounds and freakish machinations rather then a attempt to draw audiences to the concerthall. They are so out of touch with reality that in fact people stay away from concerts and therefore they are marginal in the agenda's of concert programming. The same sentiments apply to ballet. The creators of new ballet nowadays have in my eyes the same problems as modern composers, they simply do not know what to do, and therefore make the most hidious sights for your eyes just to shock you and get attention that way. It works, not for me but for the artless critics that are fed up with classical ballet, and find in modern ballet/dance the perfect playing ground to fill the sky with praises for well..... rubbish. The synthesis between rhythm and cadans, between music and movement is totally lost on most choreographers. They do not created to please but to annoy! And then there is the element of spoken text in the dance! That I think is often a insult to taste, I will not say good taste, because of the lack of a useful definition of that. Complete political statements of sometimes juvenile incompetents that will not understand ,that text and ballet/dance do not go together in my opinion. That is not to say that all modern ballet/dance is that bad, there are plenty of choreographers like van manen, or Kudelka or name them ,you will know, that will give lots of pleasure for eyes and ears, but I walked so many times out of a performance these last ten years, that I felt the need to express my dissatisfaction. Harmony and synthesis are key elements in what I think creates good ballet, it has to fit together like gloves. It is not a natural garden anymore wherein choregraphers look in the gardens past, but make deserts full of stones bereft of natural beauty, and get there inspiration out of unwielding rocks.No wonder it hurts. Harry
  19. Hi Herman, That's oke. The last year was very busy for me, so that for the first time in my life I was not able to leave Groningen, ( that's the place I live in) and see all there is to see. Coming year I will contribute more about what I have seen. If I remember correctly there was a ballet company from Russia in Groningen. I think it was from Perm. They did Swanlake with so many swans that the stage was crowded with them, nice to see, but I had a severe cold and was not able to take everything in, as to be able to tell wether is was good or not. But I enjoyed it immensly. I agree with you about Asta Bazeviciute, as with Anu Viheriaranta, I have noticed the same things you did. Regards Harry
  20. I wonder does the board think that classical music on cd is also a topic which could be discussed on this forum. It is after all a performing art is it not? Regards Harry
  21. Not to long ago I bought a new version of Claudio monteverdi " L' Orfeo'. Its on Opus Arte, a two dvd set, performed by Tragicomedia and concerto Palatino, directed by Stephen Stubbs, The stage director is Pierre Audi and he has done a teriffic job. It looks so image perfect and the singers and choir did so impress me that I allready looked some dozen times at this amazing realization of this opera. Audi's expression of the symbolism is very telling and makes you aware how beautiful the story actually is. I am a great lover of the music from Monteverdi, and this reminds me why that is The dvd is razor sharp, and the colors match Audi's vision. Its a all region dvd, so there is no problem playing it the U.S.A. as well. Try it and let me know what you think. Harry.
  22. This can't be true By friendly help I came to this side, only to discover that there is not much life in what should be a lively forum with lots of discussion, don't you agree..........! I am new to this forum, but I would like to give this forum a chance to thrive. Is there somebody that is in agreement with this? I know that somewhere behind a rainbow there is a place where I could introduce myself, but being the digibeet I am I have not yet found out where. Eventually I will succeed, with a little help. Asap, I will participate in this forum by writing what I have on my mind concerning modern ballet-dance. Could somebody give me a clear definition what exactly is meant by modern dance/ballet. To start with! Well, lets hear from all lovers of ballet all over the world, and holland off cause. Let them know that there is light in dark Europe! Regards Harry :blush:
  23. Hi Herman, Thank you for this reply. First of all I am aware that there are more versions of the firebird, which I have allready, and I know that they are closer to the Fokine original. But.... this version I talk about impressed me also. The question still remains why this version of the canadian ballet is so expensive. Anyone? So you asume that the fact the dutch are into modern dance has something to do with the fact that it is Europe after all ( no disrespect meant mind you) . Herman you made me very happy pointing out to me that there is also a serious forum to discuss about Dutch ballet. In my ignorance about everything that has to do with computers and how to find my way in the maze of all kind of sites I did not see this and I never would have found this out where it not for your friendly help, thank you. I will participate on this forum asp. Hope to meet you on this forum. Harry
  24. Harry, let me say hello too. It's nice to hear from you. And your English is fine. It's great to hear from people that are from various corners of the world, it gives te board more of a global sense of what is going on as well as a more global perspective. Best, Richard <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi Richard, Thank you for your words of welcome. I must say that I am glad that I found this forum about ballet. In the Netherlands there is no such thing. Allthough we have some of the finest dance company's in the world, ballet is not really a issue. It is a a very small group of people in this country that are involved in such a way as I am. Modern ballet is hot at the moment in Holland, allthough you can ask the question if modern ballet has anything to do with ballet as I know it. But then what is the essence of ballet and is it debata ble. In the near future I will write about it in a new topic, and walk into the den of many lions I guess. Hope to hear from you, Harry
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