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  1. I was happy to have bought tickets on line by 1215 today until I received the 30% off email at 4pm. It really is maddening but if I call tomorrow to complain, I'll feel worse. They really have to do a little better.
  2. Strand Bookstore in NY had several reviewer copies for half price. I bought one last week for $17.50. It's beautiful - very detailed, 500 pages, 2 sections of photographs. I checked on line - they are still showing available copies for pick-up or mail delivery.
  3. Wonderful news! Congratulations all!
  4. A wonderful man, a glorious career, a lasting legacy. My sympathy to his loved ones.
  5. I first read it as "temporary outrage." Seemed appropriate.
  6. I bought front row tickets to all of Sarah's starring performances. So excited to see her.
  7. I believe she inherited Mr. Balanchine's apartment on W 67th St. I don't know if she ever lived there.
  8. I just saw a tweet from @theballetbag from the Royal Opera House. David Hallberg suffered an injury. Replaced by Matthew Ball for act 2 Giselle. Will watch for updates.
  9. This article was linked from my Twitter feed from @BroadwayWorld headlined "New York City Ballet Dancers Threaten a Strike" with a photo from R+J. My heart skipped a beat. BroadwayWorld has since deleted the tweet.
  10. Me too. I have Hyltin, Fairchild, and Peck. Now I want to see the others as well. With regard this production, it's all about the dancers and the music. It's like the life lessons in The Godfather. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
  11. OMG (as the kids say.) They do have Dolin's Pas de Quatre. I would cast Part, Vishneva, Abrera, and Lane. Oops, too late.
  12. Oh, thank you! Never knew it was there. Now I have a new bookmark.
  13. It has always bothered me that there is no catalog or listing of their Repertory. The company has such an impressive legacy and yet the Company History section is one page and one picture from 1947. Nice to see Jerome Robbins though!
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