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  1. I saw the first two acts on Friday night (sadly, I had to miss acts 3 and 4 as my little ones were falling asleep), and then the whole production on Sunday afternoon. From the moment Cory Stearns walked onstage in act 1, it was clear that he is an extremely elegant dancer. He seemed to work well with the Richmond Ballet dancers, but his fine-grained movement immediately set him apart. His solo at the end of act 1 was so beautifully executed- soft plies, invisible preparations, seamless musicality. My favorite moment came after that solo, when he kneeled downstage right with his head in his han
  2. I believe that incoming soloist Jovani Furlan danced the Taylor solo when Miami City Ballet presented Episodes a few years ago.
  3. I had the pleasure to attend Richmond Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty over the weekend. It is a production of which the dancers and artistic staff should be proud; rich in details, wonderfully rehearsed and very well danced. The audience, many of whom are long-time loyal fans gave an enthusiastic ovation at the end of the performance, which was the last of a four show run at the Carpenter Theater in downtown Richmond. Richmond Ballet, in many ways, reflects the community it calls home. Much as Richmond is a mid-sized, mid-Atlantic city which projects a modest, refined el
  4. Five that made me want to dance.... 1. Nutcracker- the earliest ballet I remember seeing, and this was a local, civic version (Marta Jackson's, to be exact) 2. Giselle with Marianna Tcherkassky as a guest at Richmond Ballet- her bourees were the most amazingly liquid movements I had ever seen. 3. Paquita- the Cynthia Gregory/Fernando Bujones performance from PBS- not only did she balance forever, but she brought such majesty and aplomb to the role! 4. Theme and Variations-Gelsey and Misha, of course! 5. Concerto Barocco- the marriage of music and movement entranced me, and I fell in lov
  5. Craig Salstein- he has been there for a long time. Has danced extensively, and has become a very respectable teacher. Not to mention his intelligence and friendly nature...
  6. Thanks, Jack. Unfortunately I have long since discarded my program, and I didn't think to look to see who was credited with the coaching. I suspect the entire artistic staff had their hands in this, and I would hate to leave anyone out!
  7. It is not often that I have a chance to see two casts of a ballet back to back, but the weekend of Sleeping Beauty performances at Carolina Ballet provided just such an opportunity. As an added bonus the performance featured live orchestra, and despite a few missed notes, the energy coming out of the pit carried over onto the stage and into the audience. Al Sturgis kept the music moving, and while some of the passages seemed on the slow side nothing detracted from the high quality of the dancing on stage. One of the most notable things in this production, at least to me, was the stylistic co
  8. I hope the link works.... Robert Lindgren (Bobby to many,and eternally Mr. Lindgren to me) passed away at his home in Winston-Salem, NC today. He was a wonderfully sweet man .... I always loved the way his eyes would light up when he talked about his adventures. The school he built- the Dance Department at the (University of) North Carolina School of the Arts, stands as a testament to his love of dance... http://www.journalnow.com/news/local/article_51ec3a2e-b9bb-11e2-8f59-001a4bcf6878.html
  9. I have thought of Rebello as a MAJOR talent since I first saw him in the school- and the Brown Boy is a perfect role for him. Also, Christian, your description of Dances made me miss it a lot!
  10. Jacksonville Civic Ballet, directed by Marta Jackson. I believe she may still be teaching in Jacksonville, Fl, but I am not sure. She also became my first teacher. I don't remember anything about the performances I saw except that the tutus were the most beautiful things I had ever seen...at four years old.
  11. Hi Jack- I sam the opening night- Thursday October 10. Send me a private message if you make it here to see the last weekend of shows!
  12. Carolina Ballet's "Balanchine Celebration" offers five contrasting works- so between the purity of Apollo and the Broadway inspired "Who Cares?" there is something for everyone to enjoy. For me, the most enjoyable parts of the evening came from the two ballets I least expected to appreciate. "Tarantella" has never really been a favorite of mine- until this performance. Margaret Severin-Hansen probably danced the best Tarantella I have ever seen. From her first entrance where she seemed to jump higher than her partner, Pablo Perez, to the very last exit, her energy never faltered. More than th
  13. I can't help but to second everything that Justdoit wrote about the dancers of MCB. The interesting thing to remember is that Villella hired all of them... and in that sense did help to create the supportive camaraderie that exists in the company. The amount of detail, the devotion to going beyond what is being asked, the pure love of dance that flows off the stage in every performance- these are the traits inherent in the dancers for which the company in recognized. I firmly believe that they will survive this transition because they are Miami City Ballet- able to adapt, roll with the punche
  14. I didn't mean to imply at all that there was any trick photography... on the contrary- I am absolutely sure that those are real bourees. The closest I ever saw live was Marianna Tcherkassky (sp?) in Giselle many years ago... I have never forgotten her bourees as NOTHING seemed to move as she floated across the stage.... so I have no doubt that that was exactly how Jeanette looked, too. Now to teach that to students.....
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