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  1. Broadway is full of performers who are triple threats. They have studied acting, take regular voice lessons, and dance classes. Many not only have strong ballet technique, but have a lot of experience with jazz, tap, you name it. While Wheeldon may want to work with dancers he knows, I will be surprised if Jerry and Lise come from the ballet world. The vocal demands of eight shows a week in a lead role have sent more than one film actor down in flames!
  2. Michele Wiles, and Charles Askegard left ABT, and NYCB to form a co. together called Ballet Next. A good name for this thread too!
  3. "Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion." Martha Graham
  4. I think you need to bring a certain amount of life experience to appreciate some of the Tudor repertoire. Years ago, after I had recently lost someone in a community disaster, I saw a performance of Dark Elegies that brought me to tears. There was also what I saw as a shamelessly vulgar hard sell performance of DQ pdd. with long balances ignoring the music etc. The next morning in the dressingroom for a mixed professional class, I overheard a teenage dancer raving to her friend about the fabulous performance by ----- in DQ. "and they did this boring ballet in ugly costumes by Antony Tudor
  5. I loved all the crazy hats, very um.. entertaining. The highlight for me was the procession from Westminster back to B. Palace. The horse drawn coaches were straight out of a fairytale. I especially loved the open carriages with the little bridesmaids and pages. What fun for them. Oh, and all those beautiful horses!
  6. Apollo's Angels is on the New York Times list of the ten best books of the year, (In the Sunday Book Review).
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