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  1. I would like to add Sarah Slipper to the list of women directors of companies. Her NWPDP (North West Pacific Dance Project), located here in Portland, started out as a summer project for young dancers just beginning their careers and has, with community support, become a more permanent presence in our city.
  2. Con los pobres de la tierra Quiero yo mi suerte echar El arroyo de la sierra Me complace más que el mar J. Marti
  3. Many non Russian dancers were asked to modify or change their names when joining a "Russian" troupe by the Directors.
  4. There's not much for me to say other than she will be missed. I enjoyed her biography and her role in the Ballet Russes documentary. She is the subject of some of my favorite photos in Haskell's Ballet Panorama. Baronova obituary
  5. Ballet has been a part of Cuban society for a long time- my teachers were of my father's generation (he's 75) and older, who came to Miami to wait out the Revolution. There were classes in La Havana since at least 1931. I'll ask around about pre-revolutionary ballet. From my family's experience in exile, ballet is a huge part of the Cuban "old guard" that comprised the upper middle/ upper class pre-revolutionary society. This has led to it being part of a larger Cuban- American society, most girls take it for a while. When I was younger, I remember girls performing for gatherings in drawing room type situations. I'm 31- my memories date from about 1979, when I started dancing.
  6. Thank you, Carbro, for your helpful post. What Alexandra describes is something I'd love to see.
  7. ]I think it would take much research to stage even one ballet, and time to get the nuances of the 19th century technique. "My problem is the question of whether there is a ballet of the Romantic Age that has come down to us without a filter of the Classical period. After all, we know even Giselle by Petipa's revivals, not through a continuous tradition of performing anywhere. Bournonville comes to us largely courtesy of Hans Beck and others." Major Mel (my quote insert isn't cooperating) I think we would just have to do some sort of ballet archeology and talk to our elders; try to glean knowledge where we can. There are bound to be holes in what we know, and we no longer use ropes and pulleys or gaslight either. Perhaps we could check with historians of the great European companies. I know such an undertaking will still be a ghost of what once was, be I feel that if there is a greater concentrated effort, these ballets could be done justice to. If one only had the knowledge and the backers for such an enterprise.
  8. As a dancer, I identify more with the Romantic ballets, and was dreaming in my head about an all Romantic repertory, touring, costumes, etc. Giselle, La Sylphide. Les Sylphides- what else would be considered Romantic and who currently dancing would be in the company dancing which roles? I haven't gotten that far in my own musings, but would love to hear what everyone has to say.
  9. I've had the grande jete dream, but in mine the jump never landed-I was flying in the night sky in a perfect split. When I performed, I had the forgot this or that, or naked dreams.
  10. Legs: Danilova, Guillem Arms: Krassovska (I noticed this in the movie Ballet Russe, when she is running through Giselle with another older dancer) Face: Maximova, Dvorovenko Feet: Rojo, Ferri, Profile: Verdy, Franca That's what comes off the top of my head- I'll probably think of more attributes and dancers
  11. I find the corp's entrance with the scarves in La Bayadere very creepy. The lighting, the invisible stairs and floor, the unity and the flow of the movement. Utterly beautiful, but raises the hackles on my neck.
  12. I grew up with birds and dogs- more of a bird person. I think cats are ok, but am highly allergic. I guess I would be more of a dog type dancer, although I have had my feline moments.
  13. A Copelia ice cream store was opened in Miami by some of the Cuban Copelia family after leaving Cuba. I loved to go there because the picture of the dancer was soo pretty to me as a small child, and I love ice cream!
  14. Perhaps Gina Ness will share some of her memories of learning some material from this ballet; she spoke of learning it on another thread, either here or on BT4D. I would love to hear of this or be able to learn the choreography myself. I love to hear stories of dances handed down, it's one of the most beautiful things about the world of ballet.
  15. This film just opened here in Portland, on Christmas. I found it very moving, and when they stage Giselle as older dancers, I cried. I've never seen a dancer emote so much as Nathalie Krasskova (sp?) did just using her head, shoulders, and arms. I was very impressed by the warmth that radiated from the dancers, palpable even when seen in old films. In the week of classes since seeing the movie, I've tried to find this way of moving within myself. How I wish I could have seen those productions, with that caliber of dancers, sets, and costumes!
  16. I like high extensions, but they must be appropriate to the ballet, and well executed. I can't abide a high leg with any body parts misaligned. No secondbesques please!
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