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  1. I attended Sunday 1 pm. I enjoy this ballet a great deal - it is so much FUN to watch!! That said, I hadn't realized beforehand that my tickets would be on the FIRST ROW.... sounds good, but not really. I had to strain to see the entire foot of the dancer, and quite a few people seemed to think that it was ok to literally step on my toes to look into the orchestra pit!! My daughter and I enjoyed Greta's performance very much (although daughter says she is too skinny). A couple of her old friends from dance school are now in the company, and they performed yesterday (one was a dress maker - had great fun, or so it seemed)...that is always nice to see!! We were not overly impressed with the fellow from Boston. He seemed to have trouble with the lifts - is that because he and Greta haven't partnered enough together? There was at least one lift that didn't look like it had gone right........Did anyone else see this? And a troubling site....a very young girl (about 5 or so) happily cavorting about the Hummingbird Centre in.........pointe shoes! Not just any pointe shoes, but ones for a much larger person. And yes, this little girl WAS doing rises on pointe. I didn't know which way to look. She was very happy of course, but .....
  2. I've been watching on tv this week as well - here in Canada we get fairly decent coverage I think. I was surprised to hear our commentators say that the new scoring system was affecting Kwan - wouldn't you think that her coaches, etc. would be making SURE that everything was in tip top shape, for a skater of her calibre? I'm not a skater, so I'm sure I'm missing something there....... I LOVED Lambiel, but was also proud of the Canadian J. Buttle. I keep hoping for greater things from Sandhu, but oh well. He is so incredibly talented it's a shame he can't seem to do two consistently strong programs at the same competition. As for the ice dancing, I'm off shortly to watch the finals, for some reason CBC decided that we didn't need to see ALL the final couples last night....GRR. Can someone tell me how those infamous twizzles are scored? I can see that unison is important, but what about the actual positioning of the "working" leg (i.e. the one that is bent)? Some skaters seem to only raise the leg a little - others raise it a lot...is there one way that is preferable? I know what I think looks better, but this isn't entirely consistent with the judges marking apparently.......... The top two couples looked lovely, and I'm so happy for Wing and Lowe (Canada, 10th place). Tenth was their goal, and they achieved it!
  3. I had similar thoughts when I read the article, glad to know I'm not the only one! From what I've read, Rex Harrington had similar feelings of ambivalence in his last season, and left the company entirely when he learned he wasn't to be dancing at ALL (I don't think this is what he wanted!). Recently he performed with a new group call Pro Arte Danza - I didn't make the performance :angry: and never found a print review, so I don't know more... Back to Ms. Lamy, the Globe article does seem to give a good picture of the artist as a person with those interviewed describing both her positive AND not so great qualities. Ms. Lamy herself was pretty daring with what she said, although she made it very clear that she respects the decisions of the Artistic Director. The principal character artists, or whatever their title is now, have been in the company for a very long time indeed so it's curious to me that there' such a rush to show the 40 year olds the door.......perhaps in the end it does all boil down to a paycheque as Ms Lamy suggests; if memory serves the NBOC principals are pretty well paid.
  4. Paquita, I was there yesterday afternoon as well, sitting with another balletmom friend! We should have had a bit of bubbly together! I agree completely with your review, and must commend you on a fine piece of writing! I have to say I love Giselle very much and wasn't sure about pairing it with the Balanchine on the program, but the contrast was nice and it certainly made one think! My seats are VERY close to the stage this year, so I could quite easily see the facial expressions of those in the lead. I concur with all you've noted. The last time I remember seeing Giselle Johann Persson played Albrecht (how I loved watching him dance) - but I feel I finally have seen Antonijevic in a role that you would think was made for him. Greta Hodgkinson's Giselle was also one of the better I've seen - in fact, I don't remember who the Giselle was last time I saw it! Bravo to all!
  5. Just a note of thanks for you Paquita.....I was in the city myself yesterday and went to the store. Not a lot left, but I picked up an old video of Bujones and some footage of the Royal Ballet. The Bujones one is ok, a bit dated though. For the price, not bad at all. I haven't seen the other one yet. Thanks so much for the tip! m2
  6. Thanks paquita! I'll send her shopping!! m2
  7. Oh, Paquita - wish I had read this earlier! That's what I get for not checking this spot more often! Will have to send my daughter hunting for videos! m2
  8. Thanks for your report Paquita!! WISH that I had gone; I actually forgot all about it, the date seemed to sneak up on me!!
