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  1. Where I live this show was listed to air on Sunday the 22nd. It didn't. In fact, the television guide in the Globe and Mail actually had TWO different programs listed to air at the same time on the 22nd. Grr. Thankfully there is Ballet Talk, and I also know that Bravo tends to air dance programs on Monday evenings. So...I'll turn in again tonight (this time the sattelite actually gives me hope that the Celia Franca show will air)....and hope for the best! m2
  2. Actually, I don't think Daniil was there. His father performed though.... "feed the bird," and "amour..." (couldn't get the full title of the second one out of a tired student this evening, sorry! As for Desmond Richardson, if that was the same piece we saw in Toronto in 2005 I just can't account for the apparent lack of rave reviews. Speaking of reviews, has anyone found any online? m2
  3. I haven't been able to find a review of the performance, but here is an article published in anticipation of the gala. Many of the works performed are noted here: http://www.canada.com/cityguides/montreal/...819a614&k=31287
  4. I had my daughter consult her program, and Desmond Richardson performed a solo choreographed by Dwight Rhoden, music by Prince. The dancers from the Kirov performed something from Paquita and Grand Pas Classique. It was the latter dance that she was in awe of. She also enjoyed Annik B. from Les Grands in Petit Mort, a Kylian piece. The dancers from Stuttgart were also "amazing" (when you are 19 things seem to be one extreme or the other). They did a piece entitled "Mono Lisa," choreographed by Itzik Galili. (These dancers were Jason Reilly and Alicia Amatriain.) Wish I could have been in the audience as well! m2
  5. Hi Gracey, She didn't tell me what work Desmond performed, but she wasn't gushing as much as I did when I saw him in the Toronto Gala in 2005 (daughter had rehearsal herself that day, so someone else had the benefit of her ticket!)..I know that if she had seen that Toronto performance she would have been mightily impressed. And yes, Heather Ogden and G. Cote performed as well. Because she has seen them perform a number of times before, she expected the would do well and they did!
  6. welcome volcanohunter! I live in another part of Canada, but am indeed up here in the great white north and a transplanted american to boot. I do believe that there are other Albertans here, but the ones I know seem to spend more time on the BT for dancers site. I'm sure you'll cross paths with them before too long! mom2
  7. Daughter enjoyed the gala very much, and for a change I think was glad that she did something I suggested!! She enjoyed it all, but seemed particularly taken by the dancers from the Kirov. She thought perhaps the piece performed by Desmond Richardson wasn't the best choice for him? It would be nice to read the impressions of others who attended............. m2
  8. My daughter attends university in Montreal, and luckily was able to get a ticket for tonight's event. We live quite a distance, so I will have to live vicariously through her reports. Is anyone from this Board planning to attend? Would love to hear your impressions! mom2
  9. Just wondering why a candidate would choose an extra year in the school over a year's contract in the company? Would it never be possible to have the contract renewed after that year? m2
  10. Mouse, if you ever need a new career, I think that writing is most clearly an area of talent! Thank you for such wonderful posts - I can almost imagine the dancing (and your mom's nerves)!! I'm sorry that you aren't able to stay in Jackson for the entire competition, but I"m so very glad that you were able to attend the other day. All the best to you, your dancer, and all the other dancers and parents at Jackson! m2
  11. Kain was obviously emotional at the end of her speech. Quite out of character for her! As for the review in the Star...my younger daughter described the piece as "The Balcony Scene in underwear"............
  12. My daughters and I were at Nathan Phillips Square watching the telecast. It was a great event and wonderful opportunity, to be sure. FREE!! In Toronto, who imagined? I have to say however that someone forgot to inform the cameraperson about the finer details of ballet videography. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it was to watch the DQ pdd with closeups of faces, not feet!! Nice faces of course, but what are they thinking? The dancers generally did a great job - a one or two not so stellar, but lots of pressure I'm sure for the big night. m2
  13. Just chiming in about Mr. Prottas...the name sounded familiar to me, so I did some hunting. He did in fact graduate from the National Ballet School in Toronto in 2005, so perhaps his training was somewhat different from those who came up through the ranks at SAB?? I live near Toronto so have a much better sense of the NBS dancers, have never been to an SAB performance or observed a class so I'm just honestly wondering. Someone had commented on his plies/sof landings and I wonder outloud if it's a matter of training at NBS? Then again perhaps it's just his natural ability? m2
  14. have just returned from the international showcase. NBS opened with the second act, La Sylphide. The lead couple was just wonderful. The couple from the Royal Ballet School was, in a word, amazing. Watching the duet it was hard to keep in mind that these two are students! I also enjoyed the "doll" dance presented by the John Cranko School. The dancers were incredibly strong, and made what I imagine must be a very difficult piece look like a piece of cake. They truly seemed to enjoy the performance. Other pieces were good too, and I have to say that the NBS men really shone in Ephebos. I'll let other posters add to this, I could go on but in short: good show!!!!
