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  1. Here it is for you allegromezzo18 THE WINGER Lovely site indeed Midsummer poster is 5th from bottom Enjoy!
  2. Beautiful picture. I believe that this dancer might actually be long and willowy in real life, but the way the camera lense captured her, she appears to be very strong and beautiful, yet graceful. I think this perhaps is a more modern image of the ballerina. With the empowerment of women that happened over the last few decades, I think this puts female ballet dancers in a new light. Ballet does not need to be ONLY about ghostly-white rale thin fragile women ! Fragile can be good, but strong is beautifull too!
  3. Thanks Ms. Schneider. It is just that I came across a video with Dudinskaya teaching a whole ballet class. (Then maybe it was not the graduating class but the seemed pretty advanced though at least level 6 and up) The source dates the video to September 1997, just after they came back from summer vacation so actually, they would be the 1998 grad class. It is superb in the wealth of info it provides just by seeing the whole class for the 1.5 hour lesson and the way the students are well trained.
  4. Anybody knows what the names of any of the (approx.) 12 pupils of Mme. Dudinskaya's graduating class were in 1997? Any names will do. Even if not been accepted to the Mariinsky theater afterwards. Where could one get the info?
  5. Michaela Černá is her name. Brilliant in French is brillant. For the piece, I don't know.
  6. Solor, are you 100% sure it is AA in that shot? It sure looks like her but who knows, maybe it is some other little girl that has features similar to hers Hence the discrepancy in time of AA birth
  7. How would you define foreigners: non POB School trained dancers or non-French ?
  8. OK, this post's title is inspired from an old thread. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this interesting-soon-to-come-out-movie-fairy tale. From the genious who brought us Etoiles, Mr. Tavernier's new movie: Aurore and some more in French: http://www.aurore-lefilm.com/pages/fa_large.html for the ones lucky enough to see it in March, please tell us what you think! I see Nicholas Leriche and a glimpse of Marie-Agnes Gillot Hmm... looks good to me! Who is the young girl playing Aurore? A POB student? if so, in what division is she? edited to add: OK, maybe not the greatest movie in the world, but dancing on film (especially attempting to glorify classical ballet) will always do it for me
  9. I wanted to wish the best of luck to fellow Canadian dancer Celine Gittens for her participation at the Prix de Lausanne. This year, she is the ONLY canadian participating. Wherever you are Celine Gittens merde to you!!!
  10. Sorry about my ignorance, I really enjoy this board, but not everybody is american. What is NPR, what does the acronym stand for :blush: ? More explanation of the entity could better clarify ( and make understand) the depth of the matter discussed. Thanks.
  11. Interesting comment by Balanchine. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Sure sounds like you are right: see last article : AFTER THE LAST DANCE All the best to him! Career changes are never easy.
  13. Too tired right now to attempt any translation, but this really sounds amazing...
  14. Violet, you may also try the "FNAC" in France. I think they are selling many videos by Delouche. I even think they have like a gift/bonus set FNAC Also check www.imagidanse.com. Make sure to go to click on the British flag and then go on the video excerpts link. It is a great overall website and they sell many videos. You can also see excerpts of many M. Delouche's film (except Violette and Mr. B. ) You can also "de-zone" a DVD, providing you don't care for the added cost if you really want to own it... Enjoy!
  15. Tatiana Terekhova, especially dancing Kitri. I am always in absolute awe of her solid technique. But I do admit that Kitri is a red-blooded role. Nevertheless, she does not cease to amaze me in that role. I could watch her turn, jump and move across the stage a million times. Always super strong and solid! She is more of an amazone to me, this is why I love her so much
  16. I agree: her pictures a very soft and poetic, simply beautiful. The other one that comes to my mind is Jacques Moatti. Now, I do not know if it is because he gets tremendous funding by the POB or the French Governement and therefore can afford many rolls of films and come up with "THE" perfect pic, but they are always splendid. I always feel like I am at the front row of Opera Garnier when I see his pictures.
  17. sylphide

    Aesha Ash

    The pic is beautiful indeed. I think I will make a poster out of it! Many of the pictures I have seen of her radiate so much delicate grace and softness. For me it is clear there is an evident gentle side of her (as opposed as strong and aggressive) and that she is at laest capable of showing it in pictures (NOT everyone can!). It is sad that no AD was able to let her express that side of hers. I have never had the chance to see her dance but surely would travel to catch her on stage. It truely saddens me that she considered quitting dance, it must not have been easy for her. I wish her all the best !
  18. Ian, you are SOO Lucky to be in contact with her. Boy do I envy you!
  19. Oh and Nathalia, not that I want to get off the orignal topic but now that you are discussing this matter, why is there a different set of prices for "foreigners" and for "russian" citizen when one purchases...about anything in St-Pete? Just wondering. BTW, thanks to all for you wonderful feedback of the Kirov in Detroit. Wish I could have attended.
  20. With all due respect Hans, Mme. Asylmuratova IS the wonder of this Universe
  21. I don't know why but mine is the one where Ghislaine Fallou dances "Deux Pigeons " in The POB school's feature in "le Grand Echiquier"... There is just something about that young dancer being on the verge of stardom ... But with the Gods at will never able to allow her to make it to her full potential because of her later found illness...So much unrealised potential. Very touching
  22. There are alot of women of African descent with "long and lean" limbs: the problem is rather why aren't they drawn to enroll in ballet, that is what , I would hope, the discussion is about, ie finding and discussing positive solutions. And this is precisely why this is still an issue in 2005: because many people still make such a priori assumptions.
  23. EvilNinjaX: how did you get your hands on that video? Did you order from Fairy?And if so, did they mail it to your US address? Oh, and at my school's library, we have another video called Sylvie Guillem at Work, if anyone is interested. It is Quite good and there is a wonderful extract of Sylvie doing Raymonda Act III. Don't know were to buy it though. Perhaps it is the same as EvilninjaX first recommendation, but the title and the cover does not look the same.
  24. Thanks Bart. Quite interesting comments and article.
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