  9. mom2


    I saw the series - assuming you're talking the ones done by Frank Augustyn? - on TV here a few years ago. We also have his book, I think even with the same title. I enjoyed watching them at the time - he has a great sense of humour!
  10. Thanks for that, Paquita! I had to change my season's tickets (should have gone yesterday) for next Sunday, so I guess I will see the last show. Am now looking forward to it! I am still very much on the fence about renewing my subscription, in spite of the implied threats that I will not ever get decent seats in the new theatre. Grr. I can't wait to see that nasty reminder taped to my seat the way it was last year! :angry:
  11. :shrug: I don't know that anyone out there is able to answer this question, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway. I've started searching for ballet videos/DVDs recently, and have come across a few older ones that were created by CBC (the Candian Broadcasting Company). The curious thing is that one seems to have to purchase these via the US (I live in Canada). Why do you think it is that a Canadian production is for some reason only available via a US distributor? I've also searched the CBC website - they offer very few videos for sale, and none of the older "classic" ones (such as the Balanchine one mentioned on this thread)... Hmm...
  12. Julie Hay of National Ballet of Canada is a redhead. One of my daughters is also (how did you put it) VERY ginger!
  13. I hunted around the site and found an article about the new scoring procedures...so I assumed this is what the "bad news" was about??
  14. I watched this last night (or most of it, at any rate). Did anyone else see it? What did you think? It was so very different from the performances I usually see that I am not sure what to say about it!
  15. The review in the Globe and Mail this morning was interesting, and fairly critical of Tetley's choreography. If I was techno-with it enough to post a link, I would! at any rate, from hearing Tetley talk I would say that it's an example of a thinker's work. The addition of the adult Alice also came about because Karen kain expressed an interested in being cast, and he didn't think she would fit the "child alice"....on further pondering he created the adult role which, as we know, morphed into a significant piece of dancing. as far as Martine Lamy goes, for some reason she looks much taller (I'd use the word bigger, but that has such a negative connotation which connected with female dancers) onstage than off. I've seen her on the street a couple of times, or walking through the tiny spot where one waits for small Nutcracker people by the stage door and she is quite petite indeed. In fact, the first time I saw her I had to do a double take - I had assumed she was so much taller! It is amazing to me that she seems different onstage.... This is perhaps a study that someone out there should undertake!
  16. I'm sorry I missed you Paquita! We were probably in the same traffic jam on the way home too! I didn't realize there were such things at 10 pm! I agree totally with your comments, and you are so much more articulate than I. I wondered if my younger daughter would appreciate Alice; I think she would want to see more of the whimsy come through. It was such a treat though to hear Tetley talk about his work! I noticed the same bobbles as you during Serenade, but it is such a wonderful piece I would probably enjoy it no matter what.
  17. I attended the mat today (15th) with dd. We enjoyed the show, although regretted that we hadn't gone last night instead. Sonia Rodriguez did a fine job (as always), and we were pleased to see one of our family favourites, Julie Hay, as the lead fairy. Daughter was not overly impressed with the corps, but then she is quite a difficult one to please! At the first intermission I went to exchange my tickets for next weekend, as I'll be out of town. ALL of the windows were open, but only two were doing exchanges. The rest were for subscriptions (next season). Thankfully I was one of the first in line, and did get my business done - many behind me were not so lucky and I'm sure left quite frustrated. I know that there is a fiscal reality to all of this, but folks like me aren't necessarily ready to renew in FEBRUARY. I wish there was some way around this....I know the company needs to know they have income to count on; but I left today feeling like being a current subscriber was somehow less important than being a future one. :angry:
  18. Too bad you aren't able to make it this weekend! It's snowing pretty heavily at the moment, so perhaps not the best for travel anyway. Stay warm! What do people think about the announcements for the upcoming season? I'm not overly thrilled, and am even considering letting my subscription lapse. However, if I do this, I will apparently jeopardize my seating in the new theatre should I decide I want to subscribe when it's open. Grrr.
