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  1. During my first - and only - viewing of Black Swan, I assumed the plot had been adapted from the 1947 movie A Double Life starring Ronald Colman, about a Broadway star's descent into madness and murder. No dancing involved, but the theatrical setting was highly evocative.
  2. I awakened this morning to the news about Diana Rigg, and now this news of Lane. Two of my favorite cultural icons in one day. It’s really too much. There’s no longer any reason for me to return to ABT. The only reason was removed from the roster this morning without an acknowledgment or farewell. No one deserves such cavalier treatment, especially not a skilled artist who devoted her entire career to one organization. However, if Lane really knew about this in advance, she ought to have said something on social media, the way Hammoudi and Scott did, rather than leaving people to spe
  3. So sad, another ABT soloist retiring without much fanfare or farewell. Scott was one of those dancers we never seemed to see dance often enough, but when he did get the chance he was completely invested in the performance. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.
  4. Stella Abrera invaded my consciousness sometime in the early 2000s during a performance of Jerome Robbins' "Afternoon of a Faun," with David Hallberg. Her warm, lustrous dancing was so enthralling, the stage seemed bathed in a golden light. To this day, I can't recall a thing about Hallberg during that performance; Stella's golden light simply erased him. One other performance of hers which stands out in my memory was her Cinderella in 2015, at the moment she entered the ballroom and appeared to float down the stairs en pointe. Because I believe she was, literally, floating - she'd been pr
  5. It was a disappointing program, and rather indicative of just how out of touch ABT management is with contemporary life, in so many ways: in its lackluster use of digital media, its refusal to utilize and monetize whatever archival film and video assets it may hold - put your assets to work for you, management! - and its absolute refusal to give the audience what it wants, which is ballet dancing. Beautiful, transporting, sigh-inducing ballet dancing, in complete performances or even just portions of performances. We came for the ballet dancing, but all we got was . . . nothing. I'm not s
  6. Wonderful video. Thank you for the link.
  7. Lena C., just curious about how long the Saturday evening Swan Lake performance lasted. Did it end between 9:30 - 10:00 pm as ours did on Friday? That second intermission lasted a loooooong time. I thought there might have been a problem, perhaps someone was injured, but thankfully, no. But it was really nerve wracking just waiting for that curtain to rise!
  8. Lena C., you are amazing! Up and down the east coast with ABT! Thanks for the info. on Sung Woo Han. I'd like to see him in this new role in the spring.
  9. Thanks, ABT Fan, I did see the Q&A with Lane this morning. I was at the hair salon and brought my phone so I could stream it. Some of the stylists came over to watch a little of it, too! They didn't know who she was or what she was discussing, but were impressed that I'd just seen her perform a couple of days ago. I thought the students asked some excellent, thoughtful questions. It was a more interesting discussion than most. I was stunned to learn that even as a new principal, she couldn't get tech rehearsals for her debut ballets. I wonder if they treat other, more favored princi
  10. I was in Richmond, Virginia yesterday to see their version of “Swan Lake,” featuring ABT’s Sarah Lane and Cory Stearns in the leads. I was unfamiliar with this small company but was happy to see how professional and very skilled their dancers were. A couple of the women seemed highly proficient and would not look out of place at ABT. The ballet was performed at the Carpenter Theater, which has all the earmarks of once having been a 1920s silent movie palace, with a high, soaring ceiling, wide auditorium and a deep balcony, and a proscenium area covered with terra cotta designs and figur
  11. Lane and Copeland were part of a group of five who were promoted to soloist level at the same time (the others were Kajiya, Matthews and Boone), in 2007. Copeland was promoted to principal in 2015, two years before Lane.
  12. Has anyone else noticed that Skylar Brandt has been cast as Giselle in tonight's KC performance opposite Herman Cornejo? That's two performances this week for Brandt! Go, girl!
  13. Brandt may have seriously considered seeking the role of Giselle following her performance in 2018 during the "Big Ballet" show on Russian TV and the enthusiastic feedback she received from the panel of Russian judges. With her boss back home offering less encouragement than the Russians, I can understand why she might want to push herself to achieve this not-insurmountable goal. I hope we get to see her Giselle in New York; I love her incredible dedication to her art.
  14. Lane can dance with anyone, and we've seen her do so, this year and in the past. Stearns, Hoven, Simkin, Marcelo Gomes, Craig Salstein, Roman Zhurbin, or any one of the young male dancers who Ratmansky has pulled from the corps for leading roles, like Tyler Maloney, Carlos Gonzales, Jonathan Klein. Lack of a suitable partner is no excuse to sidelined her from extra performances. A little creative thinking and extra coaching would help, too.
  15. I sat there tonight, watching Ghosts for the third time this week, when it occurred to me that this might very well be the last time I'll see Cornejo perform at ABT, and I started to cry. In the middle of his anniversary show. There's no reason for me to pay to see him perform in the future with dancers I don't really enjoy. For the wonderful Lane-Cornejo partnership to end so abruptly and sadly is truly tragic. Their gorgeous dancing and emotional connection has sustained me through some difficult personal times over the past couple of years, and I feel lucky to have seen so many of their
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