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  1. My first time trying to insert a link 🤞🏼🤞🏼 Zhong-Jing Fang announced her pregnancy on Instagram today!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CFCgEueg8vJ/?igshid=1pxgzzr1ftp38
  2. Just got an email about a ballet and dance subscription at the Kennedy Center that has ABT performing Don Quixote April 21-25, 2021!
  3. Can anyone a little more savvy make some predictions for me? Pending life being sort of back to normal.... If the Opera ends it’s season on the 5th, how long would it take for ABT to get in and start it’s season? If they split between the Met and the Koch, they would likely keep the full lengths at the Met...yes?? (I do some wedding photography and usually avoid June for my Spring Season trip....but have two brides rescheduling from COVID. Want to be supportive, but am also dying to get back to the ballet!!!!) Thanks for any insights!!
  4. Did you read the poem? I feel pretty safe in assuming he means a non-Black dancer was promoted with an “attitude problem and lack of leadership skills.” In their case these issues were addressed after the promotion. Not as an excuse to limit them.
  5. I “attended” this, and when asked if they will get another chance to perform R&J together, Misty said there will be tour cities and spring season opportunities and that it is looking very promising.
  6. Is the Crisis Relief Fund the same as the Dancers Emergency Fund?
  7. The website message is the same as the email. I don’t think they really know what’s going on or what the process will be yet.
  8. Just got my email from the Auditorium Theater—Chicago performances are cancelled.
  9. All of Misty’s March performances are pulled. Skylar is taking her Giselle in Carolina.
  10. I was at the show last night. Hesitated to post because my technical knowledge is far below the group (learning a lot!) but I know it was a big moment, so I will share that from my perspective it was a beautiful performance. Would never have guessed it was a debut performance, under pressure! Skylar’s first act Giselle was I think natural Skylar—fun, light and playful. Until it wasn’t of course...her mad scene broke my heart. And that dramatic turn carried over to the second act beautifully. Strong, nuanced, not over the top. I never wanted it to end! Partnering
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