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  1. Nice article, I too am saddened that the author didn't acknowledge the source in some way. m2
  2. It's not on here just yet - hopefully whichever station I get has the same programming yours does! m2
  3. I just looked at the Round II information as posted on the website. If I understand correctly, a number of dancers have now been eliminated - including the two my dd knows. Merde to those continuing on!! m2
  4. I did a google news search, and found that a couple from Rochester City Ballet is in the competition. That's about all I found though - and the contestants would have started their work today. m2
  5. I love it too - saw it a while back. now I'm wondering if we shouldn't send it to Nigel at SYTYCD and demand a recount/review???
  6. Ms. Holmes set some parts of Laurencia for my daughter's ballet school this year. The students enjoyed working with her a great deal, and the performances I saw were lovely! I hadn't ever heard of this ballet before; when I looked it up I saw that it was based on the play Fuente Ovejuna? Is this correct? I remember having to read this play many years ago when I was in University and studying in Spain......... m2
  7. I was just wondering the same thing myself, Millie. Hopefully someone "in the know" will respond soon! m2
  8. Guess I'd better book my travel now! m2
  9. I have to say Gilles took the night for me. Most of the others not really worthy of a second look from this viewer. m2
  10. Thanks for posting Paquita! I am more than ready for the competition, though am disappointed the Royal Ballet isn't making an appearance this year. That said, my tickets are purchased and waiting!! m2
  11. Drat!!! Won't be in Ontario that weekend!!
  12. The National Ballet of Canada performed this in the spring of 2008; it was part of a mixed program. I was really looking forward to it, and it had been advertised widely....in the end, it was not my favourite piece of the evening....for me, it was a bit too much like musical theatre - which I can go elsewhere to see. Just my personal opinion......... m2
  13. We had a conversation over the course of the event over on the sister site, Ballet Talk for dancers...so, a few of us also watched! mom2
  14. It was a wonderful show indeed volcanohunter, thank you so much for the heads up!! mom2
  15. Marga, Do you know if they are planning something in Toronto this year? I always enjoy going, so will cross my fingers. m2
  16. Just saw the show - thanks again to volcanohunter for the reminder! I enjoyed it very much - quite a few bits of history that I didn't know, and some wonderful archival footage. m2
  17. Thanks for this volcanohunter! I have heard that this documentary is quite well done, so will look forward to watching! m2
  18. Amazing links - thank you so much! What talented boys, and what an amazing opportunity!! m2
  19. Muchas gracias CarolinaM, It was a wonderful article!!! m2
  20. Thank you for starting this thread. I realized the other day that the competition was this week, there didn't seem to be anything on the Varna IBC website - hopefully we'll hear some news shortly! m2
  21. thanks for reminding me. Haven't gotten tickets yet, but would really love to attend. m2
  22. Congratulations to the dancers from Canada!!! (ok, well to all the new dancers, but as I live in Canada, a special congratulations!!!) m2
  23. WHAT a roster! This will be a fantastic company!! (even without Carlos Lopez, who I saw recently in Toronto and loved!) I can't tell you how nice it is to finally see these names in print!! Now, I will just need to plan a trip to Spain! Muchas Gracias, CarolinaM!!
  24. I remember seeing a list of countries that dancers hail from, but I don't think I ever saw a list of dancers names. Hopefully it won't be long now - I've been patient, but it's been such a long time now since those auditions! m2
  25. yes, there was a link to the ABT announcement last week or so, I believe. I was lucky enough to see Daniil Simkin last night in the Stars of the 21st Century Gala in Toronto. All I can say about Mr Simkin is...........WOW!!!!
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