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  1. What a nightmare. 3 hours of trying and I was able to get front row O for both Maria and Gonzo so all is forgiven.
  2. I was happy to have bought tickets on line by 1215 today until I received the 30% off email at 4pm. It really is maddening but if I call tomorrow to complain, I'll feel worse. They really have to do a little better.
  3. Strand Bookstore in NY had several reviewer copies for half price. I bought one last week for $17.50. It's beautiful - very detailed, 500 pages, 2 sections of photographs. I checked on line - they are still showing available copies for pick-up or mail delivery.
  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations all!
  5. A wonderful man, a glorious career, a lasting legacy. My sympathy to his loved ones.
  6. I first read it as "temporary outrage." Seemed appropriate.
  7. I bought front row tickets to all of Sarah's starring performances. So excited to see her.
  8. I believe she inherited Mr. Balanchine's apartment on W 67th St. I don't know if she ever lived there.
  9. I just saw a tweet from @theballetbag from the Royal Opera House. David Hallberg suffered an injury. Replaced by Matthew Ball for act 2 Giselle. Will watch for updates.
  10. This article was linked from my Twitter feed from @BroadwayWorld headlined "New York City Ballet Dancers Threaten a Strike" with a photo from R+J. My heart skipped a beat. BroadwayWorld has since deleted the tweet.
  11. Me too. I have Hyltin, Fairchild, and Peck. Now I want to see the others as well. With regard this production, it's all about the dancers and the music. It's like the life lessons in The Godfather. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
  12. OMG (as the kids say.) They do have Dolin's Pas de Quatre. I would cast Part, Vishneva, Abrera, and Lane. Oops, too late.
  13. Oh, thank you! Never knew it was there. Now I have a new bookmark.
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