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  1. I think the reason of so many company members leaving is just the fact, that the theatre is closing for several years due to restoration. So the dancers who stay in the company have to dance on different stages and to train in different studios.
  2. As I somewhere read he teaches now in the State Ballet School in Budapest. His younger brother Tamas is some kind of his boss as he is Co-leading the school I hope I helped.
  3. The organization is a bit lets say old fashioned. You probably will never find a competitor list on the net at least no official one. Throughout the competition they also do not update the site.
  4. Hello there. I just wanted to let you know, that Sarafanov won the prize feauturing his role of Albrecht, which he performed in Vienna. At least the austrian website of the Vienna Opera Ballet says so. (www.dasballett.at )
  5. Hello BT's, what do you generally think about foreigners at the Paris Opera? I know through the other topic, that "[foreigners] have to make more efforts than the others to stay at the Opera", but do they get a steady contract after all? How long do they stay normally in the Corps before entering? In the end I know, that quite a few of them who were not trained at the POB School made it high in the companys hierarchy (Jose Martinez (though he spent one year in the school), Eleonora Abbagnato and in the past Michael Denard) In your opinion do they lack of the specific french style? Mike
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