  15. I was at the final performance today; did anyone else attend Jewels? Rubies was a treat, and I enjoyed Diamonds a bit more than I had expected to...that said, some of my favourites weren't seen in today's casting. Emeralds is not my favourite, and today Fournier had an unfortunate and distracting mishap with her pointe shoe ribbons...or maybe next year I should just get seats further back? There were some very nice performance today from younger corps members, always nice to see! m2
  16. hmm...very good points, Noreen!!
  17. Somehow I think this conversation has been had before...am I just imagining? Will have to check old threads. I also have to admit that other posters here are much more articulate than I in describing how or why things work, but I'll give it a try.... Firebird is more of the eye-candy kind of a piece. Stunning costumes, and Firebird can be an amazing role (who is cast)? That said, it's never been one of my favourites and it's not one that I return to see "just because." I would and have gone back to see Four Seasons and Cinderalla (mentioning the latter because of another thread here). Four Seasons is one of my favourite Kudelka ballets. Of course it helps that I know and love the music so well, but I have always enjoyed it. The cast will have evolved significantly since the last time I saw it, as some of the original key players are no longer with the company. It was set, I believe, on Rex Harrington, who suit it perfectly. Johann Persson was also one of my favourites (he went on to the Royal, is now retired); but I"m sure that the current company members are up to the challenge. If you're looking for something with a classical sort of variation, this won't fit the bill but there are some amazing lifts. Enjoy! I'll look forward to your reviews! m2
  18. I couldn't get the link either, so I googled Bocca. His website is pretty "busy" and I probably missed a few things...(I went to the spanish version, just to see if I could find a reference to the discussion on this thread). What I did see was that he intends to retire in Dec. 2007, in 716 days to be exact. Will they count this down day by day, I wonder? here is the link I found: http://www.juliobocca.com/2005/home.htm m2
  19. Any reports on the performance? I saw Cote/Fournier yesterday; a very nice show! Intermezzo was nice as well. The little girl in La Slyphide was amazing! Too bad her name wasn't in the program, I"m sure we'll see more of her in years to come! I also thoroughly enjoyed the Ballet talk with the Danish fellow (who's name escapes me at the moment). I would say that I didn't know Danes had such a great sense of humour, but then there WAS Victor Borge. So far I must say that I'm quite impressed with the company's offerings this season. Did anyone get to see Hubbe? Please, do tell! m2
  20. I saw Cote and Ogden. Enjoyed the performance very much! I did not find Ogden cool and detached...until the curtain call! I loved the distinction between Odette and Odile - I don't know that I've ever seen this done quite so well. I suppose it helps that I'm quite close to the front and therefore able to see nuances a bit better than many others in the theatre....... Technically, both were spot on and with Cote and some others I think NBS finally has some men who can step up to the plate. I did enjoy some of the recently retired men, don't get me wrong, but Cote was such a delight to watch! I'm looking forward to next week!
  21. Finally some good news! I had hoped that I'd see him in Movin' Out this year (saw it on tour, and daughter saw in in NYC) - no such luck. Hopefully I'll get to see him now, closer to home!! :blush:
  22. My guess, for the first little while at least, is that the emphasis will be on increasing the audience AND donors as the company moves into the new venue.
  23. There was an article on the front page of this morning's Toronto Globe and Mail, stating that Karen Kain would be the new AD for NBOC. It is to be announced formally today at a press conference. m2
  24. Thank you so much for your review, Paquita. I waited too long to order tickets this year and missed out on seeing a young dancer I know in two of the pieces.
  25. I was checking on the NBOC website last night, and it would appear there are a number of new corps members as well....quite a few of this year's apprentices are now listed as corps. We're particularly proud of one dancer from our town!
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