  19. (I'm wondering if it wasn't the poster who felt untalented?) I would love to see Gillis perform! Please do tell us about the performance if anyone out there sees it!
  20. Anyone see the Four Continents on the weekend? I watched some, but missed the men's....reading the paper today it sounds like there was quite a mess with the scoring for Buttle to come out number one (I had just assumed that he was back to his old self when I saw the results). Tutu14, you must have watched part of it! I was quite proud of the new Canadian ladies' champ, Cynthia Phanuef (sp)? This was her first international event as a senior - she had some errors, but overall a performance to be proud of I think. And interestingly enough - she still outscored Jennifer Robinson who is slated to go to Senior Worlds (the new Canadian champion will go to Junior Worlds). Hmm. Not an easy decision for Skate Canada to have made, and I understand their rationale....let's just hope that Robinson has a great skate on that day!
  21. Thanks for the news! You must really have the inside scoop, casting isn't on their website yet! I am planning to attend on the first Sunday, I believe that's the 15th?
  22. I actually forgot to watch the US program tonight, because the Canadian Champioships were on at about the same time. The depth in the men's group now in Canada seems pretty good, although it just wasn't the night for Jeff Buttle. He skated in last position following a number of men who had done quite well. I don't think he has adequately recovered from the food poisoning that caused him to withdraw from the Grand Prix final...too bad. We won't be seeing him at the Worlds this year. Sandhu had a wonderful skate - which is so nice to see. Two surprise gold medals in the women's and pairs events...both teams from Quebec (if it weren't so late I'd probably remember the names too)! Too bad I missed the US Championships though!!
  23. Just came home from the performance in Oakville. A wonderful venue for the audience member...quite small and not a bad seat in the house! Serious underwriting dollars from the local Benz dealership made it possible. Some local dance school students had the opportunity to watch rehearsal, and have a master class given by one of the company members (quite an honour...this doesn't happen in a small town too often!!) I did enjoy the performance. It was the first time I had really seen Sarah Murphy-Dyson dance, and she is magnificent. Curiously, Tara Birtwhistle got more kudos at curtain time ....perhaps because she's more well known. It perhaps helps that I'm not really an opera buff and I wasn't really familiar with the libretto. I just enjoyed the dance for itself. I had anticipated things being a bit over the top because of what I'd heard and read, but it was tamer than I anticipated (only two bum slaps that I recall). The choreography was quite different, certainly not the classical vocabulary that one sees in other productions or in other companies....but as a non-dancer's appreciating a performance, I would give it a definite thumbs-up. The people seated behind me weren't sure they like Godden's arm movements, The one piece of constructive criticism I could offer would be about the costumes. I liked them, they were quite interesting and funky, but in some cases entirely hid the dancer's feet. When I ask dancers what they watch in a performance the answer is usually "feet".... so this might be a problem. I know that Sarah Murphy-Dyson had a much more pleasing line in the second act, when the costume was a sort of dress, and one could actually see most of her legs and all of her feet. There was at least one other dancer who seemed to have the most amazing feet, but they were hidden for the entire performance underneath long pants. I'll read the libretto tomorrow and perhaps post again once I've had an opportunity to ponder. Definitely a performance worth seeing. Extremely talented dancers with choreography that makes you think.
  24. That's an interesting fact about the boots! Of course, I never knew that! Thank you!
  25. Actually, from the Globe and Mail this morning, the Russian ice dance pair was Tatania Navka and Roman Kostomarov. The article goes on to explain a bit about the new marking system and how things unfolded yesterday at the hershey Centre. Navka and Kostomarov finished first, Bulgarians Denkova and Staviyski were second, and Canada's Dubreuil and Lauzon were third. It's interesting to note that when you look at the level of difficulty (out of 3) in 13 elements, the Russians had ones in six elements, while the Canadians had threes in EIGHT elements. Sometimes simplicity is good, I suppose...and this was one of the things I enjoyed about the Russians. Typically I would say that the Canadians also have good line. In this performance the Russians just stood out more. Perhaps it was the costumes, which on Dubreuil and Lauzon I found quite busy; perhaps it was the "business" of the Canadian's choreography...or perhaps this Russian couple is just unbelievably exceptional in this regard. That being said, it's hard NOT to be incredibly proud of the Canadians with their third place finish.
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