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  1. If there was no ranking for the sujets, does that mean none competed or were none promoted?
  2. Thanks for that update. Any news on which men were promoted?
  3. It is the same performance but as the saying goes...beggars can't be choooooosey....
  4. Reminder that Royal Ballet will be broadcasting their production of Sylvia with Darcey Bussells in Empire Theatres on SUn March 30th at 1pm. CBC article
  5. Does anyone know what the policy regarding student tickets? Do they even sell student tickets?
  6. I know Heather and guillaume must have been fantastic as they really have magic together. I wonder what Desmond was dancing as I heard that he has a couple new pieces in the works.
  7. Mom2 - do you know what Desmond performed? Didn't Guillaume and Heather performed as well? I am so curious. Though I am a Montrealer, I don't get home nearly enough and miss all the fun stuff (except the Ice Storm...I didn't miss that and will definitely if it ever comes again!)
  8. I was sitting on an Air Canada flight to Washington in July, flipping through the movie choices, not hoping for much. Then what covers my screen but Ballet Russes. I was delighted. That fight went quicker then any others previously. What a treat. I have sworn off slagging AC for at least a little while...
  9. I do not see it on the altimira website either - it only has last year info.
  10. Has anyone info on how to fly standby? I have a great mny airline tickets to buy this summer!
  11. And this in the Toronto Star http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...d=1148507411716
  12. Promotions were announced a couple night ago. The Press Release is out. It will be an interesting year next year and I look forward to seeing the new additions from Houston. Did they only take 2 apprentices or were there only 2 from NBS? A huge congratulations to all those promoted. Media > | Media Release -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #39/55 2006/07 ROSTER NEW PRINCIPAL DANCER ZDENEK KONVALINA KEIICHI HIRANO AND JILLIAN VANSTONE PROMOTED TO FIRST SOLOIST ALEJANDRA PEREZ-GOMEZ, KEVIN BOWLES, DONG HYUN SEO PROMOTED TO SECOND SO
  13. Who knows...these are 2 young individuals with their whole lives ahead of them. I only hope they are happy in whatever they do and that they continue to ignite us with their wonderful dancing and expression.
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