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  1. The school now has its own syllabus. That said, the teacher training program does prepare candidates to teach Cecchetti and/or RAD. As a subscriber for many years I would have to say that my observation has been that in recent years more Apprentices/First year corps are taken from schools other than NBS. I've no idea why, other than the company is truly searching for the best talent and fit for the company. Just doing a quick look - of the current corps of 26, 10 identified has having had some training at NBS. Of the 13 principals, 6 were associated with NBS.
  2. I received an e-mail from the Company about retirements and promotions, but didn't see anything about leavers. Can you give a link naomikage? Curious to see where they are going. In terms of the racial issue - following the Dance Magazine article I linked to above, Mr. Rose did post that he had a positive meeting with the company - so that was good. Next, Dance Magazine did a follow-up article, interviewing Ms. Daumec and and quoting Mr. Rose - it seemed as though they had interviewed Mr. Rose as well.... Not exactly. He called out the publication on his Instagram feed. Subsequently
  3. Yesterday a family member pointed me to the instagram feed of company dancer Nicholas Rose. See his instagram via link below, from a Dance Magazine article: Nicholas Rose and other dancers on racism Lately his posts have been quite critical of the way the ballet world in general treats dancers of colour, and he specifically criticizes individual staff and leadership of NBOC. To say that I was very saddened to hear what he had to say is an understatement; and I hope that the company pays attention.
  4. I wandered over to the NBOC website the other day and read that the remainder of the season had been cancelled. Although I've been a subscriber for over 20 years I did not receive notification of this via e-mail. The company also messed up with notifying me of the March cancellations (sent the notice to an old e-mail address), which I subsequently clarified via telephone and the member portion of the website - so I really don't understand why they can't get my e-mail correct. Perhaps they've downsized office staff at this time. If this is the case, perhaps they should make that public and
  5. I braved the crowds for the Santa Claus parade today and went to the ballet. Has anyone else here seen this program? I enjoyed the Balanchine piece - new in NBOC's rep. Heather Ogden and Harrison James danced the leads - nice to be able to see them for a Sunday matinee. I should point out that Chaconne runs 30 minutes. Binet's piece in contrast was 73 minutes. In my view, 73 minutes for that work was way too much. I could see 15-20 minutes, which would mean losing some of the random bits (such as the "kitchen" scene and the silly receptionists of the Underworld). I understand
  6. Very nice statement from Baryshnikov. Re the dancers on pavement - I also had some thoughts of 😲. That said, I think they did make a significant statement and I was moved by all the dancers who came at such an early hour, demonstrated such skill and determination/dedication.
  7. Did anyone see Robert Binet's "Dialogue Dances"? I've seen some of his creations in Toronto; wonder how the work comes across to a New York audience. Not sure which program this was in. Dancers included Xiao Nan Yu (NBOC Principal Dancer who retired following the performance), Hannah Fischer, Skylar Campbell and Spencer Hack.
  8. Congratulations to Skylar Campbell and Jacklyn Oakley who were married yesterday In Los Angeles (per Mr Campbell’s instagram). Very best wishes for a long and happy life together.
  9. Thanks for this. Good for him - I think it's nice when dancers broaden their horizons (though I have missed Robert Stephen and Dylan Tedaldi this season).
  10. I thought Saye did well in the roles I saw him in this season. I've been watching him since he was an Apprentice - has certainly come a long way. In other news, I see on Felix Paquet's twitter that he is going to dance in Hamburg. I've not seen anything from NBOC indicating that he is leaving the company - has anyone else seen news?
  11. I was also there this evening. Agree about Siphe November, but I would add that Felix Paquet really shone in that piece as well. He is getting more opportunities this season, which I think is a good thing. I first saw him in Banff, summer a few years ago. I also would say that Sonia Rodriguez continues to amaze me with the depth and breath of her skills. (did notice her husband in the house tonight, with two boys I assumed to be their kids. Nice to see the family out - in the past I've only ever seen him at shows). I admit there was a lot I don't think I "got" - but the dancing spok
  12. Looking at the cast list I think I would add Stephanie Hutchison, Calley Skalnik, Selene Guerrero-Truijillo (though perhaps I am mis-remembering this person), Kathryn Hosier, and Giorgio Galli. Some of the others I am less sure of.
  13. Today I went to the matinee performance of the Forsythe programme. I quite enjoyed the first piece - not sure I processed the other two. Here's what happened: (note that I have a seat very near the front, with space next to me for wheelchair seating). A woman and her elderly father sat next to me. The woman mentioned that her dad was 98 years old and had never been to the ballet before; both seemed to really be looking forward to the performance. The first piece in this show is 12 minutes, then there is a two minute pause followed by another piece which is 20+ minutes.
  14. Well, I have to admit that Apollo isn't my favourite - never has been - but that's just me. I am glad that Felix Paquet is getting some nice casting opportunities, however he had a lot to do on Sunday afternoon and seemed a bit tired after "Night." I completely agree with you about Binet's piece - the best I could say is that it seemed that the female costume was really nice, and the dancers did the best they could with what they were given. Thankfully it was a short piece and I did like the choice of the Mahler piece. I enjoyed "Night," and I can't say that putting it in the same
  15. Anyone see the mixed program yet? I attended the matinee yesterday...
  16. At first glance, the new season looks ok. We'll see what they do to ticket prices. I would like to see the Pite piece - I saw last week that her company is in Banff preparing a new work, assume this is the one? Not sure how I feel about the Swan Lake. I like the idea of three fall shows, however I admit to not being a Binet fan so we'll see how that goes.
  17. Hello everyone, I did have a reply from NBOC. Basically they said that AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) Standards require that they accommodate patrons who require the assistance of a Service Animal. I knew this, however I'm still not clear if they were required to admit an animal "in training." I got the impression that the Ballet was aware that the dog wasn't perhaps yet ready for the show, if you know what I mean. I was told that my comments would be forwarded to those managing the Front of House, as well as Ballet Senior Management. For those
  18. Hi California, Thank you for this. I know a bit about the issue as I worked for a large school board here in Canada for many years, and we had to deal with this challenging legal issues a number of times. It's perhaps a bit more complex in a school setting for a variety of reasons, but certainly a dog "in training" wouldn't be allowed in a classroom that I'm aware of. There are many different agencies out there now training service animals, and with that the behavioural expectations for the animals and their people varies too. Coincidentally, on the train ride home from the balle
  19. Yesterday as I was in the lobby at the Four Seasons waiting for the doors to open, I noticed someone with a dog. This was certainly unusual, so I took a closer look. The dog had a vest on which said "Guide dog in Training." Now I know these dogs need to be acclimated to all kinds of situations, but I'd never seen one at the ballet before so I took note. The person with the dog went off to a seat in a different area of the theatre than mine. I didn't think about the dog again, until we were into the Dream and the boy's choir was singing. Then we heard the dog. More than once. I don't
  20. Thanks for your post Blackcurrent. I'll add my thoughts below. The cast I saw was different than yours - Cote as Vronsky, McKie as Karenin; Ogden as Anna. There were some changes announced in other roles - I think it was the third cast I saw as Levin and Kitty, whereas other roles were 2nd cast. First of all I have to say that these are talented dancers, who as far as I can tell were doing the best they could with the work they were given. As a whole, I did not like this work at all and hope I never have to sit through it again. That said, there were pieces here and there that
  21. Saw Anna Karenina today - has anyone else seen it?
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